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Ai Weiwei alla Royal AcademyLiving Corriere. Hero design creates everbright, a digital lite-bright that's 42x bigger. Aug 14, 2015 hero design creates everbright, a digital lite-bright that's 42x bigger hero design creates everbright, a digital lite-bright that’s 42x biggerall images courtesy of hero design do you remember playing with the lite-brite as a kid? The classic toy by hasbro enabled total artistic freedom using nothing more than a box with a light, a single sheet of black paper, and hundreds of miniature plastic choking-hazards. chances are if those memories are somewhere in the depths of that nightmarish-land called childhood, there’s probably another. a blip or a passing phrase, maybe something like, ‘it would be so rad if this thing was absolutely massive’. every dial is capable of producing any color on the spectrum ‘everbright’ can be programed to visualize custom animations video courtesy of hero design dials endlessly rotate animations can quickly form and disappear on the display, creating a dynamic sign or message board doodling with ‘everbright’ use your hands and free your mind.

Solaris installation by save lab visualizes brain waves with magnetic liquid. Aug 17, 2015 solaris installation by save lab visualizes brain waves with magnetic liquid solaris installation by save lab visualizes brain waves with magnetic liquid all images courtesy of save lab the interactive installation by save lab demonstrates a influence field using a permanent magnet on magnetically charged fluorescent liquids. ‘solaris’ is a two phase system that modifies it’s surfaces to the unique transmissions from the human brain. the way it works is, the user wears a neuro sensitive headset, that computes brain activity and sends information to the installation, where its physicalized using magnetic waves. the studio tested the installation on different age groups, and professions. the results confirmed that brain activity and mood reflected the dynamics and characters of the liquids in the sphere. the magnetically charged fluorescent liquid video courtesy of julia borovaya the neuro interface emotive epoc headset the user adjusts their emotional state to influence the liquid.

Share a Coke - What's in your name? Simin qiu and kohler present artificial nature project. Aug 12, 2015 simin qiu, with support from kohler, presents artificial nature simin qiu, with support from kohler, presents artificial natureall images courtesy of simin qiu the planet’s surface is a diverse mixture of textures and abstract patterns. geological forces such as heat and pressure, coupled with external influences like weathering and erosion from wind, water, and sunlight have sculpted earth to what it is today, and will continue to do so unceasingly. product designer simin qiu’s project, ‘artificial nature’ recreates the laws of the world in order to produce organic patterns like mother nature herself. a simple motor turns the paddle, creating waves video courtesy of simin qiu detail of paddle sand pattern ceramic pattern water basin and tile design by simin qiu, produced by kohler installed pieces tile details wave machine details process patterns ceramic pieces edited by: nick brink | designboom.

Ira koers and roelof mulder form freestanding cinemas for manifesta 10. Aug 18, 2015 ira koers and roelof mulder form freestanding cinemas for manifesta 10 ira koers and roelof mulder form freestanding cinemas for manifesta 10all images courtesy of bureau ira koers and studio roelof mulder the 10th edition of manifesta, the european biennial of contemporary art, took place in the state hermitage museum in st. petersburg. supervised by curator kasper könig, the exhibition commenced in the entrance hall of the general staff building with an overview of the most important video art works from the past four decades. this program of video art works entitled ‘unlooped kino’ was sourced by rainald schumacher and nathalie hoyos of office for art from well-known and private and public art collections, and included time-based media by marina abramovic, oleg kulik, francis alÿs and tracey emin. works by marina abramovic, oleg kulik, francis alÿs and tracey emin, among others front of the eastern window video room view through the window in the back wall the four video rooms.

