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Vic Gee

Likes mind mapping and other kinds of knowledge map. Mind Map Search. Articles. Mindmapping before writing. Articles Here's a link to Vic Gee's main Knol entitled "Concept map".

Mindmapping before writing

There are cross reference items on related terms as well. Writing, come what may. During the past few months, I have received many questions as to how I have gone from an unknown writer to overcoming society’s adversarial thoughts on what writing should be and even become a well known writer.

Writing, come what may

So today, I was inspired to write on this. Let me present a gist of my story. Research and mindmapping to kickstart your writing. How to use research to find and mind new ideas.

Research and mindmapping to kickstart your writing

How to layer your story through more research. Through research you can find topics, subjects and "seeds" for stories. Pick five different topics that interest you, and research them on the Internet, or through your local library. Mindmapping for business and planning. Visual mapping and recession-proofing your job. Surviving in a shrinking economy and nervous times is most often about being better than the next guy or gal.

Visual mapping and recession-proofing your job

But it's not enough just to be better, if you are a cog in the machine, or even a bigger wheel, you need the higher levels to know that you're better. The fastest and most memorable way to get that message across is visually. My advice to the real survivors is: - Don't just know what you know, show what you know. - Don't just know what you're planning, show what you're planning. - Don't just know what you're doing, show what you're doing. A well-organized mind map or series of maps can show all that quickly, and doesn't depend on the boss sitting down to read a report.

Mindmapping for project management. Articles Here's a link to Vic Gee's main Knol entitled "Concept map".

Mindmapping for project management

There are cross reference items on related terms as well. He preserved it in Freezepage when Google closed down Knol. Project estimating – Mindmaps are a tool in the armory. Mindmapping supports learning, study, memory. Roots of visual mapping. The first is the Tree of Porphyry - a form of presentation of a taxonomy that embodies a hierarchy, much as a mind map does.

Roots of visual mapping

Porphyry of Tyre was a Greek philosopher who lived from c.233 to c.309, C.E. . This particular example is from a Philosophy course at the University of Washington. Who invented mind mapping. I've seen comments around the web that say that Tony Buzan didn't invent mind mapping.

Who invented mind mapping

What he did, they say, was to take a quite well-known technique (going back many hundreds of years according to some sources), narrowed it down with his ten rules and 'invented' a name, which he then trademarked (but see below for more about the mark). Tony Buzan has defined these "rules" for Mind Mapping: Articles It looks like businesses are in for a tough time in 2008 and beyond.

Tony Buzan has defined these "rules" for Mind Mapping:

If your employer downsizes, how can you take steps to make sure you're one of the survivors? Here's a link to Vic Gee's main Knol entitled "Mind mapping". There are cross reference items on related terms as well. He preserved it in Freezepage when Google closed down Knol. Here's a link to Vic Gee's main Knol entitled "Concept map". Here are the Knols on concept maps. This was the main Knol on Concept maps now preserved at Freezepage There were also two brief cross reference Knols: "concept mapping": The process of making visual representations of knowledge in the form of diagrams, known as concept maps, that are used to evaluate or consolidate understanding, or capture knowledge.

Here are the Knols on concept maps

Seminal papers in information mapping. Mindmapping and you. Here are the Knols on mind mapping. Framework for mind mapping. The mindmapping route to project-team building. An important aspect of leadership is having the ability to choose the right people for the right job.

The mindmapping route to project-team building

This is a vital role that leaders will invariably be called upon to perform. In any team sport, a great deal of time is spent in picking the right players for the game. Selection is done keeping these factors in mind as player’s skill, form, the right place in the team and the likely opposition that the team will confront. As in sports, in business too, leaders need to select the right team and players for a particular job, assign them specific tasks in line with their skills and proficiencies. To field a match-winning team, you first need to understand the game to be played and the skills and abilities required to play it. In order to make the right choice, you first need to simplify the broader team goals into specific, individual tasks. Mindmapping to plan your life.

By Hershey Wier If "transitioning" is a talent, then perhaps quite a few of us can add that to our little bag of tricks. In my life, I went through several interstate moves during my childhood in the U.S. I've been through a few of life's traumas and deaths of family members, I have cumulatively lived with over 60 roommates, have moved over 22 times, have lived in nine different cities, and now, as most of you reading this, live in what has become my second homeland, Japan. Vegetable or royalty – take your pick with mindmapping. The most common syndrome affecting each one of us is stress. The fast pace of life has brought in its wake, a great deal of stress. The incredible range of automation and convenient commodities and products, far from relieving us from the mundane, has only added to more problems and stress.

Mindmapping for the quick-witted. Not just students, just about everyone invariably have to take down notes at some point or the other. The conventional method of writing is the linear way, where every point is faithfully written in full sentences, taking care of meaning, syntax and commas, etc. This does not help us in effective note taking as we struggle to keep pace with the speaker or our racing thoughts in quickly writing down the information.

But with Mind Maps, it can be an entirely different story. You will learn a whole new way of tackling note taking You can just race ahead and what’s more, keep pace with your running thoughts. So what is so special about it that writing becomes so easy? First, Mind Mapping technique uses non-linear method of key words or phrases instead of long, running sentences. A complete Mind Map will have the main topic lines radiating in all directions from the center. Basic introduction to mindmapping. Mind maps are tools that help us think and remember better, creatively solve problems and take action. The mind map encourages creativity and flexibility, and you need these to make your resolutions happen! Mind maps help you think outside the box. If you’ve already made your list, try turning it into a mind map.

If you haven’t made your list yet, try this strategy. Mindmapping and creativity. Crack the barriers to creativity. Mindmapping can remove creativity blocks. Mindmapping helps you be creative AND get things done. One of the specific aspects of creative thinking is the DO IT technique method outlined by Robert W Olsen in his book 'The Art of Creative Thinking'. It is an efficient method for defining problems and finding effective and creative solutions. Mindmapping for creativity. All software. Exchanging mind maps between software - interchange reference. This diagram is the guide to all the entries in this collection of information about how mind mapping software can communicate. Mindmapping, concept mapping and information organisation software.