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You are not a Software Engineer. You do not build skyscrapers. You do not build bridges. You grow gardens. You are a Software Gardener. Do you try to plan your gardens in such detail that you know where each leaf will be positioned before you plant a single seed? You are NOT a Software Engineer! - You are NOT a Software Engineer! -
What is a Gantt chart? More than just a chart, a Gantt Chart is a UI used to model tasks with interdependencies to show how a project fits together. A Gantt chart control not only gives you an easy way of constructing a model but can actually do some planning for you. Sometimes you have to ask a simple question to get a simple answer. In most cases what a chart component does is fairly obvious but sometimes they can be a bit more mysterious. Even looking at examples only clarifies how the control can be used in specific cases not the general principles. What is a Gantt chart?
Cucumber - Making BDD fun Cucumber - Making BDD fun 7. Repeat 1-6 until the money runs out Cucumber lets software development teams describe how software should behave in plain text. The text is written in a business-readable domain-specific language and serves as documentation, automated tests and development-aid - all rolled into one format. Cucumber works with Ruby, Java, .NET, Flex or web applications written in any language. It has been translated to over 40 spoken languages.
10 way to Improve Your Software Development Process! 1) Less people in meetings Stop having those meetings with 10 people trying to resolve a problem or make a decision. If it's a technical problem then get a maximum of two relevant people at a Developers desk. Let the Developer show you a few options. Pick an option and let the Developer get on with it. 10 way to Improve Your Software Development Process!
Death to Best Practices Can we please put the whole term “Best Practices” to rest now? Apparently, according to this link (forwarded to me by John Dietz, thanks!), the very place where it originated (or was best popularized, depending on your interpretation of history) has now seen the whole concept basically debunked: For example, Jim Collins’ blockbuster business book Good to Great, published in 2001, featured 11 supposedly great companies. All of them did extraordinarily well on the stock market for 10-20 years. But by 2008, when Steven Levitt posted Good to Great to Below Average on Freakonomics, two of them had died. Death to Best Practices
In the current market it becomes more and more likely that developers in the same team will not be in the same physical location. This is caused by outsourcing, but also other reasons like ever increasing focus on open source projects. In a distributed scenario pair programming has huge benefits over meetings and sending comments on issues around. It is (still) the fastest way of sharing detailed information between people, and it actually gets the job done where a meeting does not. The added benefit of pair programming in a distributed team is that it bridges the gap between the local team and the remote team that is caused by the fact that informal communication is impeded. Things you need to know before doing distributed pair programming Things you need to know before doing distributed pair programming