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Fin de la confrontation entre Dominique Strauss-Kahn et Tristane Banon. Dominique Strauss-Kahn a été confronté pendant plus de deux heures, jeudi 29 septembre au matin, à Tristane Banon, qui l'accuse de tentative de viol en 2003.

Fin de la confrontation entre Dominique Strauss-Kahn et Tristane Banon

Un face-à-face que la romancière a vivement souhaité, concernant des faits que l'ex-patron du FMI qualifie d'"imaginaires". Les deux protagonistes sont restés sur leurs positions et ont maintenu leurs versions des faits. "DSK est resté sur sa position et elle aussi", a déclaré Me Henri Leclerc, un des avocats de l'ancien directeur du FMI. L'homme de loi s'est refusé à donner tout autre détail sur cette confrontation d'environ deux heures. Interrogé sur des remords qu'aurait pu exprimer son client, il a répondu : "Il n'a aucune raison de s'excuser.

" Quant à Tristane Banon, elle devrait s'exprimer sur le plateau du journal de 20 heures de TF1 ce soir. The Box Blog - Read about new features, interviews and more. Last Updated August 2, 2010 1.

The Box Blog - Read about new features, interviews and more

Definitions "Account(s)" means a storage account for use of the Box Solution. An Account may include individual Subaccounts as set forth in the Agreement. Additional Fees means any amounts chargeable in excess of the Fees and payable by the Enterprise Customer to the Licensor for the creation of additional accounts, extra storage space, additional upgrades from time to time. "Administrator(s)" means an individual person assigned by Enterprise Customer as a primary manager for the Management Console.

Agreement. Raises $48 Million Series D. Cloud collaboration and management company announced Thursday that it has closed a $48 million Series D investment round. Raises $48 Million Series D

Meritech Capital Partners led the round, which included previous investors Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Scale Venture Partners and U.S. Venture Partners. New investors included Andreessen Horowitz and Emergence Capital Partners. We spoke with's co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie about the new round and what the company plans to do with the money. In short, the goal is to use the additional funding to make Box a real competitor in the enterprise software space. Investing in Infrastructure. What if any are the benefits to Egnyte's cloud storage service V.S. or Dropbox. What valuation did receive on its $48 million round. Raises $15 Million To Take On Microsoft SharePoint In The Cloud. Upgrades Personal And Business Data Plans To Include More Storage In The Cloud. Cloud-based storage and sharing application is making a big data storage upgrade to its free and paid plans today. Upgrades Personal And Business Data Plans To Include More Storage In The Cloud

The company is increasing the data storage amounts for its personal, business, and enterprise plans. Box’s personal subscription plans now come with 5GB of free web storage. Box’s business plan is being adjusted slightly so that companies don’t pay by the individual user (businesses were given 15GB per users previously). Now businesses will automatically receive 500GB of data storage, tripling the amount of storage the average business subscriber has access to. Enterprise customers will have access to an unlimited amount of data storage,, says’s CEO Aaron Levie, allowing companies to manage terabytes of data in the cloud (Box charges enterprise customers $35 per user per month). To accommodate these changes, Box has built two enterprise-grade data centers, and received SAS 70 Type II certification. Enterprise Cloud Storage Platform Raises $48M From Andreessen Horowitz And Others. Cloud storage and collaboration startup has raised $48 million in new funding led by Meritech Capital Partners with Andreessen Horowitz, Emergence Capital Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Scale Venture Partners and US Venture Partners.

Enterprise Cloud Storage Platform Raises $48M From Andreessen Horowitz And Others

This brings the company’s total funding to $78 million. Over the past four years, Box has evolved from a simple cloud storage platform to a collaborative enterprise offering with mobile and social capabilities. The company now stores 300 million documents on its platform (more than the Library Of Congress) and has accumulated 5 million users (up from 4 million last year). Enterprise customers include DreamWorks, Cisco and Dell and 60,000 other companies, or 73% of the Fortune 500, use Box to share, access and collaborate on business content online, as well as from iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

In fact, Box has seen 400,000 downloads for its iOS and Android apps. So how is Box performing in terms of sales? Hottest Silicon Valley Companies. lands in Boston with $48M to burn. engineering manager Jeff Seibert. lands in Boston with $48M to burn

A week after landing a $48 million round of venture capital, started hiring in Boston. The Palo Alto, Calif., provider of web-based storage and collaboration services is establishing a research and development unit in Cambridge’s Central Square. The outpost is currently home to two engineers, said engineering manager Jeff Seibert, but that number could grow to as many as 15. “We’re structuring this office as sort of an R&D group,” Seibert said. “It’s going to be more longer-term projects that don’t fit into our weekly release cycle.”

A Stanford University graduate in 2008, Seibert worked on his own startup, Increo, developing document preview software. “It’s very hard to hire out in Silicon Valley,” he said. Hiring began with postings on the startup job service Greenhorn Connect for a developer versed in Apple Inc.’s developer framework, Cocoa, and a web engineer. Boston is a “fantastic city” for tech and startups, Seibert said. Online file sharing, content management, collaboration.