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Wolfram Hempel. I’ve been experimenting a lot with HTML 5 webcam support lately.

Wolfram Hempel

One of the results – the audience on a galloping horse could be seen in my Next. Generation. Browser. Vibration API. Many of the new APIs provided to us by browser vendors are more targeted toward the mobile user than the desktop user.

Vibration API

One of those simple APIs the Vibration API. The Vibration API allows developers to direct the device, using JavaScript, to vibrate in a pattern for a given duration. Detecting Vibration API Support It's always good to check for the presence of API support before using it; here's how you can detect the Vibration API's presence: var supportsVibrate = "vibrate" in navigator; L'API de notification d'HTML 5. HTML5 Context Menus. Update: These context menus display even when JavaScript is disabled; so best practice will be to create these menu structures via JavaScript.

HTML5 Context Menus

Mass innerHTML injection can be used or basic DOM node injection. One of the hidden gems within the HTML5 spec is context menus. The HTML5 context menu spec allows developers to create custom context menus for given blocks within simple menu and menuitem elements. The menu information lives right within the page so there's no need to create a custom plugin. Mobile HTML5 - compatibility tables for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iPad and other mobile devices. HTML 5: Rodolphe Rimelé.


Canvas. File API. Offline manifest & Localstorage. Websocket. Démonstration. Application. Cours/Lesson. Video/Audio. Geolocalisation, boussole. Camera. Viewport. Webmaster – Ressources et outils gratuits pour votre site internet – Free Tools. HTML5 elements in Internet Explorer without Javascript. Huh?

HTML5 elements in Internet Explorer without Javascript

Section element? I don't see no stinkin' section element. You must be mistaken, pal. What? No, I don't believe in them.