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Energie solaire

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La France, première à commercialiser les routes productrices d’énergie. Philips Shows Off Green Tech Prototypes, Including Smart Light Pole 'Blossoms' Philips recently unveiled their version of a green-tech future at a Moscow conference, including an intelligent LED street pole system that looks like a flower opening up to the skies.

Philips Shows Off Green Tech Prototypes, Including Smart Light Pole 'Blossoms'

The so-called ‘Philips Light Blossoms’ charge up on solar and wind power during the day, light up when people stroll by at night, and to conserve energy, dim down when the streets are solitary from dusk ’til dawn. For the last few years, Philips’ Simplicity Event has been the place where the company thinks big and throws up a bunch of design concepts at the wall to see what sticks, as well as a preview of gadgets they’re actually working on. However, putting up a Green Tech event in the middle of one of the world’s largest beneficiaries from oil production makes it seem a bit shady.

But that’s a story for another blog. SolarBotanic : des arbres artificiels à récupération d'énergie solaire et éolienne. Eclairer et chauffer votre maison, alimenter votre électroménager ou encore recharger votre voiture électrique grâce aux arbres de votre jardin… L’idée de SolarBotanic est plutôt séduisante.

SolarBotanic : des arbres artificiels à récupération d'énergie solaire et éolienne

Les énergies alternatives au pétrole et au nucléaire ont actuellement la cote pour réduire notre empreinte sur l’environnement et alléger nos factures. La quête de l’électricité verte est plus que jamais d’actualité. En tête de peloton, trois technologies se détachent : Les panneaux solaires photovoltaïques qui convertissent la lumière du soleil en électricitéLes panneaux solaires thermiques ou capteurs solaires qui transfèrent la chaleur des rayons du soleil à un fluide caloporteurLes éoliennes qui convertissent le vent en électricité La firme SolarBotanic pense avoir mis au point un système révolutionnaire basé sur le biomimétisme : un arbre artificiel qui combine ces trois technologies.

Le secret des arbres artificiels de SolarBotanic repose dans ses feuilles appelées « Nanoleaves » (Nanofeuilles). Solar Tree – Ross Lovegrove. Serbian Park Becomes Greener with Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charging Station. In Belgrade's Tašmajdan Park, Serbian designer Miloš Milivojevic has created an ingenious sculptural tree-like mobile phone charger powered by the sun.

Serbian Park Becomes Greener with Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charging Station

Black Tree was designed for the Strawberry Energy company, which invented the first public solar charger for mobile phones. This installation is just one way the city of Belgrade is trying to remind the public of ways we can tap into the sun's energy. The Black Tree was conceived as an artificial tree, and it follows the lines of a real tree as it stands 4.5 meters tall and almost 3.5 meters long. People in Tašmajdan Park have the opportunity to take advantage of the wooden bench, which sits below the Black Tree, and enjoy the shade and shelter that this artificial tree provides. Though there are plenty of trees in the park, this installation also serves as a reminder of what is provided by these friendly giants throughout the world. Laud8 -landscape architecture+urban design. Confetti Light, being a colorful and innovative project, was designed by Spanish architect Sergio Sebatian.

laud8 -landscape architecture+urban design

Covering a 1000m2 area, the Confetti gives another dimension to a modified place. “The most important feature of confeti (confetti) is that it doesn´t sleep during the day, worrying the pedestrian with cables, lights off, and “gray” structures, but becomes an active system which dialogues with citizens, in a sparkling plane that paints colours on the ground, using the largest lighting source, and the most economical we have: the sun. In sunny mornings, children play with dots that colour the granitic soil, young people enjoy a snack of colors, and old people chat around an orange circle which acts as a “moderator.”

In pictures: Singapore's surreal Supertree Grove and Cloud Forest. There are places on this Earth where you simply stand, slack-jawed, and pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming – and Singapore's Gardens by the Bay is as surreal a place as I've ever been.

In pictures: Singapore's surreal Supertree Grove and Cloud Forest

This billion-dollar techno-garden theme park is absolutely stunning right through, but the two stand-out highlights are its signature Supertree Grove – a collection of giant cyborg trees – and the Cloud Forest – a gigantic bio-dome that recreates the environment and climate of a mountaintop forest at sea level. Solar-powered 'supertrees' at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay. Singapore's 250-acre green development, Gardens by the Bay, is part of Singapore's redevelopment and new downtown area at Marina Bay.

Solar-powered 'supertrees' at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay

It features three waterfront gardens -- Bay East, Bay Central and Bay South, which opens to the public on June 29. In contrast to the dense urban environment of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is part of the government's overall strategy to transform Singapore into a "city in a garden. " The Cloud Forest biome is the larger of two climate-controlled conservatories. It features a 30-meter-high waterfall and more than 130,000 plants from tropical climes.

The manmade steel forest consists of 18 supertrees varying from 25 to 50 meters in height.