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Cartographie. Atlas of World History. The Historical Atlas of Europe. Europe and the Middle East 1000AD to the Present, software for Windows and Mac OSX. Classical Atlas Project. The Barrington Atlas, created by the Classical Atlas Project (now, the Ancient World Mapping Center), is a reference work of permanent value.

Classical Atlas Project

It has an exceptionally broad appeal to everyone worldwide with an interest in ancient Greeks and Romans, the lands they penetrated, and the peoples and cultures they encountered in Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. Scholars and libraries should all find it essential, although it is not just for them. It is also for students, travelers and lovers of fine cartography. For the new millennium the Barrington Atlas brings the ancient past back to life in an unforgettably vivid and inspiring way. United Nations Cartographic Section Web Site. Atelier de Cartographie. Mapping History. Historical Atlas of the 20th Century. Historical Atlas. Welcome to Tacitus Historical Atlas.

Historical Atlas

The purpose of this website is to illustrate the European countries history with maps, population statistics and regent lists. I hope to ad much more pages on these topics but lack of time unfortunately prevent me from doing so in the near future. Visitors on this website can however influence future addition by posting suggestions on my Guestbook. There is a lot that could be added to this site but I have spent most of my available time the last years to develop the Swedish part of However, if some request would turn out to be popular among my English-speaking visitors then I would certainly give it much higher priority. I am currently in the process of translating pages from the Swedish version of this website.

Maps and Graphics at UNEP/GRID-Arendal. The GRID-Arendal Maps & Graphics Library is an on-going project to collect and catalogue all graphic products that have been prepared for publications and web-sites from the last 15 years in a wide range of themes related to environment and sustainable development.

Maps and Graphics at UNEP/GRID-Arendal

There are currently 3022 graphics available in the database. Victims and affected people in Pakistan flood, August 2010 Seasonal fooding can occur along all the major watersheds in the Himalayan region (Figure 11–14). The largest problems occur in food prone areas with high population densities. This includes parts of northeast India, south-central Nepal, central and southern Pakistan, large parts of Bangladesh and lower reaches of the large rivers in China. Explorez nos cartes. Maps. The section of the Sourcebook is devoted to copy-permitted maps and images. These images can be used in teaching, and in web page creation. The source of images is indicated for each image. © This text is copyright.

The specific electronic form, and any notes and questions are copyright. Permission is granted to copy the text, and to print out copies for personal and educational use. If any copyright has been infringed, this was unintentional. Ireland's History in Maps - Irish History, Geography and Genealogy. Historical Reference: ( At this site ) Kingdoms, Clans and Surnames Old Irish Kingdoms and Clans - Historical reference to supplement the Maps.

Ireland's History in Maps - Irish History, Geography and Genealogy

The Tuath and Barony of Ireland - the baronies of Ireland and the clans associated with them. Athena Review Image Archive: Old World Maps and Site Plans. - Weltatlas mit Karten aus aller Welt. Weltkarte, Kontinente, Urlaubsregionen, Landkarten aus Europa, Amerika, Asien, Afrika und Australien. Europa in Karten - ein Link-Atlas. Europe Historical Maps. Historical Maps of Europe Le Alpi [The Alps] (1,917K) From Atlante Mondiale Hoepli di Geografia Moderna Fisica e Politica.

Europe Historical Maps

Giovanni Roncagli, 1899. Atlas historique et généalogique. World History at KMLA. The World Factbook. Cartes & Atlas géographiques. Un atlas historique multimédia constitué de cartes animées pour mieux comprendre l'Histoire. Historische Karte - Deutsches Reich 1789. Collins INDiCATE Demo. Histoire-passion > Cartes. - Rechercheportal für Karten - Schweiz. ATLAS HISTORIQUE - Cartographie & histoire. Animated Atlas of American History. Kostenlose stumme Karten, kostenlose unausgefüllt Landkarten, kostenlose hochauflösende Umrisskarten. Karten-weltgeschichte. Mapas Histórico-Políticos de la Edad Moderna. GARDINER'S ATLAS of ENGLISH HISTORY. California Maps - HSU Library. IEG-MAPS. Archiv - Landkarten. IEG-MAPS. Medieval Britain - General Maps. Maps - UVa Library. Géographie. Plusieurs sites sont consacrés aux noms latins désignant des villes et des peuples.


