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How to Turn a USB Stick into an Ultra Portable PC. 3 maneiras de detectar arquivos duplicados no seu computador. Com a popularização dos SSDs, espaço de armazenamento voltou a ser uma preocupação para muitos usuários de PCs e notebooks. E, por isso, programas dedicados a encontrar arquivos duplicados na memória dos dispositivos também voltaram a se popularizar. Afinal, não faz sentido ocupar o pouco espaço que você tem com dois arquivos idênticos. De fato, encontrar e deletar os arquivos duplicados pode ser uma boa opção para liberar um pouco de espaço no seu HD ou SSD. Pensando nisso, elencamos abaixo três maneiras diferentes de detectar arquivos duplicados em seu sistema. Elas exigem que você instale programas, mas eles são geralmente leves e não devem ocupar tanto espaço assim. Usando o CCleaner Como muitas pessoass já têm a versão grátis do CCleaner instalado, essa acaba sendo a maneira mais conveniente de se encontrar arquivos duplicados. Finda a busca, o programa mostrará todos os arquivos idênticos dos quais você tem mais de uma cópia no PC.

Usando o Duplicate File Finder. Windows Admin: Using Event Viewer to Troubleshoot Problems. In today’s edition of Geek School, we’re going to teach you how to use Event Viewer to troubleshoot problems on your PC and understand what is going on under the hood. The biggest problem with Event Viewer is that it can be really confusing – there are a lot of warnings, errors, and informational messages, and without knowing what it all means, you can assume (incorrectly) that your computer is broken or infected when there’s nothing really wrong. In fact, the tech support scammers are using Event Viewer as part of their sales tactic to convince confused users that their PC is infected with viruses. They walk you through filtering by only critical errors and then act surprised that all you are seeing are critical errors. Learning how to use and understand Event Viewer is a critical skill for figuring out what is going on with a PC, and troubleshooting problems.

Understanding the Interface Just remember that the Event ID is unique… for each application. 20 registry hacks to make your PC more awesome. Right-clicking on everything is a good way to learn about hidden Windows functionality. Exploring the lesser-known Control Panel applets is another useful technique, and browsing the command line applications in Windows' System32 folder can be interesting. But let's be realistic. There's nothing that quite compares to the Registry. It's packed with useful settings that can improve performance, fix security holes and change even the most fundamental Windows behaviour for the better. And many of these features simply can't be accessed in any other way.

If you're not cautious, you could cause more problems than you solve. 1. If strangers have physical access to your PC, it's easy for them to plug in a USB flash drive and make copies of your data. Go to 'HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies', create a DWORD value called 'WriteProtect' and set it to 1. 2. Windows Vista's User Account Control raises so many alerts that many people just turn it off. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The 50 Best Registry Hacks that Make Windows Better. We’re big fans of hacking the Windows Registry around here, and we’ve got one of the biggest collections of registry hacks you’ll find. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of the top 50 registry hacks that we’ve covered. It’s important to note that you should never hack the registry if you don’t know what you’re doing, because your computer will light on fire and some squirrels may be injured.

Also, you should create a System Restore point before doing so. Otherwise, keep reading. Prevent Windows Update from Forcibly Rebooting Your Computer We’ve all been at our computer when the Windows Update dialog pops up and tells us to reboot our computer. There’s a couple of ways that we can disable this behavior, however. Prevent Windows Update from Forcibly Rebooting Your Computer How to Clean Up Your Messy Windows Context Menu One of the most irritating things about Windows is the context menu clutter that you have to deal with once you install a bunch of applications.

Disable Aero Shake in Windows 7. Melhores desinstaladores para remover programas do seu PC | Listas. Ao desinstalar programas e aplicativos, o Painel de Controle do Windows nem sempre remove todos os componentes do arquivo — o que seria necessário para que o sistema operacional fique realmente limpo. Neste casos, a melhor atitude é valer-se de um desinstalador de programas que limpa todos os rastros.

Para ajudá-lo a escolher qual o melhor para a sua necessidade, veja abaixo uma lista com sete ótimas opções, cada um com características próprias. Como desativar o acesso ao registro do Windows Estes softwares especializados em desinstalar programas possuem funções únicas, que além de removerem os aplicativos do sistema operacional, cuidam para que não fique nenhum registro inválido. Alguns até mesmo caçam e limpam os atalhos ociosos que sobram no desktop.

