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Magickal Herbs

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The United Herbal Archives. Magickal Uses of Herbs A-G. The Magickal Properties of Herbs Since most herbs are known by many folk names, use your Find command to find specific herbs on this page.

Magickal Uses of Herbs A-G

For a more detailed look at the properties of the herbs mentioned here, go to Acacia (Acacia Nilotica) Also called gum arabic. Gender: Masculine, Planet: Sun, Element: Air, Deities: Osiris, Astarte, Diana, Ra Protection, Psychic Powers. Aconite (Aconitum Napellus) Also called wolfsbane, monkshood, blue rocket *POISON* Don't ingest. Protection, Invisibility. Metaphysical Explanations Of Specific Physical Aches, Pains And Sicknesses.

Metaphysical Explanations Of Specific Physical Aches, Pains And Sicknesses Updated November 8, 2014 by in5d Alternative News * Click HERE to visit our Official Facebook page and be sure to "Like" us!!!

Metaphysical Explanations Of Specific Physical Aches, Pains And Sicknesses

(opens in a new window) * Also visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups. EVERYONE is welcome! As many people in the spiritual world know, everything happens for a reason. By Olwe HAIR (head) SOCIAL 'STATEMENT.' Related: Why Is My Hair Falling Out? SPIRITUAL SENSITIVITY. SOCIAL SENSITIVITY. INFORMATION-PROCESSING. PSYCHIC SELF-'CONTAINMENT.' Related: Head Injury Turns Dropout Into Fractal Genius SHOWING ONE'S TRUE FEELINGS. GETTING THE 'MESSAGE.' RECOGNIZING OBJECTIVE FACTS. PSYCHIC SOUNDBOARDS; how we 'register' subliminal input from others. TESTING THE AIR AROUND US. THE SOCIAL INVITATION. INCOME AND THE EARNING OF WEALTH. KEEPING YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT!

KEEPING IT IN OR GETTING IT OUT! BEARING THE LOAD. REACHING OUT TO OTHERS. The secret ways women used pot throughout history. Ever wondered what it would feel like to slather a mixture of lamb’s fat and cannabis all over your naked body?

The secret ways women used pot throughout history

The sensation was a familiar one to European women, once upon a time. While the U.S. is only now starting to explore modern medical uses of marijuana, for centuries, women around the world have harnessed the magical green leaves to relieve pain, make sex better, and even attempt to manage STDs. The jury is still out on how safe and effective these remedies were, but perhaps they’ll inspire new research into cannabis’ potential today. Here’s a quick tour through pot’s lesser-known history with the ladies.

Herbs in Mythology. Myths and Legends About Herbs and Spices. There are two kinds of cinnamon.

Myths and Legends About Herbs and Spices

Cinnamomum zeylanicum is called true cinnamon and is native to Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon. The other is from the cassia tree, which grows in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Central America. This is the cinnamon used in North America. Herbs in Myths and Legends. Native American Indian Herb Legends, Meaning and Symbolism from the Myths of Many Tribes. The mythology of plants and herbs. If you look in your kitchen cupboard it is very likely that you will find small jars or packets of herbs which you probably add to food to give it extra flavouring.

The mythology of plants and herbs

For many thousands of years humans have used herbs or plant extracts for many different purposes both practical and symbolical. Today we tend to use the herbs for mainly food flavourings or for medicinal purposes but we sometimes forget just how important these natural foods and remedies were in the everyday life of our ancestors. Magical Herbs Archives - The Practical Herbalist. Strawberry History, Folklore, Myth and Magic Although strawberries have only relatively recently been cultivated in Europe and western cultures, beginning around 1300 C.

Magical Herbs Archives - The Practical Herbalist

E. in France, folk all around the world have used strawberries for a variety of purposes for centuries. Herbs & Old Wives' Tales, Folklore, Myths and Legends. The subject of herbs is steeped in interesting old wives tales, folklore, myths and legends.

Herbs & Old Wives' Tales, Folklore, Myths and Legends

Here are some hints on how herbs can be indispensable in your everyday life. If you are looking for a sweet heart you should: anoint yourself with marjoram before sleeping you and you will dream of your future spouseput a pot of basil on the balcony as a tacit sign that you are ready to receive a suitorwear some thyme and it will be sure to bring you a sweetheart smuggle some borageinto the drink of a prospective husband to give him courage to propose marriagewear some lovage to assure your sweetheart’s undying devotion. Herbs. List Of Herbs. Herb History and Folklore. Join us as we explore the history of a number of culinary herbs.

Herb History and Folklore

Herb history includes many traditional, medicinal, historical and downright shocking uses of herbs - everything from magic potions and snakes on the brain to tasty treats for sweeter breath. Historical Uses of Herbs. Bestselling author. Step back in time with Maitland's Dark Tales Brambles We may not think of blackberry brambles as a medicinal herb, but they did in medieval times.

Bestselling author

One of the stranger beliefs was that being drawn backwards through an arch of brambles would cure blackheads, acne and whooping cough. Al_Selden_Leif_-_Pagan_Herbs_by_Use_cd6_id1571401751_size131. Richard_Alan_Miller_-_The_Magical_And_Ritual_Use_Of_Herbs_id1110609770_size3498. Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs - Scott Cunningham. Wiccan - E-Book - Herbs and their Magical Properties (Witch Craft, Occult, Druid, Magick, Spells) Crow_William_Bernard_-_The_Occult_Properties_of_Herbs_and_Plants. Wicca herb chart Wiccan herbal correspondences for Wicca herbs.