On en signalera quelques-uns : Les cartes disponibles sur le Web ne remplacent évidemment pas les atlas imprimés. On en trouve toutefois un certain nombre. Ainsi : Sur le Web, il existe plusieurs sites consacrés aux noms latins désignant des villes et des peuples. Sur la valeur des atlas parus avant 1987 : Foss C., Classical Atlases, dans CW, t. 80, 1987, p. 337-365. Bengtson H., Milojcic V. En matière d'atlas géographique et historique, il faut faire une place particulière à une réalisation prestigieuse qui vient de se terminer, le Tübinger Atlas des Vorderen Orients (TAVO) (Tübingen Atlas of the Near and Middle East). Cornell T., Matthews J., Atlas du monde romain, Paris, 1984, 240 p. : trad. française de Atlas of the Roman World,, Oxford, 1982, 240 p. On rencontre aussi des ouvrages qui organisent un voyage dans un pays ou une ville à partir de textes littéraires.

Adams C., Laurence R. Mapa Mundi de Beatus de Liébana. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Mapa Mundi de Beatus de Liébana

Pour les articles homonymes, voir Mundi. IFC. Atlas Histórico. Índice. Historical Maps. Slovakia was under the rule of the Hungarian part of the Hapsburg Empire.

Historical Maps

This map is from 1250 A.D and shows the rough political entities that were vying for the region. The Holy Roman Empire borders served as a demarcation point between Slovakia and Bohemia/Moravia (present day Czech Republic). Pressburg (Bratislava) became a important part of Royal Hungary when the Ottoman Turks invaded much of the Hungarian territory. Slovakia served as a battleground between the Turks and European armies and Pressburg was the only European fortress between the Turk armies and Vienna at most points in the conflict. By 1718 A.D. most of Hungary was freed from Ottoman occupation mainly due to the military genius of the Eugene, Duke of Savoy. Geography and Map Reading Room. OpenStreetMap. Cartes anciennes, Atlas historique : collections en ligne LEXILOGOS. REPERTOIRE : Histoire - Cartes, atlas...

Maps. Les cartes geopolitiques. Atlas géopolitique en ligne Cartes du monde contemporain-Maps of the world. Geopolitcs maps. Geoatlas propose le monde sur Internet Fort du succès rencontré sur le marché du cédérom libre de droits, et leader européen dans ce domaine, la collection internationale vectorielle (Illustrator Eps) composée actuellement de six cédéroms (WORLD, AMERICA, ASIA , AFRICA, EUROPE, OCEANIA) sera maintenant disponible en ligne.

Les cartes geopolitiques. Atlas géopolitique en ligne Cartes du monde contemporain-Maps of the world. Geopolitcs maps

L'internaute disposera pour 100 euros d'un "pack pays" composé de trois fichiers: une carte physique, une administrative/routière, et une carte simplifiée. Les 192 états recensés par L'ONU seront donc téléchargeables, mais également les 50 états des USA, les Landers allemand ainsi que des planisphères, des globes, des continents et des drapeaux. Chaque fichier est au format Illustrator Eps, 100% modifiable et compatible avec toutes les applications capables de lire ce format. GEOATLAS® le monde est à vous Geoatlas propose la France sur Internet Les formats de fichiers proposés, Eps, Wmf sont compatibles avec vos applications bureautiques ou graphiques. The European Library. Creative Mapping. Historical Atlas of China. Welcome to PGSA. Plattform Stat@las. Don de deux globes du XVIIIe siècle à la Bibliothèque nationale.

Jean Antoine Nollet (1700-1770)Globe terrestre dédié à la duchesse du Maine, 1728Globe céleste dédié au comte de Clermont, 1730 D. 32,5 cm (46 avec la table d’horizon) H. 55 cm Photo : Didier Rykner.

Don de deux globes du XVIIIe siècle à la Bibliothèque nationale

Talessman's Atlas of World History (Homepage) Historical Atlas of the 20th Century. ... and other less related sites that might be of interest. I'll never get around to drawing every map that needs drawing, so here are other maps on other sites drawn by other people. And remember -- these are all external sites, so don't blame them for problems you may have discovered on my site, and vice versa. I don't have a search engine here, but if you're curious about a particular topic, you might want to use [CONTROL]-[F], and then type in a simple keyword(s), like croatia or world war or (****. Broad Outline of Links: Remember: history is an intersection of time and place, so to find maps of an event, be sure to check both Time and Place. Historical Atlas of Poland. Maps - National Geographic. Crimea's Turbulent Past in Maps Crimea has been invaded many times before, as these historical maps show. Nat Geo Maps Show Big Changes The world we're mapping in 2013 is a very different place than it was 50 years ago.

