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Sex and Gender

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Developing a Self Greatly Shapes Your Sexual Desire. Why do humans kiss each other when most animals don't? Why 6-Year-Old Girls Want To Be Sexy. By: Jennifer Abbasi, LiveScience Contributor Published: 07/16/2012 12:18 PM EDT on LiveScience Most girls as young as 6 are already beginning to think of themselves as sex objects, according to a new study of elementary school-age kids in the Midwest.

Why 6-Year-Old Girls Want To Be Sexy

Researchers have shown in the past that women and teens think of themselves in sexually objectified terms, but the new study is the first to identify self-sexualization in young girls. The study, published online July 6 in the journal Sex Roles, also identified factors that protect girls from objectifying themselves. Psychologists at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., used paper dolls to assess self-sexualization in 6- to 9-year-old girls. Sixty girls were shown two dolls, one dressed in tight and revealing "sexy" clothes and the other wearing a trendy but covered-up, loose outfit.

Across-the-board, girls chose the "sexy" doll most often. Other studies have found that sexiness boosts popularity among girls but not boys. Important factors. Porn data: visualising fetish space. Porn is one of the biggest yet worst-covered topics in popular discourse.

Porn data: visualising fetish space

It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that sits at the heart of human sexuality in the 21st century. Many people watch it, though few talk about it, and for better or worse it exerts a major influence over our culture; but we know relatively little about it. What if we could find some big source of data? The website is one of the leading commercial porn sites on the web. It’s home to thousands of studio selling millions of clips. The other weekend I wrote a script to find out. The earliest clips are grouped in a handful of categories with names Asian, Foot Fetish, Tickling and Amateur, but the number of fetishes covered grew rapidly. The clip count is growing too, with the site gaining nearly 80,000 clips per month this year.

(What’s slightly weird about that chart is the flat period between 2009 and 2011. Things get a bit more interesting when it comes to pricing. Mainstream western feminism is letting down the women who need it the most. Men are afraid to talk about feminism.

Mainstream western feminism is letting down the women who need it the most

If that sounds melodramatic, I’d ask you to count the number of articles written by male writers tackling the big and small issues around gender and women’s equality. You’ll be hard pressed to find a strong selection. This is not acceptable. Men have a stake in gender equality, from promoting fair pay and no-fault divorce laws, all the way to stopping honour killings and sexual violence. We are boyfriends, husbands, fathers or friends, and yet too many of us shy away from these sensitive matters, fearing opprobrium. When Australian prime minister Julia Gillard was in power, a common refrain on the left was that she faced appalling attacks on her appearance and marital status.

Video: Debate on the evolution of sex (Robert Wright vs. Christopher Ryan. The mystery of monogamy: scientists claim to have the answer. As an enduring mystery of the human condition, it has been praised and damned in equal measure.

The mystery of monogamy: scientists claim to have the answer

It is a bridge over the abyss of isolation but can be a bit like croquet: easy enough to grasp the rules but a hard game to enjoy. Now scientists in Britain have taken the puzzle of monogamy and boiled it down to one big question: how did it come about in the first place? A new study claims finally to have an answer. "Humans have ended up monogamous to some extent, it's the predominant way we live," said Christopher Opie, an anthropologist at University College London. "What we have now is an evolutionary pathway for the emergence of monogamy.

" How males and females come together is as varied as anything in nature. What leads some species to monogamy and others not has prompted scientists to come up with three possible explanations. One is that when offspring are demanding, two parents might be better than one. 5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women. I don't know what it's like to be a woman, so it's not easy for me to describe what it's like to be a man, because I don't know what you're using for context.

5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women

I'm going to do my best: Did you ever watch old cartoons where a character is starving on a desert island, and when another character approaches, he's so hungry that he imagines the other character as a talking piece of food? Via TV TropesThird panel omitted due to graphic content. It's like that for most men, most of the time. Right now I'm reading a book from mega-selling fantasy author George R. "When she went to the stables, she wore faded sandsilk pants and woven grass sandals. That's written from the woman's point of view. Do you see what I'm getting at?