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Homemade Raw Vegetable Dip: The Green Goddess. [M]y husband’s family is in town visiting us this week, and I am in the kitchen busy preparing for our guests!

Homemade Raw Vegetable Dip: The Green Goddess

Providing nutritious, seasonal foods for my family is something that I take great pride in…and visitors are treated no different. In wishing to welcome them — after their long day of traveling — with a refreshing mid-afternoon snack, we created this Green Goddess Raw Vegetable Dip, served alongside fresh seasonal veggies from our CSA farm. Fried Dill Pickles. Drain the juice from the pickle jar and refill the jar with the garlic powder, hot sauce, and buttermilk.

Fried Dill Pickles

Marinate the pickles for at least 30 minutes. In a Dutch oven over medium-high heat, heat the oil to 350 degrees F. Thousand Dollar Bars: King Arthur Flour. Honey Mustard Chicken with Bacon and Mushrooms. “This is probably my favorite way to eat chicken.”

Honey Mustard Chicken with Bacon and Mushrooms

That’s a quote from my husband the last time I made Honey Mustard Chicken with Bacon and Mushrooms for dinner. Marinate some chicken breasts in honey, mustard, and lemon, then top with bacon, mushrooms and cheese… How could that go wrong? 10 Ingredients to Make From Scratch. 100 Ways to Cook... Dreaming of Poultry. Cake Batter Truffles. Do you remember when Cold Stone first came out with cake batter flavored ice cream?

Cake Batter Truffles

Did you know my husband is the one that came up with the idea? When we walked into waffle cone smelling Cold Stone and saw that they had cake battered flavored ice cream he said, “They stole my idea!” Back in 2005, I was nine months pregnant with our first son working full time in Provo while John was staying with my family in Arizona training for football, trying to make it to the next level. I was a little bummed with the situation. —