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Web Design SEO Trend: Ultimate Checklist for Responsive Website Design. The buzz of responsive website design had already started some time back, but has reached its zenith this year.

Web Design SEO Trend: Ultimate Checklist for Responsive Website Design

The traditional way of designing a site for desktop and then making it work on mobile (or other) devices is simply not working anymore. The bottom line is, and we cannot stress this enough, smart device-first is the ONLY way to go. Wondering why? Because almost half of the web traffic is generated through a mobile platform (source: Search Engine Watch)! Leveraging such a wide audience can produce a great impact on your business. Of course, you can seek assistance from the experts at any website design company, nevertheless, you should do your homework first. So, let’s start from the basics. Once upon a time, responsive web design used to suggest mobile-friendly websites only. A smart device can be as small as a watch or as big as a TV. So, businesses need to ensure their sites look presentable and navigable across various smart devices, browsers, and operating systems.

No worry! 1. What Are The Lead Generation Tools For Digital Marketing - How To Choose The Best SEO Agency. How Users Have Looked at Mobile Apps in 2019 - Webguru. 14 Jan / 2020 118 views According to a survey by Statista, the global average selling price of smartphones has consistently declined from $348.6 in 2011 to $276.2 in 2015 and the figure has dropped further to $214.7 in 2019.

How Users Have Looked at Mobile Apps in 2019 - Webguru

This reduction in price contributed to the worldwide annual sale of 1.4 billion smartphones since last five years. Further, the growing tech-savvy users are downloading new apps based on peer pressure, social media or the opinions of influencers, among others. This led to 205 billion app downloads in 2019, a 15% increase from the previous year (source: BuildFire). Such a thriving market inspires app owners to engage mobile app development services India to build mobility solutions for their business, reach out to more number of users, and stay competitive. # Most Downloaded App Types in 2019 Mcommerce – The trend of online shopping has become a booming phenomenon.

Check out our blog to learn the approximate cost of developing these popular mobile apps. 1.

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Effective PPC Trends You Must Follow in 2020 - Webguru. 31 Dec / 2019 185 views Once it comes to PPC (Pay-per-Click), you seek for instant results.

Effective PPC Trends You Must Follow in 2020 - Webguru

And according to a survey by Bluelist, paid search ads can increase brand awareness by a whopping 80%. Website Trends You Can Witness in 2020. Though often unacknowledged, the design of websites has a huge impact on businesses.

Website Trends You Can Witness in 2020

It helps to grab eyeballs of the target audience, which in the competitive world of business, can be the difference between success and failure. Steps To Build An Attractive Logo For Your Company. 24 Dec / 2019 150 views Are you a start-up looking to get a head start in your business niche?

Steps To Build An Attractive Logo For Your Company

The first thing you should consider is creating a strong brand identity, which would set you apart from others. This is where designing a logo comes into play for giving your brand the much needed visibility. Remember, in the highly competitive business landscapes of today, unless your brand has a recognizable ‘face’, you will find it difficult to achieve traction from your target customers. Benefits Businesses Can Gain By Using An eLearning Solution. 27 Jul / 2019 1,463 views Is your business struggling to meet its objectives and project deadlines?

Benefits Businesses Can Gain By Using An eLearning Solution

Is the quality of your products or services not meeting the prescribed standard? Chances are your workforce may need to be retrained to fully understand and execute the various processes of your operational workflow. It is possible that a lack of quality training has left the workforce bereft of ideas or skills to address the challenges they come across. In today’s competitive business landscape where high attrition rates have become the norm, it is important for businesses to invest in quality training using an eLearning management system. Although classroom training might appear convenient, the outcomes are not always viable. Issues with classroom training Benefits of an Elearning management system With digital transformation gaining pace, businesses need to adopt the latest technologies and streamline their process workflows.

Increase Your Reach with Instagram SEO Techniques. Instagram is one of the most viable social media platforms to increase brand visibility, promote your business, and expand the customer base.

