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Believe! I have the blessing to be part of a great organization inside of the church I belong to; called Young Women.


The theme for the girls {age 12 to 17} this year is “believe”. Bow Belt. We're always looking for fun ways to add embellishments and touches of color to our outfits especially in the winter when we tend to get bored with everything and anything.

Bow Belt

With bows being fiercely back in style, what better way than with a bright bow belt! You can pick any color for this but we'd recommend something solid and cotton. Make It: Glittery Gold Bow Clutch. Those who know me know that I adore all things glittery.

Make It: Glittery Gold Bow Clutch

Take the two pieces of felt (yellow would be best, but I only had grey) and glue them together, overlapping the long sides by a couple of millimeters. Now you have a rectangle that's wider than it's long. Fold it length-wise into thirds: And glue the long edges to each other down, overlapping them a bit. Now you have a felt tube with a seam down the middle: Now fold your tube so that the ends of the tube meet in the middle: Glue the ends down.

Take your small piece of felt: And fold it length-wise into a little tube, overlapping the edges a bit, gluing them down: Flip over the big rectangle and scrunch the middle of it into a bow shape: Wrap the tube, seam side down, around the middle of the bow. Now you have a felt bow! Mark a little square (about 1.5x1.5 inches) in the middle of the front of your clutch: Add in an equal amount of Mod Podge. Mix well with the brush, making sure to get all the dry glitter at the bottom of the container: Pattern: Puff Stitch Scarf. My mom absolutely loved the beautiful puff stitches of the crocheted slouchy beanies I made for myself and my brother and sister.

Pattern: Puff Stitch Scarf

Because my mom does not wear hats, she asked if I could make her a scarf using puff stitches! I thought this was a great idea as I loved the texture and staggered rows of these stitches, so I knew that a scarf using them would turn out beautifully! My mom and I went to Michaels together to pick out the yarn for her scarf. One of our biggest pet peeves is “itchy” material for scarves and sweaters: we went down the aisles in search of soft yarn that would not irritate the skin.

Eight Petal Flower Bead Ring Tutorial. When I was in junior high, I went to the mall and saw a beaded flower bracelet that I fell in love with.

Eight Petal Flower Bead Ring Tutorial

It was about ten dollars, so it was out of my budget. I remember going to check it out everyday because I thought it was so cool, but knowing that I didn't have the money to buy it. I would carefully examine the bracelet, trying to figure out how it was made, then run home and try to replicate it. One day I finally prevailed and was able to figure it out. Diy {bird nest necklace} DIY Braided Bead Bracelet. It’s been awhile since our last bracelet DIY.

DIY Braided Bead Bracelet

I don’t know about you, but our wrists have been begging for another colorful addition for months now. So after playing with some materials that were already on hand, we’ve created a tutorial for a braided bead bracelet, which is a not so distant cousin of the hex nut and wrap bracelet. Because honestly, you can never have too many . . . You’ll need: Cut the waxed linen cord into a 26″ and 19″ piece. Tie a knot about half an inch down from the loops. Start braiding the strands. Push the bead against the base of the braid, and cross the left strand over the middle. DIY Zipper Headband. I guess this is a week of headbands. ;) Have you ever stopped to think about what a cool gadget the zipper is?

DIY Zipper Headband

You can close things with one hand, they make a funny noise, they have "teeth"... Zippers are such a fun material to use in crafty things, and I can't believe that I never thought to wear one as a headband before. (I did make shoe flowers out of zippers a couple years ago, but then I've also tried to make everything into a flower.) :) Articles: DIY: Walnut Heart Necklace — By Johnie Gall — Foam Magazine Articles. Erica and Lauren are a designer and stylist who always have our crafting fingers itching to recreate the fun and easy DIY projects posted on their blog, Honestly...WTF.

Articles: DIY: Walnut Heart Necklace — By Johnie Gall — Foam Magazine Articles

For Valentine's Day, they volunteered to show us how to make an organic DIY gift you can give to anyone (or stash away for yourself!) Easy Button Earrings Tutorial - StumbleUpon. Did you know...that you can make new earrings with a button and a paperclip?

