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node.js An example: Webserver This simple web server written in Node responds with "Hello World" for every request. To run the server, put the code into a file example.js and execute it with the node program from the command line: % node example.js Server running at Here is an example of a simple TCP server which listens on port 1337 and echoes whatever you send it:
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Node.js is genuinely exciting I gave a talk on Friday at Full Frontal , a new one day JavaScript conference in my home town of Brighton. I ended up throwing away my intended topic (JSONP, APIs and cross-domain security) three days before the event in favour of a technology which first crossed my radar less than two weeks ago . That technology is Ryan Dahl’s Node .

Node.js is genuinely exciting

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Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python and licensed under the open source MIT license. Twisted makes it easy to implement custom network applications. Here's a TCP server that echoes back everything that's written to it: from twisted.internet import protocol, reactor class Echo(protocol.Protocol): def dataReceived(self, data): self.transport.write(data) class EchoFactory(protocol.Factory): def buildProtocol(self, addr): return Echo() reactor.listenTCP(1234, EchoFactory()) Twisted