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Art4anyone : Clockwork forest by greyworld... Bronze Pour. Art4anyone : Skull & Headphones by Rhys... LocNessMonsterr : You can't all make perfect... Instagram. LocNessMonsterr : this pillow . . . . #artnerd... Photo by locnessmonsterr. Allison lehman : show + tell / 30 Day Drawing Challenge.

This Is How You Advertise For An Art School. Drowning Beautiful. Ethereal Digital Paintings Capture The Look Of Loneliness. Loneliness never looked so depressingly good.

Ethereal Digital Paintings Capture The Look Of Loneliness

Variations of glittered deformations form the basis for a grotesquely beautiful motif in the works of Japanese artist 非(xhxix). Digitally sketching, drawing, and painting everything using Photoshop alone, 非 visualizes loneliness in his subjects and decorates them with scars, layers of geometric abstractions and floral imagery. As most of his subjects are young men, the artist explains that “boys are more suitable to express loneliness as women are emotional and powerful.” Concocting images of isolated pain and an ethereal sadness into haunting depictions of young western men, 非 reveals a mystified insight into the depths of the Japanese psyche.