Melhores desinstaladores para remover programas do seu PC (Foto: Carolina Ochsendorf/TechTudo)) 1. Revo Uninstaller é um dos mais completos (Foto: Reprodução) 2. GeekUninstaller é o menor de todos (Foto: Reprodução) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Ninite - Install or Update Multiple Apps at Once. Five Best System Rescue Discs. Why you shouldn’t run as admin… – Aaron Margosis' Non-Admin, App-Compat and Sysinternals WebLog. First, let’s define terms. This may be oversimplifying, but for the purpose of this discussion there are only two types of users: Administrators, and Users. They are essentially distinguished by membership in the “Administrators” and “Users” local groups. “Administrators” have complete and unrestricted access to the computer/domain. “Users” are prevented from making accidental or intentional system-wide changes. Narrowing down to two user types is not entirely arbitrary.

In fact, this is exactly how Windows XP Home Edition distinguishes users. OK, so if you are one of those people who is allowed (or required) to administer your own computer, why wouldn’t you just want to log on as an admin all the time? The #1 reason for running as non-admin is to limit your exposure. My #2 reason for running as non-admin applies to developers. My #3 reason applies just to Microsoft personnel, particularly those of us in customer-facing roles. Trinity Rescue Kit | CPR for your computer. All in One – System Rescue Toolkit – Paul Bryan Vreeland. Hello! I am Paul, the creator of the All in One – System Rescue Toolkit.

I hope that your experience with this free utility has been a positive one! This utility disc is designed to quickly and efficiently aid a technician with troubleshooting and repairing Windows based PCs. The All in One – System Rescue Toolkit is designed to work with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10. This utility is the result of many hours over several years worth of my personal time and effort. Latest Version: AiO-SRT_2017-05-26.iso (665 MB) MD5: 2e5a2b2343b4e1e46e839c50ffd8f4f1 SHA-1: 218d287a5eef70ef20308b057fa51aa0c0becdc1 Free Download BitTorrent If you do not have a BitTorrent client, I highly recommend using the lightweight Transmission BitTorrent client. Transmission BitTorrent Client for Windows 32-bit Transmission BitTorrent Client for Wndows 64-bit (Fastest) [Magnet URI] [Download .torrent] Torrent Hash: 2ff7b841c3353861afa6b45cc22eb8f54834169fSeeders: 50Leechers: 2 Direct Download Mirrors Live CD Yes. Yes! Asurion. What is Soluto? Unlike traditional support, you don’t have to call multiple numbers, be on hold or bounce around to different people.

From setup and troubleshooting, to discovering all your device’s amazing features, our tech experts help you unlock your device’s full potential – so you can be more productive and stay connected. What types of things can Soluto Tech Experts help me with? Soluto tech experts are trained to help you with your device and everything you connect your device to. Examples: Set up a new device – not sure how to get started? How do I reach a Soluto Tech Expert? There are two convenient ways to reach a live, onshore tech expert: Using the Soluto app’s instant access via click-to-call or click-to-chat featuresUsing your carrier support phone number What if I have more complicated issues with my phone that need to be resolved? Will I reach someone directly or sit in a phone queue? How many times can I call Soluto tech experts each week? As many as you like! Windows XP: Configurando a rede via linha de comando. Carlos E. Morimoto criou 22/jun/2006 às 12h10 Uma curiosidade no Windows XP é que toda a configuração da rede pode ser feita via linha de comando, através do prompt do MS-DOS, como no Linux.

Na prática, não existe nenhuma grande vantagem sobre configurar pelo Painel de controle, mas não deixa de ser um truque interessante, que vale à pena aprender. Ao configurar a rede via DHCP, você pode checar rapidamente qual endereço IP está sendo usado por cada micro usando o comando "ipconfig" dentro do prompt do MS-DOS: Para configurar a rede, especificando manualmente os endereços, você usaria: C:> netsh int ip set address name="Conexão Local" source=static 1 ... onde o "Conexão Local" é o nome da conexão de rede (da forma como aparece no painel de Conexões de rede do Painel de controle), seguido pelo endereço IP, máscara e gateway da rede.

Para configurar o DNS, você usaria: C:> netsh int ip set dns "Conexão Local" static Rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry. Published: April 17, 2012 Updated: April 17, 2012 Applies To: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista Automates many printer configuration tasks. Printui.dll is the executable file that contains the functions used by the printer configuration dialog boxes. Rundll32 printui.dll PrintUIEntry [BaseParameter] [ModificationParameter1] [ModificationParameter2] [ModificationParameterN] You can also use the following alternate syntaxes, although the examples in this topic use the previous syntax: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry [BaseParameter] [ModificationParameter1] [ModificationParameter2] [ModificationParameterN] rundll32 printui PrintUIEntry [BaseParameter] [ModificationParameter1] [ModificationParameter2] [ModificationParameterN] rundll32 printui,PrintUIEntry [BaseParameter] [ModificationParameter1] [ModificationParameter2] [ModificationParameterN] There are two types of parameters: base parameters and modification parameters.

