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Blast off Rocket Ship Tutorial Here is a toy for those precious boys in your life! It is a stuffed rocket with fire that is tucked away until it's time for blast off! So much fun! What you will need:2 fat quartersFeltNature-fil or other stuffing choiceHand sewing needlePattern found here. Step 1: Cut out pattern pieces. You will be cutting 3 rocket ship body panels, 6 fins, 1 bottom panel, and 3 fire pieces. Blast off Rocket Ship Tutorial
Halloween Costume for Adults or Children: Make Yourself a Garden Gnome The costume works great for small children because of the short stature of gnomes. At the same time Halloween allows you to be anything you want including a mythical bearded garden character. For this project the directions will be for a child but are easily altered for an adult. Halloween Costume for Adults or Children: Make Yourself a Garden Gnome
Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts: Super Hero Cape And Power Cuff Tutorial. Welcome to The Southern Institute, I'm so glad you're here! Make sure you stay in the know... subscribe to our newsletter! Creating for boys can be so easy and so much fun! Let’s face it, most little boys aren’t too picky about their apparel are they? You may think that you’re little guy needs the best of the best of everything, but really, sometimes, the most unlikely objects hold the most fuel for his big imagination. I learned this last year when I found myself in a bit of a pinch and found myself making… Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts: Super Hero Cape And Power Cuff Tutorial.
Reversible 4-in-1 Cape « Stitch-Craft Surprisingly, my son has yet to waver from his desire to be an astronaut for Halloween this year, but here’s something I made him last year in an attempt to cover his ever-changing alter-egos: a reversible, 4-in-1 cape. With two colors to choose from plus button-on embellishments and a button-on hood, he can quickly transform himself from knight to dragon to super hero to king. I also made a red and pink superhero/princess/butterfly/Little Red Riding hood cape for my niece. For the butterfly, I added loops of ribbon at the front corners of the cape that she can slip over her wrists, and a large loop of ribbon with velcro at either end to gather up the middle of the back of the cape and turn it into wings. Reversible 4-in-1 Cape « Stitch-Craft
Even though we had another GORGEOUS 70+ degree day today in mid-November, I have forced myself to think about presents. Christmas presents. Seeing as how I don't like to spend money, and I don't enjoy shopping, and I want entirely LESS stuff than I already have, I'm thinking this will be a *mostly-handmade Christmas. (*"mostly" because my dear Man can't help buying some things that he the kids would enjoy playing with) My Mom and Mimi gave me tons of fabric and supplies, so it's really only a matter of the time I have to complete things. Starting in mid-November probably wasn't too bright. felt gnome or elf hat felt gnome or elf hat
Tutorial: How to Make a Gnome Hat for a Young Child
Last year, we found the funniest costume and we really wanted it for E (who has earned the nickname “Angry Elf”). But we couldn’t find it in E’s size. This year, Target is carrying the costume – for $20. Basically these are brown and plaid, super-thin pajamas with a felt hat, fake beard and felt booties. TWENTY dollars!?!? So, I tried my hand at making it myself. Handmade Halloween – Garden Gnome Tutorial « Schell subUrban Homestead Handmade Halloween – Garden Gnome Tutorial « Schell subUrban Homestead
Here's "hooo" to turn a simple hoodie into an owl Halloween costume. For this project, you'll need a pink hoodie (purchased at H&M), pink and cream fleece (felt will work too), white glue, package of black and orange foam masks (purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts), one sheet of regular copier paper, one sheet of white cardstock, and a rosette. 1. Pure Joy Events: Tutorial: Pink Owl Costume Pure Joy Events: Tutorial: Pink Owl Costume
Yes, I’ve only posted about my dragon wings about 10 times, and here it goes again. Only this time I’m sharing how I made them. OK, here is goes, my first ever tutorial… Materials: Fleece 2 metal hangers Dragon Wings Tutorial « I'm Feelin' Crafty! Dragon Wings Tutorial « I'm Feelin' Crafty!
Guest Project -- Dragon Tails {sewing tutorial} Guest Project -- Dragon Tails {sewing tutorial} <div class="greet_block wpgb_cornered wpgb_shadowed"><div class="greet_text"><div class="greet_image"><img src="http://i1.wp.com/tatertotsandjello.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/email_32x32.png" alt="WP Greet Box icon" data-recalc-dims="1"/></div>Thanks for coming by! I try to feature a new creative tutorial every day -- and I'd love to have you follow along: <a href="http://eepurl.com/iZM2P]" rel="nofollow"><strong>subscribe to my email updates</strong></a> or <a href="http://www.facebook.com/tatertotsandjello" rel="nofollow">come follow along on Facebook</a>.<div style="clear:both"></div></div></div> My blog is just a collection of projects I’ve been working on as I run around sewing, crafting, refinishing furniture, painting, building furniture, and trying to decorate, all for the least amount of money possible.
Do-It-Yourself Kid’s Bat Costume Oct21 by Ellen Luckett Baker Simple is better, so if you’re looking for a handmade idea for Halloween, try converting a t-shirt into a cute bat costume in a few quick steps. Much like my owl costume from last year, this project can be made quickly, is comfortable for kids to wear and it’s fun! Do-It-Yourself Kid’s Bat Costume
**Please be respectful of my designs and only use this tutorial for personal use. Not intended for commercial sale or manufacture, even on a home based scale. Make them for yourself, to give as gifts, but I'd appreciate not using it for profit. Thanks.DINO TAIL TUTORIAL Today I'll be showing you how to make dinosaur (or dragon) tails! This is a simple, fun, toy for kids. Dinosaur Tails
And attach velcro: Then turn it back over to the front and cut out some sort of shape to the shirt, creating some sleeves…..but still leaving a good amount to the width, so that you’ll have some shirt to cinch up in the belt at the end. Turn it inside out, sew up the sides along the new curves, and then turn it right side out again. Now, make diagonal cuts all along the bottom and sleeves. That’s it. Nice and easy. Make It and Love It: Peter Pan Costume
As our “magical world” project continues this year, we are still super focused on the fairy forest part of that imaginary adventure. The tiny person is so excited about creating the bits and pieces that line the path to her castle and lead the way along the path into the fairy forest, that we found ourselves at a loss for where to put all of our cool creations when the magical world is packed away. Enter Fairy Bowls. Kids Craft Tutorial - Papier Mache Fairy Bowls | Our Big Earth
Build your own paper rocket!
A Rollicking Rocket in Se7en Steps… » se7en November 25th, 2009 · 35 Comments A little while ago we made an army of aliens, well Se7en million aliens need a home… About the time that our aliens were created this very cute Charlie and Lola dollhouse debuted… and we spotted it everywhere!!! Because it is so cute!!! A brilliant project that could be extended and expanded in almost any direction.
The theme for the Unplugged Project for this week is newspaper. I remembered seeing a structure made out of newspaper and saved the instructions for “some day”. Well today was that some day. I just so happened to have this past weeks newspapers and the paper leftover from the garage sale. Newspaper Hut » Pepper Paints
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