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Expériences "Effet Wahou" - comment aller plus loin ?

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Expériences de l'Espace des Sciences (Rennes) Jeux à bricoler. Vidéos "Pas à pas" Arvind Gupta. Our core belief is that children learn by doing - by touching, feeling, cutting, sticking -- pulling things apart, putting things together. We believe that this hands-on science helps them relate to curriculum and get conceptual understanding. We believe this will revolutionize the way children learn. A child lighting up a LED with a Syringe Generator is more likely to light up his village tomorrow. Our approach is inclusive. All the materials used in our activities are very affordable and accessible to every child across the globe, developing or developed countries alike.

Ours is the most cost effective outreach program in the world, with cost of 15 paisa per person (0.2 cents per person). Our Goal We want to design science and math activities to comprehensively cover the whole curriculum. 300 expériences de physique. Bonhomme danseur. Rub And Dance.

Bonhomme danseur

Arroseur automatique. Papillon électricité statique. La ligne d'eau. Have you seen traveling water, i.e. water traveling from one cup to another without being close together or one directly above the other.

La ligne d'eau

It can be easily done with the help of a string! In this experiment, you will find out that water doesn’t just flow in river. It can flow on a string, too. It’s not magic. It’s science! What you need 2 cupsa long string (be sure to use cotton twine or strings that can absorb water. Regency Natural Cooking Twine Quality Park White Cotton 10-Ply Medium String OXO Good Grips 100-Percent Natural Cotton Twine Steps Tape one end of the string to the inside bottom of a cup.Fill the other cup with water (and food coloring if you want) and put the free end of the string in the water (not taped).Lift the cup with water up above the other, but not directly over it.

Why This traveling water experiment has demonstrated two important properties of water. Cohesion: Water molecules are attracted to one another and so they tend to stick together. Voir le son. Le piège de lumière. La voiture "air propulsée" Le canon à air "rond de fumée" Playing with an air canon is always fun.

Le canon à air "rond de fumée"

You can use it to propel little tissue balls or have a race to see who can make the balls fly the farthest. But did you know that you can also make a smoke ring with it? Warning: adult supervision is required whenever you do things involving fire. What you need a plastic bottlea balloonscissorspacking tapeincense (this lavender incense is very nice!) Steps Cut out the bottom of the bottle. Propelling Game To play, pull out the knot and release it quickly to shoot air at small balls of tissue paper. Smoke Ring To make a smoke ring, light an incense and blow out the fire (since we only want the smoke).Carefully insert the incense into the bottle but do not let go. Why How does the air move? The smoke ring you see is a vortex. A vortex is a spinning donut of air. At the same time, this outcoming vortex is traveling faster than the outside air and therefore has a lower pressure (as depicted by Bernoulli’s principle).

Source: Telus World Of Science. La toupie colorée. Vidéo ludion artisanal. Réaliser un ludion. Une drôle de pâte qui dégouline. Feu d'artifice dans un verre d'eau. C’est une expérience à mener avec les enfants, que vous pourrez faire dans la cuisine avec juste un peu de colorant alimentaire, de l’huile et de l’eau. Vous verrez des étoiles dans les yeux de vos enfants 😉 mais je vous rassure tout de suite, ce feu d’artifice est totalement sûr, vous ne risquerez pas d’explosion ! Matériel nécessaire pour cette expérience Vous aurez besoin :

Le volcan à la grenadine. Le ballon autogonflant. La densité des liquides. Pile avec des pommes de terre. De Wikidebrouillard.

Pile avec des pommes de terre

Présentation de l'expérience Peut-on produire de l'électricité avec des pommes de terre ? Cette expérience montre comment il est possible de transformer des pommes de terre, mais aussi d'autres aliments, en piles électriques utilisables dans un circuit simple. Matériel 7 pommes de terre 7 pièces en cuivre (Cu) Attention : selon les pièces utilisées, il arrive que l'expérience ne fonctionne pas. L'expérience En vidéo La manipulation Nettoyer les pièces de cuivre et les clous en zinc. Que voit-on ? La danse de l'huile et du sucre. Comment créer un livre 3D! An anaglyph is made of two superimposed images, but a little offset, consisting of red (most often found on the left) and cyan (most often found on the right).

Comment créer un livre 3D!

The space between the 2 images (also called parallax) is not the same everywhere, is not constant. To create the relief effect, we must use red and cyan (mix between green and blue) filters like the anaglyph's colors. The eye with the red filter will not filter the red image but will block the blue one. The eye with the blue filter will block the red image but will no filter the blue one. Le thaumatrope.