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Anarquismo coletivista. Anarquistas brasileiros.

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Quiet Rumours: Index. Quiet Rumours: an Anarcha-Feminist anthologypublished by Dark Star, Rebel Press Introduction The feminist movement that began in the late '60s developed its own organisational form and practice, at the heart of which lay the small group - for example for consciousness-raising - often composed of close friends.

Quiet Rumours: Index

From a base of thousands of such groups grew the larger, international movement. In its early years the feminist movement was notable for its absence of leaders (and led), its decentralism, its federalism - best witnessed in the thousands of magazines, newspapers and pamphlets that wove the movement together - its complete lack of dogma and its denial of any one ideology or line. The Anarchist Library. George Woodcock: The Anarchist of Cherry Street (1/3) George Woodcock page: anarchist, poet, literary critic; from the Daily Bleed's Anarchist Encyclopedia: A Gallery of Saints & Sinners; Labor, Radical, Poets, Anarchists, Anti-Authoritarians... George Woodcock was born May 8, 1912, in Winnipeg, Canada.

George Woodcock page: anarchist, poet, literary critic; from the Daily Bleed's Anarchist Encyclopedia: A Gallery of Saints & Sinners; Labor, Radical, Poets, Anarchists, Anti-Authoritarians...

Active in anarchist politics in the 1930s when his family returned to England from Canada to escape poverty. Home - George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Award. Portal Anarquista pelo apoio mútuo e pela autogestão. An Anarchist FAQ. Revolução dos Bichos - Animal Farm. TATICAS MILITARES PARA MANIFESTANTES. Learn about nonviolent conflict and civil resistance. Critiques Of Libertarianism. Established 10/25/94.

Critiques Of Libertarianism

Last updated 09/26/11. Welcome to the web site dedicated to critiquing libertarianism! Introductory features: A Non-Libertarian FAQ. A general introduction to discussion with libertarians, with an extensive discussion of arguments commonly used by libertarian evangelists. Unsolicited Praise for the Non-Libertarian FAQ. Criticisms of the Non-Libertarian FAQ.

Marxism of the Right Robert Locke's The American Conservative article is the best, simplest, clearest indictment of libertarianism found for this site. Libertarianism in One Lesson. Mike Huben's guide to becoming a libertarian. Libertarianism in One Lesson; The Second Lesson. Why is there a second lesson when the title says one lesson? So You Want To Discuss Libertarianism.... Brief, basic ideas about how to discuss libertarianism meaningfully. Quotations relevant to libertarianism. You've seen the quotes the libertarians select. Topical issues: About Us - Anarkismo. Who we are and why we do it is the product of international co-operation between anarchist organizations and individuals who agree with our Editorial Statement (see below).

About Us - Anarkismo

It is intended to further communication, discussion and debate within the global anarchist movement. Our intention is to build this site into a resource that is truly global and multilingual. The site is managed by a collective of delegates of the anarchist organizations that participate in the project. Principal. Darwin et Kropotkine, compétion ou solidarité? / Darwin e Kropotkin: competição ou solidariedade? COLETIVO MUNDO ÁCRATA. Correntes do Anarquismo. Resultados da busca. Anarchy Archives. POLITICAL JUSTICE. The text is taken from my copy of the fourth edition, 1842.


This version of Political Justice, originally published in 1793, is based on the corrected third edition, published in 1798. Click here to jump to the table of contents for Volume 1. The table of contents for volume 2 can be found here. Few works of literature are held to be of more general use, than those which treat in a methodical and elementary way of the principles of science. But the human mind in every enlightened age is progressive; and the best elementary treatises, after a certain time, are reduced in value by the operation of subsequent discoveries. EN HomePage.

This site is about the life and works of Daniel Guérin, a leading far-left figure in France in the 20th century, and the initiatives about him, both online and offline.

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It was designed by activists, researchers and members of Daniel Guérin's family. It is dedicated to all those who wish to continue Daniel Guérin's struggles either through reflection or through action. Anarquismo é uma filosofia política que engloba teorias, métodos e ações que objetivam a eliminação total de todas as formas de governo compulsório. Organização online, Ação off-line!!! Viva Anarquia!!Christiania: a Cidade Anarquista.

