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Email Marketing. User Testing. 11 Responsively Designed Nonprofit Websites to Study and Learn From. With 51% of Facebook’s referral traffic now coming from mobile and more than two-third’s of Twitter users being mobile, many nonprofits are finally starting to come to the realization that their social media campaigns are doomed unless they embrace a mobile-first approach to online communications and fundraising.

11 Responsively Designed Nonprofit Websites to Study and Learn From

Your nonprofit must now assume that the majority of website and blog content you share on social networks is being read on a mobile device and if that content is not mobile compatible, then any attempt to inspire a followerer or fan to donate or get more involved will fail. The easiest way to ensure that your website and blog are mobile compatible is to embrace responsive design. As a follow-up list from last year’s 7 Responsively Designed Nonprofit Websites to Study and Learn From, below is a new selection of 11 exceptional, responsively designed nonprofit websites. Pay particular attention Heifer International. Their new site is gorgeous. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


Multimedia. Social. Marketing Strategy. Using One of the most difficult decisions for a startup is determining when your product is good enough to drive sustainable, scalable customer growth.


Trying to scale too early can easily kill your startup. Given the emotional roller coaster of being a founder, the decision can easily be swayed by your mood on a given day., which was developed in collaboration with KISSmetrics, was designed to give you an objective metric that removes emotion from the scaling decision while also giving you other important qualitative information. The key question on the survey is: How would you feel if you could no longer use [product]? Very disappointedSomewhat disappointedNot disappointed (it isn’t really that useful)N/A – I no longer use [product] If you find that over 40% of your users are saying that they would be “very disappointed” without your product, there is a great chance you can build sustainable, scalable customer acquisition growth on this “must have” product.

Pick-up Line Tips (for Reporters) When you’re trying to meet a potential mate, date, friend, or luge partner, the first impression matters.

Pick-up Line Tips (for Reporters)

And as anyone who’s been in this biz for a while knows, working with reporters isn’t all that different from navigating a crowded bar scene. Your first impression has the potential to make or break the relationship, the difference between the warm embrace of extensive coverage and lonely nights shut out of the news. And that means subject lines are critical. A reporter at Politico recently bemoaned the state of her inbox on the night of the State of the Union. Her biggest gripe? As members of “Washington’s PR-industrial complex,” even we have to admit this is ridiculous. Unfortunately for journalists and for nonprofit communications officers trying to get noticed, the volume of email that reporters receive will never go down.

5 Stages in the Digital Marketing Funnel. I ran into this colorful infographic depicting the digital marketing funnel the other day and thought I’d share it with you.

5 Stages in the Digital Marketing Funnel

That said, I shared this more because it’s colorful than the uniqueness of the content. In fact, the content is very similar to the existing marketing funnel. The article containing this inforgraphic, however, is really GREAT stuff and a must read for folks doing social media marketing as it describes using Google Analytics to monitor movement down the funnel to maximize your ROI.

Personally, I feel my own infographic on the social media hierarchy of effects reflecting the social nature of social media marketing is a much better conceptualization of the digital marketing funnel — without the over-emphasis on the sales aspect of the funnel. 5 Stages of the Digital Marketing Funnel Exposure All versions of the marketing funnel start with awareness, since you can’t do anything until consumers become aware of your brand.


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Selecting keywords for your PPC or search advertising can be overwhelming for any local business running their own advertising.

PPC: 7 Basic Tips for Choosing Good Keywords for your Search Advertising

How long should your search keywords be? Should they be broad or specific? Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing vs.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing [Infographic] The Web has empowered consumers in many ways, giving them new methods for finding, researching, and buying products. Marketing communication as a two-way dialogue emerged in response to these changes in behavior. People no longer rely solely on TV/newspaper/magazine ads, billboards, direct mail, email, banner ads, and other traditional outbound marketing channels to learn about new products. These methods are now viewed as too intrusive, especially among younger consumers who regularly tune out the tactics.