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Room Escape Game [Sphere] Room Escape Game [Sphere] Point and click to explore the room, find hidden items and solve riddles. You can change viewpoint with clicking the triangle button that appear on the room. [ About item ] The items which you found are added to item list, you can use them by clicking. The item detail window appear by clicking loope mark on the item list, you can check the item closely and operate it.
Vampire Physics
Clueless Crosswords - By Puzzle Baron If you love to solve clueless crosswords, you've come to the right place! We've got thousands and thousands of unique clueless crosswords ready and waiting to be solved. Feel free to play casually as a guest, or, if you're a more competitive sort, register a free account and be automatically entered in each of our monthly solving competitions! A clueless crossword is in many ways very similar to a regular crossword. It consists of a grid of black and white squares, and the player must enter valid words or terms into the white squares so that all words going across and down are valid. Unlike a regular crossword, there are no clues for each word. Clueless Crosswords - By Puzzle Baron
Angry Birds Chrome
Interlocked Games
Otomata Otomata New! If you like Otomata, check out my new instrument Circuli by clicking here! Update: Click here to get Otomata for your iPhone / iPod / iPad!
Circle The Cat Game :: Original
a Trippy illusion