Five free and reliable cloning tools. Image your drives for free with the help of one of these reliable tools. It's inevitable: At some point you're going to need to recover from a disaster. When this happens, if you happen to have a cloned image, the task will be far easier. But many budgets don't include the cost of some of the pricier cloning tools, like Acronis Backup and Restore. When you don't have the budget, what do you do? If you're lucky, you have access to one of the following free applications, all of which do an admirable job of cloning disks. Some of these apps are more powerful than others. Note: This list is also available as a photo gallery. 1: Clonezilla Clonezilla (Figure A) is one of my favorite cloning tools. Figure A Clonezilla 2: Macrium Reflect Free Edition Macrium Reflect Free Edition (Figure B) touts itself as one of the fastest disk cloning utilities available. Figure B Macrium Reflect Free Edition 3: DriveImage XML Figure C DriveImage XML 4: Runtime's Shadow Copy Figure D Runtime's Shadow Copy Figure E.

10 Linux rescue tools for recovering Linux, Windows, or Mac machines. Our consulting firm has had a rash of problems recently that required the help of Linux rescue tools. From corrupt partition tables to severely infected machines, Linux tools come in handy when the host system won't boot. But because of the plethora of tools available, it's sometimes tough to sift through the cruft and find the ones that are usable. So I decided to highlight some of the better tools. I hope one or two of them will find their way to your toolkit. Note: This article is also available as a PDF download. 1: Knoppix [UPDATE: New link] Knoppix is one of the better tools for rescuing data from sick machines. 2: Trinity Rescue Kit Trinity Rescue Kit might leave you wondering, "Why isn't this tool being developed faster and on a larger scale? 3: Avira AntiVir Avira AntiVir is a command-line antivirus tool that is fast, robust, and dependable. 4: GParted Live GParted Live is a live Linux distribution that allows you to manipulate partitions on a drive. 5: SystemRescueCd 8: Ddrescue.

Use the Recovery Drive Command Prompt to edit the registry or recover data. Access the Command Prompt from Windows 8's Recovery Drive and use it to recover data. Greg Shultz shows you how it works. In a recent series of blog posts, I showed you how to use the various tools on the Windows 8 Recovery Drive to revive an ailing Windows 8 installation. To refresh your memory here is a brief rundown on what I have covered so far: However, there is one more feature on the Recovery Drive that you can use to help you access and repair Windows 8 - the Command Prompt. From the Command Prompt, you'll find that there are numerous command line tools are at your disposal. In addition, the Recovery Drive Command Prompt allows you to run two GUI based applications: the Registry Editor, which you can use to edit the registry, and Notepad, which you can use to recover data. This blog post is also available as a TechRepublic Screenshot Gallery.

In this edition of the Windows Desktop Report, I'll show you how to access the Command Prompt from Windows 8's Recovery Drive. Figure A. 10 things you should do before, during, and after reinstalling Windows. There are some very good reasons why you might want to reinstall Microsoft Windows. Alan Norton documents the steps needed to properly reinstall Windows. There are some very good reasons why you might want to reinstall Microsoft Windows. Whether it is 2000, XP, or Vista, the registry can become corrupted or it can accumulate settings for programs long-since forgotten, leading to sluggish performance.

Or you can find yourself with a stubborn Trojan Horse. The only way to be 100 percent sure that you have rid yourself of some particularly nasty viruses is to reload Windows. I have wanted to document the steps needed to properly reinstall Windows for a long time now. Be sure to set aside a large block of time to do the reinstall. An OS reinstall is also a good time to decide to upgrade. This article focuses on Vista but the concepts apply to all versions of Window. When you run the Windows Vista set-up program, you will see a window with two options: Update and Custom (Advanced). 1. 2. 3. Seven Things Your IT Department Wishes You Knew About Tech Support. How to solve the 10 most common tech support problems yourself. Whether you’re dealing with your dad’s decade-old computer or your own custom-built gaming rig, troubleshooting PC problems is a part of everyday life.

Before you make that $50 support call, though, try your hand at homebrew tech support. We spoke to some of the best support reps in the business about the most common problems they fix—and how you can do it yourself. Try this first I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but before you do anything else, restart your computer. Matthew Petrie of Falcon Northwest technical support says that most of his customers solve their problems with this simple step. “This long-standing maxim can work wonders,” says Petrie. While you’re at it, make sure that your operating system is fully updated by running Windows Update. If you’re having problems with a peripheral, try switching it on and off. My computer is too slow The first step to fixing a slow computer is to verify that your machine is the actual source of the problem.

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