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Storyboarding & the art of finding your story. Storyboarding as we know it may have been pioneered by filmmakers and animators, but we can use many of the same concepts in the development of other forms of storytelling including keynote presentations or short-form presentations such as those made at TED or at conferences, pecha kucha nights, and so so.

Storyboarding & the art of finding your story

The storyboard process allows you to flesh out themes and look for patterns as you apply your creativity toward presenting your content in a structured yet engaging way. Storyboarding is a great way to begin to visualize the story of your content. What can Pixar teach us about storyboarding? Ever since Pixar made it big with Toy Story in 1995, they have been generous in sharing the "secrets" of their story design and their story process for the world to see. Even if you are not interested in becoming an animator or a filmmaker, the lessons and inspiration one can get from studying the Pixar methods can be a huge help in your work. It goes back to Walt Disney. Mind Mapping for Business Executives and Trainers. Power Mapping - Is Mind Mapping a serious tool?

Mind Mapping for Business Executives and Trainers

Here Clive Lewis, MD of Illumine Training, highlights the techniques that make Mind Mapping especially valuable for business executives and trainers alike. We all live with pressure at work but what would you give for a tool that could improve your project management, that could bring your presentations to life, that could help you with information overload? Sounds unlikely? Well then you need to find out about Mind Mapping which promises all this and more. So what are Mind Maps®? Mind Maps have been defined as an expression of ‘radiant thinking’ – the natural way in which the human mind works. Let me start with a simple example. These first thoughts are what are called Basic Ordering Ideas (BOIs) and each of these will stimulate more ideas. This approach provides us with our foundations for Mind Mapping. So the next question is to ask how we can use Mind Mapping in our work. Applying the map So does this relate to training and learning? How Language Shapes Your Organization - Kevin Allen.

By Kevin Allen | 7:00 AM July 24, 2012 Cultural permission is the tone, attitude and language that emanates from the executive suite.

How Language Shapes Your Organization - Kevin Allen

It is a mantra, expressed in oft-used catch phrases and philosophies that move like waves through the organization. They get adopted and interpreted as actions to be followed. They become part of everyday lexicon and cultural idioms that people hear coming from the highest levels, and form a platform for what the organization believes and expects of its people.

“Get it done!” As a former New Yorker, now a London resident, it has been nearly impossible to avoid the drama of News Corporation’s phone hacking scandal, which has shuttered a more than 100-year-old newspaper and, even as of this writing, has executives and politicians alike running for cover. Take Enron, for example. The Power of the Spoken Word One of my greatest mentors said to me upon being awarded my first real management role, “Well kid, welcome to the club.


2000+ Free Powerpoint Templates PPT and Free PowerPoint Backgrounds. Storytelling TIps from Pixar. This post was written by Scott Schwertly Scott is the Founder and CEO of Ethos3.

Storytelling TIps from Pixar

Basically, we love everything that comes out of Pixar, the production company started by Steve Jobs in 1986. Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Cars, WALL-E, the Toy Story movies and more of our favorites were created from the minds of those working at Pixar. Recently Emma Coats, a former Pixar storyboard artist, compiled a list on Twitter (@lawnrocket) of things that she learned from her time working at Pixar. Most of it is poignant advice from which we can derive some tips for storytelling in our presentations. “You gotta keep in mind what’s interesting to you as an audience, not what’s fun to do as a writer.

This is absolutely essential advice to keep in mind as you create each part of your presentation. “Simplify. Again, this advice is very important for any presenter. “Pull apart the stories you like. Presentation Magazine.