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It is hard to find an IT Services company with business domain knowledge as well. Without domain knowledge, plenty of time gets wasted in sharing what the terminology means and how the processes work. Webner is uniquely positioned in this respect as we have worked for years on building software for the US insurance market and we are aware of how the insurance sales process works starting from the insurance leads to quotes and then policy binding.

Blazor feature in .NET (National Environmental Testing) How “this” is used in callback function in javascript language. Author - Webner The “this” keyword of JavaScript causes confusion for people, who start to use Javascript language and mainly for those who start after using the other languages.

How “this” is used in callback function in javascript language

Here the main question is how to use “this” in the right way in a callback function. Lets the following example: function nameofFunction() { = 'yourDataFromThis'; const data = 'yourData'; setTimeout(function callback() { console.log(; // undefined console.log(data); // someData }, 100); } nameofFunction(); This code does not give the required output. The problem is that the value of “this” depends on where the work is being done. A common misconception in this example stems from the fact that many people think that “this” has a value that it has when defining callback function. Method to access “this”: Arrow functions do not have a much shorter syntax than unknown function functions. Which method is best That depends a lot on the situation. There is no single best solution. ‘System.LimitException: Too many query rows: 50001’ error in Salesforce. Author - Webner As we know, Apex runs in a multitenant environment so to restrict the runaway apex code/processes to acquire shared resources, the Apex runtime engine strictly enforces these governor limits.

‘System.LimitException: Too many query rows: 50001’ error in Salesforce

These governor limits count for each Apex transaction. For each execution of a batch, these limits are reset in its execute method. Some of these Limits are different for synchronous Apex and asynchronous Apex (Batch Apex and future methods). The total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries for synchronous Apex and asynchronous Apex is 50000. SOQL calls should be filtered. Webner Solutions is a Software Development company focused on developing Insurance Agency Management Systems, Learning Management Systems and Salesforce apps. HTMLCollection and NodeList - StudySection Blog. Author - Webner HTMLCollection: HtmlCollection is a collection of HTML elements from DOM. it is access by the name,id or index number.

HTMLCollection and NodeList - StudySection Blog

It use getElementByClassName, getElemenrtByTagName in NodeList. It uses three Methods: HTMLCollection Item() MethodHTMLCollection length() MethodHTMLCollection namedItem() Method Html Collection Item(): it returns specificed index value for the element in an HTMLCollection. Html Collection Iength(): it returns the number of elements in an HtmlCollection. Html Collection namedItem(): it returns the specific element by Id or class name. In code has three P tags, only one p has Id from all elements. Allowing PHP cURL to access self-signed websites without verifying the SSL certificate Webner Blogs.

Author - Richa By default, each cURL request can access only SSL certified websites.

Allowing PHP cURL to access self-signed websites without verifying the SSL certificate Webner Blogs

However, at times it is required to access those sites which are self-signed. To verify that your cURL request is able to access self-signed websites or not, use below command: How to export database in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Author - Webner Problem: When we use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to export the database, by default it will export the database schema only.

How to export database in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

When I was trying to export the database to import it into my other local machine, I faced this issue. Video Compression Using Laravel Webner Blogs. Author - Navneet Kaur Video Compression is a term used to define a method to reduce the data used to encode digital video content.

Video Compression Using Laravel Webner Blogs

This reduction in data further translates to various benefits such as smaller storage requirements and lower transmission bandwidth requirements, for a clip of the video content. Note:- The below-given method is most suitable for compressing small-sized files Add a package in composer as given below-composer require pbmedia/laravel-ffmpeg Also, make sure you have FFmpeg binaries installed on your machine. Git-Hub Project Management on github repository for development.

Step 1: First, create a.

Git-Hub Project Management on github repository for development

It’s a repository, not a project. You need to create a project using the project Menu. I will move on to the project later. First, I am discussing creating issues. How to change the label of a field created by a managed package? Author - Webner If we try to edit a managed package field from the object manager, it will allow you to edit very few details but it will not allow you to edit the label of the field.

How to change the label of a field created by a managed package?

Both Field Label and Field Name is disabled as you can see in the screenshot given below. From the Setup, goto ‘Translation Workbench’ using quick find then click on ‘Override’. You will see the below screen. <img src=" alt="sf-edtor1" data-recalc-dims="1"/>Fill in all the details – Select the Managed Package, Language, Select ‘Custom Field’ from Setup Component dropdown, Select the Object, and choose ‘Field Label’ from Aspect. Fetch Mails from Gmail in Core Hypertext Preprocessor. How to create a collapsible section in Salesforce LWC. Author - Webner Problem: We can create a collapsible section in Salesforce Lightning Web Component using slds-section slds-is-open LWC classes or HTML <details> tag.

How to create a collapsible section in Salesforce LWC

But we are are using LWC classes slds-section and slds-is-open we need to provide svg icon as given the below example: The above code will trough you an error “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) /assets/icons/utility-sprite/svg/symbols.svg:1”. PHP Laravel Application Development. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP framework now a days.

PHP Laravel Application Development

In last few years it has gained wider acceptance because of its rapid application development features. We have been developing applications in Laravel for our global clients for quite some time now. Applications range from simple 10 page database driven websites to complex multi-tenant event driven and asynchronously architected applications that are developed to be scalable in very high traffic load. We are known for our in-depth knowledge of all the fundamental pieces that play a crucial role in developing web applications like Object Oriented Programming, ORM (object relational mapping), Database design, UI technologies (Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Core Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS, WebExtreme), cloud platforms (AWS, Heroku, Windows Azure ), Application Security, Unit testing, Testing Automation (using Selenium, QTP or other tools) and Deployment over any hosting infrastructure.

Webner provides well-structured AWS Administration Services. Webner System Administration team has been assisting global customers with Planning, Creation and Maintenance of Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure for several years now. We take care of AWS platforms that run Development, Staging and Production systems (over Linux / Windows) encompassing Websites built in different technologies, background processes, cron jobs, Web Servers, Databases, integrations with different AWS services as well as with 3rd party systems. There are simple as well as complex infrastructure layouts according to the need. We take care of VMs (EC2), S3, RDS, CloudWatch, Cloudfront, Security, AWS Lambda, DevOps, Amazon Simple Email Services (SES), Amazon Route 53 and other AWS services available. AWS Administration Working Modes. Website Development Company. Salesforce Customization Services - Webner Solutions.

We customize Salesforce to make it work effectively according to your business needs. Salesforce is an excellent platform with enormous set of features out of the box. At the same time it needs tweaking or customization at different levels to make it easy for staff to use it and also to make it more effective application. By default users may find Salesforce a platform with long learning curve, less intuitive, visibility of too many non-applicable fields / screens, incorrect availability of features according to roles and permissions for example. Good thing is Salesforce is highly customizable through its user interface as well as with the help of technical features it provides. Salesforce Lightning Experience Development. Software development services.