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How can mobile marketing help small-scale businesses? One of the latest technologies practiced in advertising is ‘Mobile Marketing’ and its popularity has grown over the past few years.

How can mobile marketing help small-scale businesses?

Especially, small businesses can experience a significant growth in sales after using this excellent marketing tool. With Mobile marketing, small-sized businesses can reach out to the large-scale customer base and get more customers for their business. Small businesses have considerable opportunities to easily connect with their customers due to the rising customer interest in mobile marketing and customer loyalty programs. Benefits of creating user personas for app development. While making a venture into building an online presence, most often presumptions might not be one of the best approaches in determining the target audience for whom you are building the app and their behaviour towards the brands.

Benefits of creating user personas for app development

The results marked are drop in sales and decreased customer engagement. One of the most common approaches, for the business owners is to directly connect with the potential customer; still this experience is disappointing and expensive too. A much more easy way to resolve the problem is indeed the formulation of user persona. What is a User Persona? 7 Important Mobile App Metrics (often overlooked by marketers)

When we look at the below staggering statistics: 26 percent of mobile apps are accessed only once 80-90 percent mobile apps are sooner or later deleted The above stats have compelled the developers and marketers to start focusing on the mobile app metrics that makes the most difference.

7 Important Mobile App Metrics (often overlooked by marketers)

6 Critical Tips for effective Social Media Marketing. Many of the businesses take on social media marketing in a totally wrong manner.

6 Critical Tips for effective Social Media Marketing

They believe that as they have a social media presence they will surely get to sell their business idea. But they fail to understand what the social media presence really entails. Social media marketing should be impressive and affordable, and when it is done correctly can help scale all business sizes. How can iOS App Development boost your Business ROI? The market demand for smartphones has been continuously increasing, ever since they were first introduced in the market.

How can iOS App Development boost your Business ROI?

Each and every person, from corporate professionals to business entrepreneurs to students is dependent on their smartphones. 5 Tips for developing apps for your marketing strategy. As soon as you plan to develop a mobile application, you should also have a marketing strategy in line.

5 Tips for developing apps for your marketing strategy

Many forget to plan out a marketing strategy while solely focusing on the development part of an application. Marketing strategy plays a very crucial part in the success of any given application. Thus, it becomes important that you develop mobile apps that support your marketing goals (for attracting potential users) and enable your business to flourish. Let us look at some tips for developing apps that would back up your marketing strategies. Be clear about your objective. Avoiding 4 Common Mistakes When Developing a Secure Application. This post is by Jay Patel, CEO, Vrinsoft, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Mobile App development companies along with focusing mainly on the development of fully functional apps also have to lay more emphasis on secure application development.

Avoiding 4 Common Mistakes When Developing a Secure Application

We have seen how major e-commerce sites and tech company’s data got breached last year. Thus, secure application development should be a standard in all organizations. The developers, testers, and security experts each and every member of an organization should add to help improve security in their respective organizations. Secure application development is important for a loyal customer base as well as your credibility. Mistake#1: Consider Security during the design and requirement stages. 10 Ways to grow your design business. A design business with strong designing sense, well-marketed business approach and the potential to always move forward is definitely bound to grow.

10 Ways to grow your design business

To move forward with stability, you need to formulate a plan for your business’s future and build a name for your business that consumers find reliable. Check out some pointers which might help you in developing your design business. Free Presentation or Speech. The art of Mobile App Development. The immense prevalence of cell phones and tablets and heir expanding use by organizations for meeting customer requirements and internal applications has multiplied development in employment opportunities.

The art of Mobile App Development

Today mobile applications have become a cosmic sector which no business can neglect it. Use Google Maps to view locations live during peak hours. Google Maps had launched the Popular Times feature last year.

Use Google Maps to view locations live during peak hours

In its latest offering, Google Maps intends to add real time look to various locations during the busiest times during the day. Through this feature, users of Google Maps can get a clear view and get an idea about how busy a particular place is during a given time of the day. A lot of people who visit popular places are often greeted by heavy crowds or traffic.

Few Tips that can help in making your Blog Successful. While undertaking blogging projects, it is important to pay attention to few important aspects. These aspects can ensure the survival and success of the project. How Designers and Marketers can work in Perfect Harmony with each other. Designers and marketers in most companies often experience a difference of opinion. However, for increased productivity and to achieve the set goals of the organization, it is important for them to work together. The team cooperation as exhibited by the sales team is something they can emulate. The virtues of clarity, buoyancy and clarity are effectively implemented by developers with the cooperation of marketers in Website Design. What is in store for UWP and Windows 10. The biggest change Microsoft has introduced in its operating systems is the Windows 10.

It boasts of a new design and some amazing features. Few of them include a new platform, notification centre, personal assistant and many more. The new platform adopted by windows is known as UWP. It has replaced the Win 32 platform which is being used since 1993. Simple Tips for writing good codes and reducing cognitive loads. Good codes create a high impact and relate to easy modification, good performance and a low bug count. Despite of being so important, a number of developers fail to focus on it. Tips for writing good codes Writing good codes involves a number of aspects.

How translating a Website Contributes towards the success of the Business. The world is a marketplace. The various types of advanced technologies have made it easier for companies to deliver their products and services to customers located in far corners of the world. MAJOR IMPLICATIONS OF THE POSSUM ALGORITHM UPDATE BY GOOGLE. Google recently updated the Possum algorithm. WHY PHP7 FAILED IN IMPLEMENTATION DESPITE OF ITS ADVANCED FEATURES. Busting the common myths regarding Link Building. The unique features offered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Your IPhone is at a Risk of a serious attack from Hackers- Update it now to Ensure Safety of your Device. There are ample reasons for Apple users to get cautious. The company has issued an emergency update to protect devices from a virus threat. The update was issues soon after researchers found a new virus. Ensuring website accessibility of Government portals. THE UPCOMING IT TRENDS AND HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF THEM. FEW TIPS TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS BENEFIT FROM QUALITY WEBSITES. Few Reasons why Videos mark the Future of SEO and Content Marketing. The Arts & Culture app Promises delight for art lovers. The most used search engine Google recently launched the ‘Arts & Culture app. The launch is expected to benefit art lovers across the globe. Using the app they can discover artefacts and famous works from museums located across 70 countries. It will be functional on iOS and Android platforms.

Robotic Process Automation All Set to Change the Functioning of IT Industry. Tips for Increasing the Conversion Rate of SEO Content. Few factors every Mobile Developer must consider before Choosing Development tools. The Best 3D Touch Shortcuts in iPhone you Probably didn’t know. Reasons why Web Designers prefer responsive Web Designs for Websites.

A Sneak Peek into the Core Features the Android 7.0 is expected to have. Impact of Mobile Enterprise App Development on IT - Vrinsoft. App Store Optimization Predictions to be Expected for Upcoming Era. Top 5 Reasons to Choose PHP Platform for Distinctive Application Development. Key Consideration for Mobile Website Design to Highly grab users Attention. Considerable Tips for Initial Businesses from Website Development. A Leading Destination for Getting Trendy Discounts on All IT Services in 2016. Tips to Discover more Visitors through your effective Website Designs. Bug Tracking Software. How to develop a mobile app. Dreamweaver. Web Design. Free Magento Extensions that will take the eCommerce Store to the Next Level. Vrinsofts.Com Is A Veteran Mobile App Development India Company.

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