Guerrilla News. Imigrantes anarquistas: Sem pátria nem patrão. All About Anarchism. This classic statement of anarchism was written by a diverse group of anarchists in Cardiff around 1980 and it is an interesting historical record of the optimism of mainstream anarchist thought at that time.

All About Anarchism

There is probably more rubbish talked about anarchism than any other political idea. Actually, it has nothing to do with a belief in chaos, death and destruction. Anarchists do not normally carry bombs, nor do they ascribe any virtue to beating up old ladies. A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Go. WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE INTERNATIONAL WORKERS ASSOCIATION (IWA) A-Infos: Anarchist News Service. The Horizon of Anarchy: Anarchism and Contemporary Radical Thought. Saul Newman Abstract—This paper explores the relevance of anarchism for current debates in continental radical political philosophy.

The Horizon of Anarchy: Anarchism and Contemporary Radical Thought

It argues that anarchism – as a form of politics which proposes the abolition of state power – is the unacknowledged referent for radical politics today, and that contemporary thinkers such as Alain Badiou, Jacques Rancière and Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, amongst others, must situate their own political thought in relation to the questions posed by anarchism. In particular, radical political thought today tends to converge around three configurations – politics beyond the state, political organisation beyond the party, and political subjectivity beyond class – thus pointing to the exhaustion of Marxism-Leninism and the need for new forms of egalitarian and libertarian forms of politics. Here, I argue that anarchism provides a more consistent way of theorising radical politics today.

Anarchism has always been a political heresy. ANARCHY.NET - Intelligent Anarchism for a Post-Globalist Future. Anarchist Federation - Organising for Resistance. Everything you ever wanted to know about anarchism. CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective : Home. The Robert Anton Wilson Website. The True Nature and Goals of Anarchism. It's one of the most prevalent and enduring myths regarding Anarchism.

The True Nature and Goals of Anarchism

It's reinforced daily with news reports of countries that have "descended into anarchy" or political pundits railing against things that we can't do because it would (gasp!) Lead to anarchy. The idea that Anarchy and chaos are synonymous has been firmly entrenched within the lexicon of modern imagery. Yet, it couldn't be much further from the true nature of Anarchism.

Real examples of anarchism in history are problematic. As near as I can tell, the united States of America is one of the best examples of an anarchist nation that has ever been, though it did not last terribly long before the public servants hired to govern subverted the peoples sovereignty and replaced the dejure united states with a corporation.

Real examples of anarchism in history are problematic

From Bouviers Law Dictionary 6th edition: A chief ruler with supreme power; one possessing sovereignty. (q. v.) It is also applied to a king or other magistrate with limited powers.In the United States the sovereignty resides in the body of the people. No Treason No. VI: The Constitution of No Authority. Center for a Stateless Society.

The Theory of Property, Chapter VIII. Industrial Workers of the World. Constitution as a Contract. (Curdistão) Milícias populares expulsam o Estado Islâmico para fora de Kobane. Por Lusbert (*) Finalmente, depois de mais de 4 meses de sofrimento, de interesses geopolíticos da NATO e dos Estados Unidos com a cumplicidade da Turquia, depois de Kobane ter estado só contra o monstro do ISIS (Estado Islâmico) e quando, depois de terem entrado na cidade, parecer um facto consumado a queda de Kobane; depois de duríssimos confrontos, de numerosas baixas e mortes que deixaram mártires nas fileiras das YPG e YPJ, depois dos seus contra-ataques, os quais conseguiram libertar com esforço e perseverança, pouco a pouco, mais território; desde que finalmente os Estados Unidos decidiram, face à pressão internacional e às manifestações de solidariedade por todo o mundo, mandar-lhes apoio; depois do apoio de algumas forças do Exército Livre Sírio (ELS) e da entrada dos Pershmerga; podemos hoje, por fim, celebrar uma grande vitória conseguida através do povo em armas.

Contudo, esta vitória não significa o fim da história. Ativista curdo pede solidariedade e apoio para o processo revolucionário de Rojava. 24/jan/2015, 9h44min. David Graeber: "No. This is a Genuine Revolution"