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A Step-by-step Guide on How to Create Custom Courses for Your Class Using iTunes U. June, 2015 Today we want to draw your attention to one of the features of iTunes U that is often overlooked by many teachers.

A Step-by-step Guide on How to Create Custom Courses for Your Class Using iTunes U

It is the ability to create your custom courses for iPad and teach them right in your classroom. iTunes U is best known as a provider of courses from leading universities and colleges (e.g Yale, Stanford, MIT Oxford ..etc). It actually has over 800,000 free lectures, videos, books and other resources on thousands of subjects from Algebra to Zoology. Learning Difficulties and Special Needs Guide. 27 Apps that have changed my teaching and their learning. The History 2.0 Classroom: Google Drive X Explain Everything = Embedded Video Reflections. If you read this blog, it comes as no surprise that I often use and find Explain Everything to be the most remarkable and powerful application that can be used with an iPad.

The History 2.0 Classroom: Google Drive X Explain Everything = Embedded Video Reflections

What can be created with this tool is nearly limitless and I think I may have uncovered the most powerful role yet that this app can play in developing strong student writers and thinkers, "Embedded Video Reflections. " With Google Apps and Google Drive in place in a growing number of schools, it is becoming increasingly standard practice to have students write in the form of a Google document. With the writing experience in a Google document on an iPad being much improved, the entire writing process can now take place on an iPad. Open tablet -laitteen käyttöönoton ohjeet. - Esitystekniikkalaitteiden hyödyntäminen- toimisto-ohjelmat - pilvipalvelut: tallentaminen, siirtäminen, jakaminen- kommunikoinnin väline - verkostoituminen- kirjanmerkkipalvelut.

Open tablet -laitteen käyttöönoton ohjeet

101 iPad Tips & Tricks. Use these iPad tips and tricks to do more with your iPad Air, iPad mini and every other iPad running iOS 8.

101 iPad Tips & Tricks

A Nice Graphic on iPad Tips and Tricks. The Best iOS Apps for Students and Teachers. A Rubric to Grade Students iPad Projects. July, 2014 Today's post features a practical rubric to use in class to grade your students iPad projects.

A Rubric to Grade Students iPad Projects

This rubric ,which I learned about through Techchef4u, is created by Lisa and Mrs. Greathouse to help them "ensure that students would not just do the bare minimum while rewarding those who went above and beyond". As you can see below, the rubric features 4 key criterion to base your grading on. Sovelluksia opiskelijalle - 8 tapaa opintojen tehostamiseen. Suomalaistenkin koulujen digitaalisuus kasvaa koko ajan, vaikka emme edelläkävijä tekniikassa olekaan.

Sovelluksia opiskelijalle - 8 tapaa opintojen tehostamiseen

Esimerkiksi osa lukiolaisista velvoitetaan jo hankkimaan oman kannettavan tietokoneen, sillä syksyllä luokionsa aloittaneet ovat ensimmäisiä, jotka suorittavat sähköisen ylioppilaskokeen ja käyttävät muutenkin kasvavassa määrin digitaalisia oppimateriaaleja. 101 iPad Tips & Tricks. Use these iPad tips and tricks to do more with your iPad Air, iPad mini and every other iPad running iOS 7.

101 iPad Tips & Tricks

AppShed - Build HTML5, iPhone and Android apps online for schools, education and business. Kaarina iPad Bällstaberg. Oppijoista tuottajia Odderin peruskoulussa – Kokemuksia Tanskasta 3. Kokemuksia Tanskasta on jatkoa TurkuBETT-kirjoitussarjaan.

Oppijoista tuottajia Odderin peruskoulussa – Kokemuksia Tanskasta 3

IlonaIT ja Suomen Apple järjestivät Tanskan Applen avustuksella 35 hengen ryhmällemme kolme vierailukohdetta. Vierailimme Odderin (ks. kartta) Parkvejensin peruskoulussa tiistaina 13.5.2014. Meidät otettiin erittäin yställisesti vastaan Suomen lippukoristein. Koulun kotisivuille tuli myös pikkujuttu vieraislustamma. Great iPad Tips and Resources for Teachers. April 29, 2014 Below is what I have been preparing for you over the last weekend.

Great iPad Tips and Resources for Teachers

I have gone through all the archive of posts I have shared here and consulted several other external resources to compile this guide. A Handful of Ideas for Using Tellagami In School. This is a guest post from Samantha Morra at Tellagami, a free iOS app that lets you create short animated movies called "Gamis," is one of my new favorite animation apps to explore.

A Handful of Ideas for Using Tellagami In School

Although the site promotes the app as a way to send greetings and messages for use within social media, I see it as a great tool in the classroom. With Tellagami, begin by creating and customizing a character. Although there is not a great deal of variety in virtual appearance, just enough options exist to personalize your character. From there, you choose a background either from a few in the app itself or your camera roll.

After you customize your character and background, you can choose how you want your character to talk, either by recording your voice or typing in text. Some quick ideas you might try: 5 Simple Tools For Teachers To Create And Publish Apps Of Their Own. 5 Tools For Teachers To Create And Publish Apps Of Their Own by Viviana Woodbury, What with the almost universal proliferation of smartphones among students, even at the elementary school level, it would seem like a no-brainer for an educator to utilize mobile apps as effective and readily-accepted learning tools.

