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8 tool per creare storie lunghe e immersive (The Next News) Wittgenstein, filosofo austriaco del XIX secolo, sosteneva che «I limiti del linguaggio significano i limiti del mondo».

8 tool per creare storie lunghe e immersive (The Next News)

Un assioma che il tempo non ha sbiadito e che oggi si ripresenta con una forza inaudita anche in ambito giornalistico. Nel nuovo millennio la natura del “cronista” è mutata in maniera rapidissima grazie ad alcuni fattori: la diffusione della rete e la possibilità di raggiungere chiunque, ovunque; l’allargamento del pubblico e del bacino di storie che possono essere raccontate; lo sviluppo di device sempre più smart e innovativi; la democratizzazione del mestiere e la partecipazione attiva di tutti al racconto della contemporaneità (il famoso citizen journalism).

Ma soprattutto è mutato (e continua a mutare) il linguaggio con cui raccontare queste storie. Anzi, più precisamente, i linguaggi. Così la figura “classica” del giornalista è diventata opaca, perdendo autorità e competitività. Si parte da strumenti che permettono di raccontare long-stories. 1) Medium 3) Racontr. Content Writing Services: The Ultimate List.

One of the top challenges in the world of content marketing is creating enough content to provide value for your audience and keeping readers engaged.

Content Writing Services: The Ultimate List

To solve this problem, content marketers are employing a variety of techniques. In fact, our recent research of over 600 marketers says that leading content marketers are using a mix of 65 percent created content and 25 percent curated content. Content curation is a great way to publish high quality, relevant content on a consistent basis. However, content curation should not stand alone. Created content is a crucial element to any content marketing strategy. In organizations that have a limited staff and budget, content creation often falls by the wayside or in the lap of marketers who already have their plates full. So what to do if hiring an in-house content team is out of your budget? 12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing.

By Johnny Webber 1.

12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing – A different kind of thesaurus. 2. – One quick dictionary search tool. 3. 53+ Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts. Update – we launched Pablo a new tool to create beautiful images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds You can use Pablo right from the get-go, no need to login or create an account. Just quickly create amazing images super fast. You can try out the first version of Pablo right now – no login required.

Just head to and give it a try! We’d love to hear your thoughts about Pablo on Twitter, just hit us up @buffer and hope it makes creating images for your social media posts much easier for you. Ok, back to the blogpost! Here on the Buffer blog, we think a lot about visual content. We’ve shared our own study on the importance of images in Twitter posts for more social sharing. But there’s one question we get asked quite often: Where can you find free, good quality images that are cleared to use for your blog posts or social media content? It’s a question with a lot of different answers and caveats. 6 Simple Photo Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals. Are you including images in your social media content?

6 Simple Photo Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals

Looking for easy-to-use tools to help you create images for your content strategy? If the idea of using Photoshop makes your head spin or hiring a graphic designer isn’t an option, there are many easy-to-use, low-cost alternatives available to you to create social media graphics. In this article, I’ll show you 6 easy tools that will help you create compelling graphics for social media. #1: Use PicMonkey’s Online Photo Editor to Take Your Images From Good to Glorious PicMonkey‘s free option has a wide variety of frames, special effects and font types to choose from. With a touch of a button, you can crop and resize your photo, and add text to your images. Choose from a wide variety of free fonts on PicMonkey to create appealing images like this one with PicMonkey. The paid option offers additional features that include more frames and photo effects. Crowdsourced Content: Beyond Creation and Curation. How To Write A Press Release.

Find out about our PR service focused on tech startups.

How To Write A Press Release

It’s 1-3% the cost of traditional PR firms and completely performance based. More information is HERE One of the most important elements to building a PR strategy is feeling empathy for reporters. Once you grasp how the average publication finds ideas for articles, you can more effectively connect with the media. Although reporters do find story ideas through research, personal connections, and niche websites, a high percentage of story ideas come from press releases. 1. With Press Releases, it is important to: - Define the story: Why is this story relevant and worthy of discussion?

2. If you decide to write a press release, the first step is to determine what your story will be. Online ad network Rocket Fuel announced today that it has raised $6.6 million in funding. How To Write A Press Release. Daily Writing Tips. MultiVu Digital Center.