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Site-ul oficial al Uniunii Europene. Network on education systems and policies in Europe. Transforming education through technology. E-Skills - Welcome to the pilot e-Skills career portal. Home - Insafe. Homepage. TellNet - Welcome. Insight: knowledge base for new technology and education. The Observatory is intended to highlight evidence in the area of innovation in education, especially: statistics evidence (e.g.

Insight: knowledge base for new technology and education

Survey of Schools: ICT in Education)evidence from practice (and policy)evidence from research (e.g. literature review on the KeyCoNet project)Findings from surveys of end users in schools. HOME. Home. In iTEC (Innovative Technologies for Engaging Classrooms, 2010-2014), European Schoolnet worked with education ministries, technology providers and research organisations to transform the way that technology is used in schools.


Over the course of the project, educational tools and resources were piloted in over 2,500 classrooms across 20 European countries, with the goal of providing a sustainable model for fundamentally redesigning teaching and learning. The project involved 26 project partners, including 14 Ministries of Education, and funding of €9.45 million from the European Commission’s FP7 programme. The project ended in August 2014. Read more: Project summary | Evaluation results. Home - FCL. Home - Scientix. eDIPED. European Council of International Schools (ECIS)