Easy Button Earrings Tutorial - StumbleUpon

True story! I've been trying to think of a way for us to make some earrings without having to buy supplies. Buying the beads and all the findings can really add up. Doily canvas bag} & - StumbleUpon. Thankfully everyone seems to be making a switch from plastic to lasting when it comes to shopping bags, so here’s another fun little tutorial on customizing one to make it oh so cute.

doily canvas bag} & - StumbleUpon

You might notice a lot of doilies in my recent diy projects. Knot Tote Tutorial. I guess I figure if I am going to be going on a brief Maternity Leave soon, I might as well leave with a BANG! So I am hitting you up with some awesome tutorials I have had sitting on my backlog pile this week, and a couple next week as well! We started off the week with the Pipe Dreams dress, then moved onto watercolor fabric at The Girl Creative, and now I give you this adorable knot tote which I am in love with! I was playing around with some fabric, trying to figure out the knot shirt which I love so much (I must have watched that YouTube video like 100 times, all to no avail).

So after what felt like hours of frustration, crumpled up paper, and ruined fabric, I came up with a much easier way to make this knot tote… This little bag will take you under a half an hour to make, and you will love the results! For your free tutorial and pattern pieces, click HERE. JCrew-Inspired Necklace Tutorial (and the Basics of... Here is my latest little jewelry love! It was inspired by this little pretty at JCrew: I thought it would be a perfect little necklace to introduce some of the basics of jewelry making to those of you who have been asking about that!

I'm sorry it's taken so long! Like any craft, there are endless tools, supplies, and techniques that can be used for jewelry making. But so far, I rarely use anything other than needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, and these few supplies; Chains and clasps: Delicious beads, and vintage buttons and pendants: And the "boring" hardware; Eyepins, headpins, and jumprings: Bohemian Leather Button Cuff. I have jars of buttons all over my studio and I’m always brainstorming different unique ways to use them. I recently ordered some leather cuffs from Dharma Trading and thought the buttons would be a great way to embellish them. These leather blank cuffs are a great base for a project since the hardware is already attached. Maegan: D&G Jewel Embellished Shoes DIY Fashion+Home+Lifestyle. * Katie Holmes + In Style Magazine Editorial + August 2011 wearing Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2011 jeweled silk embroidery pumps price upon request. * Suede pumps …fabric will do as well.

These fabrics will hold glue the best. 10 Awesome Jewelry Tutorials. By ashleyhackshaw | Need some new accessories or want to get started on your holiday gift list early? Vintage Wanna Bee: ANASTASIA: 'Disney' Princess Inspired Collection. So, Anastasia isn't a Disney movie... Oh well... :) "Heart don't fail me now, Courage don't desert me" "Just wishing I could do the job for you, sir. Craftaholics Anonymous™ Boden Boulevard Necklace Knockoff. Sweet & Skinny Ruffled Headband. Vintage Wanna Bee: ANTHRO INSPIRED NECKLACE TUTORIAL. DIY: How to Make a Glam Glitter Clutch. Diy {bird nest necklace} D.I.Y: Recycled T-Shirt Scarf // Gettin' Crafty! D.I.Y: Recycled T-Shirt Scarf 1} Gather a few old t-shirts you don't wear anymore; thrift them or buy new -- but choose thin, soft (preferably worn out) t-shirts.

Find two t-shirts of different colors that go well together. 2} Lay the shirt flat on the table or floor. 3} Cut 1 1/2 inch strips, remove the hemmed edges. Cut them as long as possible; I went from the bottom of the front of the shirt all the way to the end of the back on some pieces. 4} Cut off the sleeves of the shirt and save them for the end. 5} Organize the strips by length and gently pull on them. 6} NOW GET CREATIVE!

7} Tie together, trim ends, and wrap with the excess sleeve fabric you saved. Knotted Headband with tshirt yarn. "Summer Social" Guest Project — Make Embellished Resin Rings. Flax & twine: Day 3: Sparkle Headbands - a diy headband tutorial.