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Build an MVC Framework in PHP From Scratch: Lesson 1. PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner. This area is intended for everyone new to PHP.

PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner

It opens with a series of informal, entertaining tutorials written by Vikram Vaswani, founder and CEO of Melonfire. These tutorials build on a previously-published 5-part series which has now been updated and extended to embrace PHP 5, making parts of it suitable for those of you who already have worked with PHP 4 in the past. If you came here to learn about elementary PHP 4 or basic PHP 5, this is for you. Enjoy! PHP 101 (part 1): “Down the Rabbit Hole” An introduction to PHP’s variables and operators.PHP 101 (part 2): “Calling All Operators” The rest of the PHP operators (there are many), and simple form processing.PHP 101 (part 3): Looping The Loop Basic control structures explained.PHP 101 (part 4): The Food Factor Arrays, PHP array functions, and what it all means. Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters. For Web Authors and Webmasters This is an informational document.

Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters

Although technical in nature, it attempts to make the concepts involved understandable and applicable in real-world situations. Because of this, some aspects of the material are simplified or omitted, for the sake of clarity. If you are interested in the minutia of the subject, please explore the References and Further Information at the end. Expires Header. Eine kleine MySQL-Referenz (PHP-Tutorial) Prism - Get Started. Desktop applications with PHP and Titanium at SANIsoft – PHP for E Biz. Welcome back!

desktop applications with PHP and Titanium at SANIsoft – PHP for E Biz

And a very Happy New Year. Yes, you saw it right. The post is about creating desktop applications with the help of PHP. PHP-Gtk. Creating Your Own CMS Part 1 - Secure Login. Have you ever built a site to realize it is a pain to manage?

Creating Your Own CMS Part 1 - Secure Login

There are a lot of CMS options out there but some of them cost money, some are hard to learn, some your hosting company might not support, and well sometimes they just don’t have everything thing that you want. So today I am going to start to teach you how to create your own simple CMS. Today I will get into how you can find a design and get your secure login setup. [Fortgeschrittene] Einführung in PHP-Templatesysteme mit der Engine SMARTY. Using Eclipse for Web Development. As I alluded to on Twitter, Eclipse is a horrific scattered mess of projects masquerading as an IDE.

I only hear wonderful things about it, mostly from ColdFusion developers, but god help the person that assumes it will be a quick and easy installation. First you need to choose the package you want.