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Blog Speecom - Culture E-commerce - Référencement, Recrutement, Web 2.0, Marketing, Marketing Mobile. Agence web innovante spécialisée dans le marketing viral à travers les réseaux sociaux » Mode d’emploi : comment créer un onglet multi-langue sur Facebook ? mTouch Quiz. Save 20% when you buy any two or more Premium Features by using the promo code COMBO at checkout!

mTouch Quiz

Limited time offer! mTouch Quiz is an easy to use, learning oriented, versatile, touch friendly, mobile minded Quiz plugin for WordPress. Answer the two questions below and then select the giant “Get Results” button. <div id="mtq_javawarning-1" class="mtq_javawarning"> Please wait while the activity loads. </br> If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. How to Track Tweets, Facebook Likes and More with Google Analytics.

Don’t you wish you could track the traffic impact of Twitter, Facebook and Google+ using Google Analytics?

How to Track Tweets, Facebook Likes and More with Google Analytics

Well now you can. Keep reading to learn how. Google’s getting social in a big way. HOW TO: Create Your Own Customized Short URL. While the rest of us were copy-and-pasting mumbo-jumbo from URL shorteners into our Twitter accounts, sites like The New York Times were smugly tweeting their links using shortened URLs like "

HOW TO: Create Your Own Customized Short URL

" Frankly, this made us a little jealous. But now, Bitly makes it easy for the average Joe Blogger to create a custom short URL for free. You don't even need to own a site that gets about 17 million unique visitors per month. A custom shortened link is great for building a personal or business brand, as readers know exactly where it will lead when they see it shared on social networks. Pro Is Now Free! Get Your Custom Short Domain Today.

Shorten, share and track your links. Intégrer Facebook Connect sur son site. Google+ wordpress plugin – googleCards-Wordpress. As promised in yesterdays post, I have turned my google+ profile scraper class into a wordpress plugin. the google+ cards widget The plugin adds a widget to your wordpress install that will display your ‘googleCard’ in your blog’s sidebar.

google+ wordpress plugin – googleCards-Wordpress

Download Github Installation.