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Teacher's Toolbox. Speaking activities. Writing. Reading. Anagram spelling game: ar words: a starter list. ESL jobs & occupations. Resume. CSWE. Selection of ESL Sites. Ninemsn Homepage - Hotmail, Messenger, News, Sport & More.

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Fun Kids games. Reader's Workshop. This website is designed and maintained by Karen A.

Reader's Workshop

McDavid © 2004. Ideas, content, activities, and documents for this website are copyrighted by Karen A. McDavid and should not be copied or downloaded without permission. All graphics seen throughout this website should not be removed, copied, or downloaded. You may download the banner below with a link back to this site. Esol. Technology. Free Technology Tools for Teachers. 21st Century learning. Website Tools. Good websites. All Things Topics - Home.

Easy Things for Beginners (Interesting Things for ESL Students) ESL PowerPoint Lessons,PowerPoint Games, PPT for teaching English vocabulary.

INTERACTIVE Whiteboard resources

Top 20 Websites No Teacher Should Start the 2010-2011 Year Without. I have to tell you that it was a tough call to make these decisions, especially when we’re talking every teacher no matter what grade level or subject, but I hope that you find a couple of gems to put away in your virtual treasure box.

Top 20 Websites No Teacher Should Start the 2010-2011 Year Without

You may have others you’d like to add to the list. Please post them in the comments for all of us to explore. A great photo editing tool is a must for teachers and I recommend Aviary, LunaPic, Picnik, or BeFunky with some being simpler than others, but all having unique features. Explore all the tools and choose the best option for your skill level.


Grammar. Online WhiteBoards. Breaking News English Lessons: ESL Plans Teaching Current Events. Getting started. Numeracy and Maths. Shopping. Technology in Education. SOSE. Dictionaries. Boyanboyanov. Copyright free images, sounds & music. Elcohslibrary. ESL Resources. Coupons For Teachers. Gkl0201. Myroslava. ESL. Christmas interactive games. The house. Christmas. Songs. Teaching. Technology. Help in English. Getting started. Pearltrees videos. English Conversations. Englisch. The iPad Guide - How to Get the Most Out of the iPad. When the iPad was released, Steve Jobs called it "magical".

The iPad Guide - How to Get the Most Out of the iPad

And in many ways, he was right. The iPad is a great device capable of doing everything from streaming movies to entertaining you with great games to becoming your digital library to simply letting you surf the web on your couch. Unfortunately, one of it's magical qualities isn't to instantly allow you to know all of the great ways to use the device. This iPad guide will teach you everything from how to go about picking out the right iPad to the basics of how to go about using it to how to get the most out of it.

Did you know you can hook the iPad up to your HDTV and watch streaming movies on the big screen? How to Buy an iPad Perhaps the most important thing this iPad guide can teach you is how to go about buying an iPad. Getting Started With the iPad If you are a new owner unfamiliar with Apple's iOS devices, it's okay to feel a little lost. Getting the Most Out of the iPad A Parent's Guide to the iPad The Best iPad Apps. Interactive Whiteboard Resources.

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Grammar,Vocabulary ESL Worksheets,Printables,Tests,Puzzles. Songs and Music. Applications. Fabianbernal. Computer savvy. Hello20comenius. Forskjellige undervisningsideer. Level 2. Elementary Vocabulary. Zhaochen3315. Vlastag. Debbee357. English as a Second Language Lesson plans & ideas for teachers: eslflow index & home page. English as a second langouage. English Speaking and conversation practice and activities for ESL students and teachers. provides thousands of free resources and information for both students and teachers.

English Speaking and conversation practice and activities for ESL students and teachers

All materials are organized by skill level for quick and easy access, Just click on a link to get started. ESL Students learn how to use greetings in English in this video. is the world's largest collection of ESL learning resources including, games, videos, lessons, worksheets and quizzes. Visit us today at Speech is the vocalized form of human communication. Hallmarks of Bad Parenting that are Actually Good For Kids... Destination impossible instructions game.

Free File Converter Add-on. Online Tools. Hartledistancelearning - home. The Definition Of Digital Literacy. The Definition Of Digital Literacy by Terry Heick When we think of digital literacy, we usually think of research–finding, evaluating, and properly crediting digital sources.

The Definition Of Digital Literacy

The “research” connotation makes sense, as it is the sheer volume of sources and media forms on the “internet” that stand out. But we are living in a world where the internet is disappearing, replaced by sheer connectivity. Digital Literacy. Game-based learning. Study Proves Why We Need Digital Literacy Education. A few months ago, the Internet buzzed with the results of a study comparing students' note-taking on computers versus note-taking with paper and pen.

Study Proves Why We Need Digital Literacy Education

In the article, authors Pam A. Mueller and Daniel M. TEFL resources and lesson ideas. English Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Activities, Games, Puzzles -Simple ESL. - ESL teaching materials - English g... My English Printable Worksheets. ESL-Kids - Flashcards, Worksheets, Games and Songs. ESL Teacher Resources, Job Boards, and Worksheets.

5000 free printable pages and work...