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Introduction To Salesforce Reports - Winsurtech Blog. A report is an important part of any business.

Introduction To Salesforce Reports - Winsurtech Blog

It provides a clear view of the management. An administration uses the reports to trace improvement towards its different goals, control expenses and increases profits. In Salesforce, we can easily create reports in different styles. Reports can be created using a few clicks in a short time. We can also schedule the Salesforce reports. There are basically four types of reports that we can create: 1. 2. 3. 4. Below is an example of a report for a custom object called “Courses”. Go to Setup.Find Report Types in Quick Find search box.

This is a Tabular Report example. Click on the Customize button. Click on Save and Run Report. Enjoy Creating Reports! Lightning Datatable Jump Issue On Row Actions - Winsurtech Blog. SalesForce Lightning is a new advanced platform for SalesForce users to build extensive experiences.

Lightning Datatable Jump Issue On Row Actions - Winsurtech Blog

It is a component-based framework with some other tools to develop applications for users. Even users with no coding knowledge can use the already existing Lightning applications present. Though Lightning is highly extensive with new features, there are bugs in some of the new features provided by Lightning. One of them is in the Lightning datatable i.e if we delete the last row from the datatable using row actions then the control jumps to the last column of the second last row. This can be quite frustrating for the users as if the buttons are in the starting of the rows and there are 10 columns.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security - Winsurtech Blog. AWS security is managed with highly secure network architecture and well-maintained highly secure data centers at different locations globally.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security - Winsurtech Blog

AWS security is a very high priority task for the company. Customers can scale and innovate while being in a protected environment. Infrastructure Security: AWS provides several services that secure your network transmissions and increase the privacy of your AWS resources. Why do insurance companies fail? - Winsurtech Blog. Insurance is the “promise” that insurers make to policyholders in exchange for premiums.

Why do insurance companies fail? - Winsurtech Blog

The insurance industry is built on policyholder’s confidence that insurance contracts will be fulfilled and eligible claims paid. For consumers, the purchase of insurance is a key component of how they manage their financial risk. Consumer confidence in the industry is, therefore, insurance is closely linked to confidence in the solvency of their financial institutions. Insolvency arises when insufficient assets and capital are in place to cover the claims liabilities incurred. Insurer liquidation shows claimers and policyholders to the risk of unexpected financial loss and the potential for considerable personal and economic costs. AWS Elastic Load Balancing - Winsurtech Blog. An AWS Elastic Load Balancer (Amazon ELB) is a service that helps to distribute the incoming traffic or incoming application traffic across the amazon EC2 instances, IP addresses and other services like Amazon Lambda.

AWS Elastic Load Balancing - Winsurtech Blog

Amazon ELB overcomes the instant web application load by distributing the incoming requests into multiples web servers. Amazon ELB service offers three types of Elastic Load Balancers that comes with the features of high availability, automatic scaling, and robust security necessary to make your applications fault-tolerant. The three elastic load balancer are listed below: Application Load BalancerNetwork Load BalancerClassic Load Balancer Application Load Balancer: An Application Load balancer is used to route the request of HTTP and HTTPS to the application or modern application architecture like microservices and containers.

Network Load balancer: What does ADDITIONAL INTEREST mean in Auto insurance? In insurance terminology, Additional Interest means an uninsured or insured third party that is named in the insurance policy as having an interest in the insurance policy of the holder.

What does ADDITIONAL INTEREST mean in Auto insurance?

For instance: if there is any change made in the policy of the insuree (any modification or cancellation) of the policy, the party who has been labeled as additional interest is notified of the said change. It basically means that someone who is not directly involved in the insurance but gets affected by the changes made by the insurance policy. What is the difference between Written Premium and Earned Premium? Insurance companies transfer the risk on to themselves in exchange for a fixed amount charged from its clients called Premium.

What is the difference between Written Premium and Earned Premium?

