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Inspiring our Children to Pray. Compiled by Reem Rahman A couple months ago, Imam Suhaib posted a question on Facebook asking how to encourage one’s child to pray.

Inspiring our Children to Pray

Alhamdullilah (praise be to God), there were many great responses. We wanted to share some of the wonderful advice and stories shared by fellow readers. May our hearts always be open to beneficial advice. *Responses abridged and edited for grammar; all of the full responses are available on Facebook. “My son is 7! Faiza Isaaq: Be subtle. Ghada Othmani: Mum’s famous prayer tree was awesome! She used to tell me that green means Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) is happy and proud of you because you showed gratitude to Him for all what He has given to you.

I still remember the joy everytime it was full green!! Khudake Liye: There was a story I heard about someone who told to his son: “Come, I will give you something that nobody ever can take away from you. The Power of Words. Funny} Aussie convert story to Islam. Utusan Malaysia Online - Bicara Agama.

Institute. We started up in 2002 with a simple question - how could we teach you Islam in a way that was fun, social, spiritual, and oh yeah, academic?


We asked around, and it turned out people wanted teachers who knew their stuff, but didn't turn learning Islam into a snoozefest, and they didn't want endless weeks of lectures. We listened, and built AlMaghrib around engaging instructors, double- and single-weekend seminars, and professional multimedia materials. Since that time, you've responded in large numbers, asking us to establish chapters (also known as Qabeelahs) in cities worldwide, and we've taught Islamic Sciences to over 80,000 students who just can't get enough.

With the blessings of Allah exalted and high, AlMaghrib is now the leading Institute teaching premiere Islamic education in the West to the largest student body. AlMaghrib is exceptionally selective about its instructors to ensure that all of them are fluent in the language of instruction. Arab dan Zionisme. Apa yang sebenarnya sedang berlaku di Timur Tengah hari ini?

Arab dan Zionisme

Kenapa anak-anak muda di negara negara Arab bangun melawan dan menjatuhkan ketua dan kepala negara mereka? NPR Muslim Brotherhood Investigation Part I. Calon-Calon Pemuda Pilihan. Siapakah pahlawan dimasa kecilmu?

Calon-Calon Pemuda Pilihan

Kalau ditanya seperti itu, jawapan kita mungkin sama, mungkin juga berbeza. Ada yang menjawab Batman, Superman, Ultraman, mungkin juga Cicak Man, tapi itu jika pada saat kita kecil minatnya cerita kartun. Ada pula yang heronya Shahrukh khan, Hrithik Roshan dan mungkin juga Sivaji. Sebenarnya siapa ya pahlawan itu? Boleh atau tidak kita jadi superhero? Pertanyaan di atas mungkin muncul di benak kita. Libya: A state of terror. Jesus and The Third Loaf - Al-Hayat Al-Dunya (The Life of This World) HD. The Power of Patience. When I was young, I had no patience.

The Power of Patience

I wanted everything, and I wanted it now. No wonder, then, that I found myself with over $20,000 in credit-card debt just a few years out of college. I was spending to obtain a lifestyle that I wouldn’t be able to afford until I was older. Much older. I’m not the only one with this problem. This impatience is costly. The power of patience I’m entering middle age now, and so are most of my friends. It’s fun to watch the choices people make. I’m seeing people who have toiled for years at tough jobs finally getting big breaks. Not all who wait reap the rewards, of course, but many do. Patience lets your money grow. Patience leads to wealth and happiness. The Culture of Now We live in a Culture of Now. But if you can learn to be patient, the world opens up to you.

I’m not talking about waiting until you’re 80 to enjoy life — I want to enjoy life today — I’m talking about taking things as they come in their proper time. Update! Nur Syawana Bte Murad's Photos - Wall Photos. 5 Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam. Western Cultures Are Far More Humane Than the Bloodthirsty Muslims Even before the whole terrorism thing, Islam had a reputation in the West for violence.

5 Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam

Part of it has to do with how abruptly Islam was all up in everyone's face. For instance, while Hinduism took about 1,000 years to spread through India, and Christianity took about 400 years to go from persecuted cult to the state religion of the Roman Empire, Islam went from one guy's epiphany to the dominant political and religious force in the Middle East and North Africa in about 100 years. So a lot of people have reached the conclusion that the religion spread like holy wildfire for one reason: the sword.

The next logical leap from this viewpoint is that as a people, Muslims must be violent and barbaric conquerors. But actually... Muhammad laid out some pretty progressive rules of warfare, and medieval Muslims out-niced the Christians in battle by a landslide. Picture1.png (PNG Image, 529x374 pixels) Procrastination" Tales Of Mere Existence.