Increase Your Reach with Instagram SEO Techniques

Going by statistics, Instagram commands more than 500 million daily active users globally in 2019 (Source: Interestingly, like any search engine, Instagram, too, has some built-in search functions. Therefore, you should adopt a few SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that are exclusive to Instagram in order to boost organic traffic to your Instagram account. SEO Techniques for Instagram used by the SEO services In this blog, we shall discuss some little-known SEO techniques for Instagram used by any top SEO agency to expand the reach of your business. 1. Inbound vs Outbound Marketing: Which One is Right for You? In the competitive world of online business, merely producing quality products and delivering them faster to the market are not enough to sail you through.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing: Which One is Right for You?

What you need is to reach out to your target customers by implementing a strong marketing strategy. This will not only let your customers know about your brand, products, or services but help to boost your business and achieve ROI as well. However, you should select the right marketing strategy - inbound or/and outbound to make the maximum impact. In this article, we will explore these two strategies and guide you to select the right one. Top Companies Offering Digital Marketing Services In India? Digital marketing services can help to improve the ranking of your website in search results.

Top Companies Offering Digital Marketing Services In India?

They can lead your site to generate leads and drive conversions. What Are The Top Languages For Mobile App Development? Mobile apps have become the lifeblood of the 21st century.

What Are The Top Languages For Mobile App Development?

Want to order lunch? There’s an app for that. Dating? What PPC Services Hacks Can Improve Your ROI - Webguru. 16 Oct / 2019 388 views One of the undeniable truths of digital marketing is that PPC works. With over 40% of global brands planning to increase their PPC (that’s Pay-Per-Click for the uninitiated) budget in 2019 (source: in order to drive leads, improve sales, and increase revenue, there’s no wonder that companies are always turning to PPC services and utilizing platforms such as Google Ads for achieving fast results within a limited budget. But let’s face it: PPC ads are expensive. And while most businesses can easily set up and run PPC campaigns, not everyone manages to get adequate value for their money. So, even if you roll out the perfect ad copy, do your due diligence when it comes to keywords, and work with the best PPC management company on this side of the planet, there’s no guarantee that you will get the proper return on your investment.

However, fret not. How to enhance business proposition using logo design – NewsBeezer. Body: In the global business landscape, brand marketing is an important activity pursued by businesses to stay competitive. A logo underpins the core of such an activity and contributes in some measure to its success. Though a logo appears to be nothing but a small image, nevertheless, it carries immense value. In fact, creating a distinct logo is a crucial step toward developing a powerful brand identity. Brand identity depends on the impression left on the minds of the customers by the product(s) or service of any business. How important is User Experience in winning SEO. In today’s online ecosystem, whenever you search for any random topic you invariably end up with tons of information displayed on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Further, amidst all these web destinations, it is quite difficult to get traffic to your website.

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can play a crucial role in getting your website to rank high on the SERPs and draw traffic. Any SEO strategy shall involve using or executing a slew of techniques or activities comprising on-page optimization, site audit, PPC, SMO, SMM, and content marketing, among others. How To Drive Conversions By Analyzing The User Behaviour. Can a Business Benefit from Mobile App Development? An article in the Business Standard carried a speech by the Infosys CEO wherein he cautioned business enterprises to “Innovate or Perish”.

This is absolutely true owing to the rapid technological changes, which can send the latest technology into obsolescence in no time. When it comes to businesses embracing digital transformation, the development of mobile applications has certainly become the trend. This is mainly the result of a rising worldwide statistics on the usage of mobiles and mobile apps.

How to Choose the Right Website Design Company? In the recent years, for a customer-oriented business to survive the cut-throat market one has to put the best foot forward. Websites have become an integral part of almost all businesses, big and small. The better the website, higher are your chances of succeeding in the industry. HOW CAN YOU BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH LOGO DESIGN SERVICES. What Is The Cost For Website Design In India. 06 Sep / 2019 290 views For a business owner looking to hire a website development company in India, nothing can be more confusing than the multiple pricing variations and numerous rates quoted by different companies. What Is The Difference Between Custom And Template Websites?: webguruinfo — LiveJournal. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned professional or an established businessperson looking to expand online, getting your own website is the first and most important step you should take in the digital sphere.