Just like sales in a retail company is of paramount importance, premiums are the only way Insurance firms make money. In order for an insurance company to be profitable, the premium collected must be more than the claims it might be giving out. Hence the premium rate is calculated based on extensive research and analysis. However, there are many different ways that an insurance company calculates its profits from the premium. The most commonly used methods are Written Premium and Earned Premium. What is a Personal Auto Insurance Policy? - Winsurtech Blog. A personal auto policy also known as PAP is an insurance policy that is purchased by a vehicle owner to provide insurance coverage for damage or injury to others, in the form of liability insurance.

What is a Personal Auto Insurance Policy? - Winsurtech Blog

Along with the liability coverage, it can also provide coverage for injuries or damages to the insured. Personal auto insurance policy is a contract between the vehicle owner and the insurance company that protects the owner against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft. SalesForce Apex Batch Class Concept - Winsurtech Blog. Salesforce Apex batch is an important concept of batch command processing for complex and long-running processes in an asynchronous manner.

SalesForce Apex Batch Class Concept - Winsurtech Blog

The major benefit that we get from the Apex batch class is that we can overcome the SalesForce limitation of SOQL queries (total number of SOQL queries governor limit for synchronous operations being 100 and asynchronous operations being 200) that are executed in a single run. We can perform the manipulation of records in batches. Implementation Process: But for understanding the implementation of processing the SOQL operation in batch mode, I am simply taking the set of 22 records and to perform the update query to update 8 records in one batch run, in other words, there will be total 3 batches with first two batches updating the 8 records and third batch will update the 6 left records.

Suppose I have a Contact object with custom fields “Level__c” and “Communication_prefrerence__c”. What does mortgage insurance mean? - Winsurtech Blog. A mortgage is defined as a loan from a bank or other financial institution that helps a borrower to purchase a property.

What does mortgage insurance mean? - Winsurtech Blog

The borrower and the lender(usually a bank) enter into an agreement. According to this agreement the borrower receives cash in advance from the bank(or lender) then makes payments over a set time span until he/she pays back the lender in full. Classification of Insurance Companies - Winsurtech Blog. An insurance company is defined as an organization that provides financial protection and reimbursement of damages to an insured person or an organization according to the policy agreement. These companies provide insurance by collecting premiums from policyholders and ensure those policyholders to cover the losses if they suffer during the policy period. Because of the nature of their policies, an insurance company must perform common functions that are unique in providing its services, underwriting, loss adjustment, and investment. Insurance companies may be classified in different ways: according to the type of insurance that they sell, their licensing status, type of provider(private or government) & according to their legal organization and form of ownership.

In this blog, we will discuss the classification of insurance companies according to legal organization and form of ownership. What is a commercial package insurance policy? - Winsurtech Blog. Commercial package policy commonly known as a CPP is an insurance policy that is designed to protect a business from various types of commercial risks. It combines coverage for multiple risks, such as liability and property risk in a single policy. Under a CPP, a business owner may combine several types of coverages and pack them so that they cover the specific risks that a business may be exposed to. The advantage of a commercial package policy is that it allows a business owner to pay out a lower amount of premiums than if the business owner purchased a separate policy for each risk.

Similar to a Business Owners Policy(BOP), CPP binds various types of coverage within a single policy. However, a BOP has some drawbacks—it can only cover a few types of risks, therefore it is only available for certain types of smaller businesses. What does a Commercial Package Policy cover? How to setup Sandbox Org in Visual Studio Code. What is a Multi-car discount in Auto insurance? - Winsurtech Blog. As we all understand that bulk buying in day to day purchases can save our money, but did you know this methodology also works on your car insurance? Many auto insurance providers can offer 10 to 20 percent discounts on the policy if a customer adds more than one car to the same policy. A multi-car policy can be defined by an insurance policy that bundles all the policies for the different cars with one insurer so they’re held together separately.

It combines all separate vehicle policies into a single policy that renews at the same time. With a multi-car insurance policy, anyone can get all the advantages of separate policies such as separate no claims discounts and excesses. Azure Event Grid: introduction and examples - Winsurtech Blog. It is a service in Azure, which is used to connect applications together through event messaging. It helps to build an event-based architecture for the application. It sends notifications through HTTP requests and allows you to choose the Azure service or resource that you want to be notified about.