Nat Geo's Cartographic Typefaces Our maps have long been known for their distinctive typefaces. But few outside the Society know little of the history that lies behind them. Oddens' Bookmarks, The fascinating world of maps and mapping ! Map History / History of Cartography - WWW-Virtual Library. The Collection. Le Ciel et la Terre : l'Atlas catalan. Ancient Maps. Maps and Geography of the Ancient World Ancient History traditionally starts with the Fertile Crescent (from modern Iraq to Egypt) and focuses mainly on the Mediterranean.

To the people in this area, most of the globe was unknown. Most of the "known world" follows a band north, south, and east of the Mediterranean Sea. You may need to play detective to find the map you're looking for. Science: Social Sciences: Geography. Ancient World Mapping Center. Geography World. Map of Russia. New Jersey Historical Maps. Heratlas - Héraldique française - French Heraldry. Consultation des cartes de Cassini. Cartes historiques. Carte geographique ancienne France / Europe / Monde - l'histoire par les cartes geographiques anciennes - carte geographique ancienne et vieil atlas temoins detailles de l'histoire et de la geographie vers 1860. Petit à petit, va ainsi devenir compatible avec de nombreuses applications géographiques ou cartographiques.

Les premiers chapitres complètement géolocalisés du site sont ceux consacrés à la Tunisie, à la Galicie et à Gibraltar. Guide voyage sur l'Afrique du Sud. Cartes. Historic Atlas: CARTE/DE LA NOUVELLE ANGLETERRE,/NOUVELLE YORCK ET PENSILVANIE/Pour servir a l'Histoire Generale des Voyages. - Historic Map Works. BELLIN, JACQUES NICOLAS, 1757 Image Quality: High Indicates a map that is georeferenced Research Prints All research prints will be printed with a light watermark. Click here to see an example of a research print. Research Prints are color prints fitted to 11" x 17" paper ideal for research and educational use, but not suitable for framing as center seams and imperfections will not be removed. Antiquité — Université de Mulhouse Colmar Alsace. Histoire des pays du Monde Arabe en cartes - Atlas historique en ligne.

Atlas géographique dressé pour l'Histoire universelle de l'église catholique, de l'abbé Rohrbacher. Notes Microfiche de l'exemplaire de l'dition originale se trouvant au Sminaire de Qubec, Bibliothque.Ottawa :Institut canadien de microreproductions historiques,1985. [3], 24 cartes ; 42 cm. Book Details. Histoire et géographie de l'Europe. Atlas - Histoire Ancienne. Sur cette page, vous trouverez un certain nombre de cartes concernant l'histoire ancienne. Afin de rendre votre lecture plus aisée, lorsque vous cliquerez sur le lien menant à la carte que vous désirez voir, cette dernière s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre.

Ainsi, lorsque vous lirez les pages sur lesquelles seront nommées des pays, des régions, des villes ou des lieux de batailles, vous pourrez vous référer en même temps à la carte correspondant au texte que vous aurez sous les yeux. Un dernier conseil: si vous parvenez pas à bien lire la carte (caractères trop petits.), faites un clic droit dessus, et sélectionnez 'zoom avant'. Histoire des pays du Monde en cartes - Atlas historique en ligne. Romania's ethnographical history. There is not a set number of ethnographic zones in Romania and each Romanian text will have a different combination presented, the total number being somewhere between 60 and 120. The Romanian ethnographic zones are defined as: This section is arranged hieratically from the modern regions of Romania down to the ethnographic sub-zones and regional minorities.

The Balkans from Neolithic to modern times, in political development maps, timelines and past and present peoples can be found on our South East European history pages. The Romanian peoples, although descended from early Balkan peoples, only emerge late in the politics of the Balkans with their history hidden and the subject of speculation, theories and national politics.

Vlach peoples still inhabit areas of the Balkans beyond Romania and probably at one time were far more widespread. References Andronic, Mugur, Hutulii o minoritate din Bucovina, Suceava. Historical Maps of Islam. The Red Kaganate - Khazar Maps. Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár. Atlas de Historia de España. Historical Atlas by A.Lesage 1808: Overall View. British Maps Home Page. ATLAS HISTORIQUE. Historic Cities: Maps & Documents. Atlas histoire geographie [Alain HOUOT] Historical Atlas, ToC. L'Atlas historique de l'Occident. Some Maps of the Roman Empire.