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Les incontournables

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Publications: Creative – Most popular. Bumbumbum. Sweet Station. Florian Mueller Florian Mueller’s work is exhibited and published internationally and received numerous awards.

Sweet Station

Since 2013 he is a professional member of the BFF, the German Association of Freelance Photographers. In the same year he founded the „jetztzeit Club“ together with Nadine Targiel and Michael Streckbein to exhibit together, to show the unusual and to give eyes and thoughts a moment to pause. To take the ordinary from reality. After first personal projects, jobs as set-photographer for TV production companies and advertising agencies he developed the desire to progress and to force and establish his way of photographing in order to extend his own artistic and photographically context. Color Trends + Palettes.

LogoPond - Identity Inspiration - Creative Advertising Archive & Community. Inspiration - Smashing Magazine. Why You Should Get Excited About Emotional Branding Globalization, low-cost technologies and saturated markets are making products and services interchangeable and barely distinguishable.

Inspiration - Smashing Magazine

As a result, today’s brands must go beyond face value and tap into consumers’ deepest subconscious emotions to win the marketplace. In recent decades, the economic base has shifted from production to consumption, from needs to wants, from objective to subjective. We’re moving away from the functional and technical characteristics of the industrial era, into a time when consumers are making buying decisions based on how they feel about a company and its offer.

Read more... Behance Network. Vimeo, Video Sharing For You. Collection of Deviant Artists. Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now DeviantArt is an amazing community that provides very nice artwork for designers and artists around the world.

Collection of Deviant Artists

The community is one of the internet’s biggest, and I decided to dab into the community with a few artists on showcase here. I looked through hundreds of deviants, and I compiled a few that caught my eye. Maybe in the future, we will showcase a deviant of the month feature. Enjoy!!