These notifications contain events that happen in the publisher. It enables event management like blob storage, functions, logic apps, etc across different Azure resources. What does YOUNG DRIVER QUESTIONNAIRE mean in Auto Insurance? A questionnaire is defined as a research instrument devised for the purposes of a survey or statistical study. Generally, it consists of a series of questions for the idea of gathering data from respondents. The behavior of drivers plays a key role in road safety as it is important in traffic accident prevention.

Therefore, to understand the behaviors of drivers, driver questionnaires are required. By answering different universal questions related to driving, they will give an estimate of the various driving patterns of people of a selected area. These research topics are mainly conducted for academic purposes which is why the drivers need to be honest and accurate at all times. Young Driver Behaviour Questionnaire (DBQ) Young drivers are over‐represented in crashes, injury and death statistics mostly in high‐income countries, crashing at almost double the rate of other drivers. Usually, participants perform a questionnaire either online or on an identical print version. What is a SINGLE LIMIT LIABILITY (CSL) in Auto Insurance? Single limit liabilities are the insurance policies that may have combined single limits. It states a single dollar limit that would apply to any combination of property damage liability, bodily limits as compared to split limits where separate dollar amount applicable to each accident that varies from per person, per occurrence of persons injured or property damage that is the result of an accident.

What is a good liquidity ratio for an insurance company? In another blog, we have already discussed the liquidity ratio for an insurance company and how we can measure it. The liquidity ratio of a company shows the ability of a company to turn its assets into cash. Types of Insurance Marketing Systems - Winsurtech Blog. Salesforce: Sales Cloud Introduction and Features. Introduction to Sales Cloud Sales Cloud, a part of the SFDC platform which mainly focuses on improving the output of the sales team of an organization and hence increasing the sales.

What is a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy? - Winsurtech Blog. Introduction to Amazon Glacier. Introduction to Amazon Glacier. Who uses profitability ratios and why is it important? In a different blog, we have already discussed the meaning and types of profitability ratios. Introduction to Amazon Web Services(AWS) Cloudfront. AWS CloudFront is a web service that accelerates the delivery of your static and dynamic web content such as .js, .css, .html, and image files, and also audio, video, media files, to your users. It distributes your content by using a global network of data hubs called edge locations. What is a Workers Compensation Insurance Policy? Almost all businesses with employees are legally obligated to take reasonable care to assure that they provide safe workplaces to their employees. Nevertheless, mishaps happen. What is the difference between admitted and non-admitted assets? Admitted and non-admitted assets are the classifications of assets generally used by the insurance companies.

Salesforce Accelerators 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions - Winsurtech Blog. Convert JSON / CSV to ACORD AL3 Format. AWS (Amazon Web Services) EC2 Service - Winsurtech Blog. ACORD Form Reader - Extract data from Scanned and Flattened ACORD Forms. Fill ACORD and other PDF Forms in the Browser. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) ACORD Form Reader - Extract data from Scanned and Flattened ACORD Forms. How to measure the financial strength of an insurance company?

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Introduction. Salesforce Service Cloud Introduction - Winsurtech Blog. Purpose of Homeowners Insurance and What All It Covers? JSON to ACORD XML based on ACORD XSD 2.4. How do you measure a company's liquidity? - Winsurtech Blog. VM (installation, configure, optimize, monitoring, backups, security) How to Create new request after getting response in quickbook desktop. Convert ACORD AL3 to JSON, Excel, CSV, PDF. Bespoke Proposal Management System for Insurance AMS or CRM. Define and differentiate: Copay and Deductible. Store, Assign, Respond and more. IVANS or Teamup Policy Transaction Downloads (AL3 Downloads) Web or Salesforce Customer Portal for Insurance Agencies. IVANS Commission Downloads, Reconcile and Split Management. Understanding Perils and Hazards in Insurance. Management Reports for Insurance Agencies and Carriers. IVANS Commission Downloads, Reconcile and Split Management. Salesforce Insurance Agency Management System Development.

Salesforce Insurance Agency Management System Development. Autofill ACORD Forms with Policy Data in your AMS or CRM. IVANS Downloads, ACORD Forms, AL3, Rater Integration, DBCR.