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White Women’s Tears and the Men Who Love Them - How Photography Was Optimized for White Skin Color. Color photo of the emir of Bukhara; Sergey Prokudin Gorsky, 1911 At a very, very basic level, this is how common photographic film works: film is thin plastic covered in a layer or layers of photosensitive chemicals.

How Photography Was Optimized for White Skin Color

When exposed to a very small amount of light — like the tiny amount that hits it when a photographer presses the camera’s shutter button — a subtle image, invisible to the naked eye, forms on the film. Developing the film makes the image visible (as a negative — the parts that were exposed to the most light are the darkest, this is inverted in the printing process). Color film is coated with many layers of chemicals, with chemicals keyed to different colors in the different layers. The earliest color photographs were actually made up of three separate black and white photographs, one taken through a red color filter, one taken through a green color filter, and one taken through a blue color filter. Color film was invented quite a bit later. God, Not Again: White People and an ‘Out of Africa’ Wedding in Kenya* Oh no.

God, Not Again: White People and an ‘Out of Africa’ Wedding in Kenya*

Africa has “touched” someone “deeply” again. This time, it’s Melbourne-based wedding photographer Jonas Peterson, who has reportedly “shot brides and grooms in all sorts of beautiful places around the world,” but none like this infamous lothario of a continental landmass, which “sung to [him] in a way [he] didn’t know possible, found new chords and played on strings [he] didn’t know [he] had inside [him]”. Africa! You sure know how to make white men swoon. Surely, Peterson knew what he was getting into when he went to photograph the wedding of Nina, “a wildlife photographer and senior marketing advisor to wild cat conservation organization Panthera – and her fiancé Sebastian” in Masaai Mara in Kenya. Man Who Plays Devil's Advocate Really Just Wants To Be Asshole. Marriage Will Never Set Us Free - Organizing Upgrade.

In recent years, lots of progressive people have been celebrating marriage -- when various states have passed laws recognizing same-sex marriage, when courts have made decisions affirming the legal recognition of same-sex marriage, when politicians have spoken in favor of it.

Marriage Will Never Set Us Free - Organizing Upgrade

At the same time, many queer activists and scholars have relentlessly critiqued same-sex marriage advocacy. Supporters of marriage sometimes acknowledge those critiques, and respond with something like: While marriage is not for everyone, and won’t solve everything, we still need it. What’s the deal? Is same-sex marriage advocacy a progressive cause? Is it in line with Left political projects of racial and economic justice, decolonization, and feminist liberation? Nope. I. Civil marriage is a tool of social control used by governments to regulate sexuality and family formation by establishing a favored form and rewarding it (in the U.S., for example, with over one thousand benefits).

II. III. Choose Your Own Adventure. Racialized sexual fantasies imagine desire as an array of exciting ice cream flavors, but the consumer is always assumed to be vanilla.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Mainstream economists like to take individual “preferences” for granted, as if they emerged miraculously out of thin air, and make these preferences the measure of usefulness. The liberal discourse around sexuality works in essentially the same way – not so much wrong as insufficient. The logic of both money and desire supposedly centers on mutually beneficial exchanges between consenting independent adults with full disclosure of relevant information. But this apparently liberated hedonism hides a far more puritanical, masochistic regime in which desire is a solitary pursuit. EJ899418.pdf. Derailing for Dummies.

An open letter to privileged people who play devil’s advocate. You know who you are.

An open letter to privileged people who play devil’s advocate

You are that white guy in an Ethnic Studies class who’s exploring the idea that poor people might have babies to stay on welfare. Or some person arguing over drinks that maybe a lot of women do fake rape for attention. Or, recently, someone insisting that I consider the idea that Elliot Rodger could have been a madman and an anomaly, not at all a product of a white supremacist and misogynistic society. Adventures in privilege.

The other day, as I was contributing a few choice witticisms to the hashtag #whitefeministsbelike, I heard the dreaded wailing in the background.

adventures in privilege

Someone had sounded the NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE KLAXON. For the next twenty-odd minutes, my mentions were inundated with the thoughts, feelings and opinions of a self-proclaimed “white feminist” who desperately needed me to know how badly I’d hurt her feelings by implying that she was racist. I had not mentioned her name. Hopi-less: How Kachina Became Donut County. Two years ago, GDC 2013’s Experimental Gameplay Workshop featured a game that had the crowd cheering and applauding in delight.

Hopi-less: How Kachina Became Donut County

It was Ben Esposito (The Unfinished Swan) with Kachina. This year’s GDC revived an old favourite of the show, the Failure Workshop. This was a chance for developers to share the stories of their disasters, and the good or bad that came from them.