And if an educator can’t find an app that does exactly what he or she wants, the logical next step is to develop and publish their own. Besides, what else do they have to do with all the free time with which all educators are blessed? Now that you’ve finished laughing, let’s take a realistic look at how an educator can best go about publishing an app.

And the process of actually publishing the app is a whole ‘nother ball game altogether. For those who lack the time, knowledge, or incentive to write their own code, there are any number of app publishing resources available. 1. The Best iOS Apps for Students and Teachers. Subtext & Tellagami - Two Apps to Attack Reading Comprehension. This is a guest post from Holly Clark at an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers. Subtext and Tellagami are two amazing free apps that can expand the way you discover information about each student’s reading comprehension. By using their combined power, students can produce and publish valuable information about their reading comprehension to help their teachers better understand them as learners.

First, begin with the Subtext App. Subtext is a collaborative reading app - also available a online at - that allows students to collaboratively read together. After you have downloaded the app, sign in using either a Gmail or Edmodo account. 5 Apps to Use with Evernote to Be a Better Student. Luvallisia kuvia opetuskäyttöön.

Somea kehiin!

Ääntä verkkoon - Someopaste. Ääni rikastaa verkkoaineistoja. Osa ihmisistä oppii hyvin kuuntelemalla. Ääni on myös helppo ottaa mukaan mobiililaitteeseen ja kuunnella liikkeellä ollessa. Älypuhelimet ovat erityisen hyviä äänen taltiointiin, sillä puhelimina niiden mikrofonien laatu on kohdallaan. Two Fun and Free Fractions Games for Your Students’ iPads. Fractions lessons can be fun with these two free iPad apps that I tried this morning.

Chicken Coop Fractions is a fun game in which students have to select the decimal equivalents of the fractions shown on their screens. If they choose the correct decimal equivalent, the chicken egg will safely land in the nest. If students choose the incorrect decimal equivalent, the chicken egg splats outside of the nest. The game contains seven progressively more difficult levels for students to work through. 20 iPad Apps to Showcase Students Learning. KUVIEN KANS - MEDIAKASVATUSTA JA VERKON ILMIÖITÄ. Top 5 iPad Apps that Inspire Design in Education. The iPad is a device that inherently inspires creativity. With its large, yet handheld screen and new 3.1 million pixel retina display that brilliantly showcases colors, crisp fonts, and detailed videos, it’s a dream for anyone obtaining an education.

From elementary school children, to students studying for their Masters degree its no wonder that the iPad has become a key tool in many classrooms across multiple educational echelons. As design-related degrees and professions become increasingly necessary in today’s digital job market, it is more important than ever to inspire both those imparting and obtaining an education to integrate more design material, apps, and activities into their daily routines. With these five applications available for iPad, introducing beautiful design and inspiring creativity among students of all ages is something any educator can do. 1- (freemium) With over 187,000 users, is a way to virtually collaborate, creatively. This App Teaches Kids To Code By Letting Them Make Their Own Games. A common (if pat) critique of video games is that they stifle rather than inspire creativity in children.

Never mind that just the opposite might be true—that young gamers are often just as if not more creative than non-gamers. iPadin käyttöönotto - Tampereen normaalikoulu. 10 Great iPad Apps to Enhance Students Creativity. How Teachers Are Hacking Their Own Digital Textbooks. March’s issue of Wired Magazine included a fascinating interview* with Clayton Christensen, Business professor at Harvard University and author of several books, including The Innovator’s Dilemma and Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovations Will Change the Way the World Learns . Since these books were published, the world of education has seen an influx of technology with tablets leading the way. While it’s difficult to know exactly how many schools have deployed 1 to 1 initiatives, one thing remains certain: there were will be more schools with 1 to 1 technology disrupting the classroom tomorrow than there are today. The disruptive device of choice these days seems to be the iPad.

Perhaps you’ve seen one of the gazillion articles written about how iPads are disrupting the learning environment. 1:1 Learning Technology and iPad Articles by James Bowkett. There is a lot of talk about VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments) around on Twitter and the Web at the moment. What is all the fuss about? Just a quick article to put down my thoughts about VLEs which are difficult in tweets. I love innovation, new ideas, new learning, new technology and the harnessing of all three together. I have led IT strategy, learning and infrastructure for 15 years and have introduced my share of technology into education over the years. However, I never introduce anything just because it has been invented, and certainly not simply because everyone else seems to think that it is a good idea.

What is a VLE? Over the last few years, things have moved on significantly; Google documents, drives, Apps, etc., Dropbox and all equivalent copies, new collaborative Web developments which are changing every month if not more rapidly. Ilo2012 twittermaailman ipad herkut. Story Creator – Create Your Own Narrated Picture Books on Your iPad. Last week I attended one of Kathy Schrock’s excellent presentations about teaching with iPads. Book Study-Fourth Grade - Bridge Point Elementary Educational Technology Department. Ten reasons the iPad is an awesome tool for classrooms and education. The ability to work with iPads right on the desks of students makes them a powerful classroom tool. Over the past couple of years, I have had the awesome opportunity as a principal and teacher to be part of a school that adopted iPads on a 1:1 device to student ratio.

I went into the program unsure if iPads would be as effective of a classroom device as traditional laptops, but have become convinced that the iPad offers more for classrooms than traditional desktop or laptop computers. Here are the ten reasons I why I have found iPads to be the perfect classroom tool. iPad.