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DOAP: Description of a Project. C Opens Data on the Web with SPARQL. Powerful Technology for Querying Distributed and Diverse Data Contact Americas, Australia -- Ian Jacobs, <ij@w3.org>, +1.718.260.9447 or +1.617.253.2613 Contact Europe, Africa and the Middle East -- Marie-Claire Forgue, <mcf@w3.org>, +33.492.38.75.94 Contact Asia --

C Opens Data on the Web with SPARQL

Intro to the Semantic Web. Views Datasource. Views Datasource is a set of plugins for Drupal Views for rendering content in a number of shareable, reusable formats based on XML, JSON and XHTML.

Views Datasource

These formats allow content in a Drupal site to be easily used as data sources for Semantic Web clients and web mash-ups. Views Datasource plugins output content from node lists created in the Drupal Views interface in a variety of formats - XML data documents using schemas like OPML and Atom, RDF data documents using a vocabulary like FOAF, JSON data documents in a format like Exhibit JSON, and XHTML data documents using a microformat like hCard. Views Datasource can be thought of as a userland complement to the work going on in the Services and RDF APIs as a site operator only needs to know Views to be able to create datasources in the different formats. Swoogle Semantic Web Search Engine. Tim Berners-Lee Says the Time for the Semantic Web is Now - Read.

In an hour long interview posted today about the Semantic Web, W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee says all the pieces are in place to move full steam ahead and realize the potential of a world of structured, machine readable data.

Tim Berners-Lee Says the Time for the Semantic Web is Now - Read

Available as a part of the Talking with Talis semantic web podcast series, the interview (listen here) is summarized on interviewer Paul Miller's new ZDNet blog dedicated to the semantic web. A full transcript is available here. It's an important conversation and a good introduction to what the semantic web is. Also notable is the way that Berners-Lee sees Semantics and Data Portability as very related. RDF-Gravity. Sunil Goyal, Rupert Westenthaler {sgoyal, rwestenthaler}@salzburgresearch.at Salzburg Research, Austria Download RDF Gravity RDF Gravity (v1.0): Click here to launch the online demo (~10 MB download).


IsaViz Overview. News IsaViz and Java 1.6 (2007-10-21) IsaViz 2.x is not compatible with Java 1.6 or later.

IsaViz Overview

It is recommended to download IsaViz 3.0 which does work with any version of Java. What Is RDF. What Is RDF by Joshua Tauberer | Pages: 1, 2, 3 Triples for Knowledge RDF provides a general, flexible method to decompose any knowledge into small pieces, called triples, with some rules about the semantics (meaning) of those pieces.

What Is RDF

The foundation is breaking knowledge down into a labeled, directed graph. Each edge in the graph represents a fact, or a relation between two things.