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What is this documentary project about? – Design the new Business. Wondering if this is a design or business site?

What is this documentary project about? – Design the new Business

Well it’s both actually… We believe design is the new way of doing business, and we set out to find keys to success through the making of a documentary.Fascinating interviews with industry leaders will unveil the creative ways in which design is changing mindsets across industries….We are searching for the truth behind the “design thinking” smoke and mirrors. Interested? Start-Up Chile – Entrepreneurs Welcome!


Top 100 Startup Blogs. Boston, June 15 – 17. What is Lean Startup?

Boston, June 15 – 17

“Lean Startup” is a term coined by Eric Ries while an Advisor to the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. It’s based on the new management processes he employed while Chief Technology Officer at IMVU, one of Silicon Valley’s most successful startups. What is Customer Development? Como o design thinking pode ajudar a gerar boas ideias de negócio « Eureca Empreendedorismo Universitário. Cultura empreendedora. Startups. Startup Accelerator.


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