The Cost of Developing A Mobile App In India. 29 Aug / 2019 257 views.       How To Enhance Your Website With Non-Spammy Link Building. Why Should Enterprises Opt For Laravel PHP services? Why Is Progressive Web Apps The Future Of Website Development? Factors To Consider In Choosing A Web Development Company. 21 Jun / 2019 731 views The digital population is growing exponentially. How Mobile App Development Can Be Influenced By Big Data. How Emotional Marketing Can influence Digital Marketing. Which is the Best Framework between Magento and Drupal? The process of digitization has transformed the global retail landscape with more than 40 percent of the users doing their shopping on the internet (Source: Statistica.)

This gives you more the reason to take your business online by creating an attractive, robust, feature-rich, and secure eCommerce store. Yourstory. How Impactful Is Social Media For Business - An Infographic. Describe the WordPress Trends of 2019. Moodle. The Benefits Of A Materialize Responsive Framework. Which UX Pitfalls Are Common In Mobile App Design? How To Recover If Your Website Is De-Indexed by Google. How Progressive Web App Is The Future Of Web Development - An Infographic. Best Web Development Company – Webguru Infosystems. What are the top iOS App Development Trends For 2019? SEO Techniques You Should Get Rid Of Immediately. Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your SEO Services. The Website Design Trends to prevail in 2019. How AI Can Help In Your SEO Strategy. Tried And Tested Methods To Increase Organic Leads Easily. Key SEO Tips For An eCommerce Website. Food Delivery Mobile App: Things To Be Considered.

What Is The Importance Of Facebook Ads In Ecommerce? How Can Schema Markup Improve The User Experience? How Important is Keyword Research For PPC Services? 10 Must Have Features For Your Property Listing Website. How To Find Hidden Spam Links In Your Website? 5 Unbeatable Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Your Brand. Steps To Consider Before Making Major Website Changes. How To Find The Best Website Development Company to Build A Website.

An Infographic Defining The Website Design Trends of 2019. What Factors Can Bring Your Website Traffic Down? Robust And Dynamic Property Listing Solution For Businesses. React vs Angular: Which is The Best JavaScript Framework? Creative Logo Design From Webguru Infosystems. The Benefits of Content Marketing in 2019. Tips To Write An Engaging Content For Your Users. The Ways To Select The Top SEO Agency. eLearning Management System For Businesses. Benefits of Digital Marketing For The Travel Industry. Best SEO Services from the Top SEO Agency. An Ebook On Website Design And Development From Webguru Infosystems. What Are The Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2019? Why should you convert your eCommerce website to a Mobile App in 2019? Free eBook on Website Design & Development.

Features Of A Property Listing Website – An Infographic. The Top Website Design Trends To Follow in 2019. The Latest Mobile Apps In Demand In The Year 2019. Wordpress gratis. 6 digital marketing trends for 2019 you should know right now. What Are The Advantages Of Using The React Framework? React Web & Mobile App Development Services. A Complete Guide To Use Hashtags For Business in 2019. A Complete Guide To Use Hashtags For Business in 2019. Who would be the Right Choice for Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign? – All Questions Answered. The Essential Features of Travel Websites - An Infographic. How to Use Your PPC Campaign To Increase The Conversion Rate. Progressive Web App - The Future of Website Development. Greetings on Happy New Year 2019! Webguru Infosystems Wishes Warm Greetings On Merry Christmas!

How can your business benefit from Pinterest in 2019? How to Build a Successful Travel Agency Website? How to Build a Successful Travel Agency Website? How can long tail keywords enhance your SEO? The Growing Popularity of AngularJS Development Services. Can we balance the requisites for SEO & creative web design?

Why AngularJS Became A Popular Framework For App Developers? Woocommerce - The Trending Shopping Cart Solution by Webguru Infosystems. Why there is a High Demand for Android App Development in India? Top 7 Features of a Good CMS to Enhance Your Web Development. Webguru Infosystems in Budding Innovator 2.0 event. How good is WooCommerce as an eCommerce Solution? Do Follow and No Follow Links & Their Usage - An Infographic. How Voice Technology is Connecting Brands and Customers.