Dimore Design Bergamo | Informazioni. Il Tour Dimore Storiche di Bergamo presenta Dimore Design 2014. Una serie di appuntamenti all’insegna della tradizione e dell’incontro tra design, arte, storia, architettura. Mondi, discipline e culture diverse si intrecciano ancora una volta in cinque Dimore Storiche, interpretate da cinque grandi designer italiani. Villa Grismondi Finardivia Volturno, 23 Prezzo adulti: € 8,00 Prezzo ridotto: € 5,00 Orari 10:30 - 12:30 14:30 - 18:30 Palazzo Terzipiazza Terzi, 2 Palazzo Agliardivia Pignolo, 86 Palazzo Moronivia Porta Dipinta, 12 Casa Trussardivia Osmano, 6 Biglietto per visite guidate a due dimore a scelta. Finding Inspiration In-House: 7 Tips to Keep Your Work Fresh. Working in-house, you’re charged with serving up the same messages to the same audience using the same ingredients. These 7 tips will help you cook up something fresh.

If you’re an in-house creative, you have a lot in your favor: You’re an expert in your organization’s products and mission. You’re surrounded by colleagues working toward the same goal. And you’ve typically got more job stability than design professionals who freelance or work in agencies. But there’s one potential problem that’s unique to your world: You have to find ways to stay fresh while using the same fonts, colors and logo to share the same message with the same audience. How do you keep it interesting? “If you had told me that I’d be using the same two fonts for almost 10 years, I’d have probably laughed out loud,” says Melissa Rosen, art director at Metro Los Angeles, the county’s public transportation agency. Read on for seven tips to keep your design work fresh and innovative. 1. Create your own limitations. 2. 48nodi's tightrope walker installation forces visitors to walk the line.

Jul 24, 2015 48nodi's tightrope walker installation forces visitors to walk the line 48nodi’s tightrope walker installation forces visitors to walk the lineall images courtesy of francesco lillo, laura crespi this year’s paesaggi mirati/studi aperti festival — curated by elena bertinotti — focuses on the development of projects on the topic of social utopia. young architects laura crespi and corinne gallotti of studio 48nodi were invited to participate in the event. their project, ‘tightrope walker’ interprets social utopia as the utopia of balance. five skylight bottles bring sunlight into the interior the installation takes form as a cabin with external walls made of 480 transparent plastic bottles. through a light-blocking curtain, five small ‘suns’ break the darkness. clear bottles, like the exterior, hang downwards from the ceiling — half inside, half out. each is filled with water. under each, hung by nylon string is a small glass gar that holds a germinating plant. detail of plants.

Nubrella. The Age of Unicorns. Stewart Butterfield had one objective when he set out to raise money for his startup last fall: a billion dollars or nothing. If he couldn’t reach a $1 billion valuation for Slack, his San Francisco business software company, he wouldn’t bother. Slack was hardly starving for cash. It was a rocket ship, with thousands of people signing up for its workplace collaboration tools each week.

What Slack needed, Butterfield believed, was the cachet of the billion-dollar mark. “Yes, it’s arbitrary because it’s a big round number,” says Butterfield, 41. “It does make a difference psychologically. One billion is better than $800 million because it’s the psychological threshold for potential customers, employees, and the press.” Sure enough, in October—less than a year after the company released its namesake product—Slack announced the close of a $120 million round of financing. It wasn’t long ago that the idea of a pre-IPO tech startup with a $1 billion market value was a fantasy. Find Your Passion With These 8 Thought-Provoking Questions.

In a previous post, I shared questions that can help in overcoming fear of failure. But sometimes, there’s an even more basic problem that can stop us from pursuing bold challenges and ambitious goals: not knowing which challenges or goals to pursue. These days, you're urged to “follow your passions” and “lean in”--but what if you’re not sure where your particular passion lies?

What if you don’t know which way to lean? This can be an issue not only for those starting out in a career, but also for some who are established, even highly-successful, yet unfulfilled. Whether you’re starting out or considering a possible change in direction, asking yourself the right questions is critical. This question, derived from a terrific commencement speech given at MIT last year by Dropbox founder Drew Houston, is a good place to start because it cuts to the chase.

So pay attention to what pulls you. What is something you believe that almost nobody agrees with you on? What are your superpowers? Italian Startup Ecosystem: come cambiano gli investimenti in startup | Italian Angels for Growth. “Identificare, mappare e comunicare gli attori dell’ecosistema italiano delle startup”: è questo l’obiettivo del report “The Italian Startup Ecosystem: Who’s Who”, curato da Italia Startup con il supporto del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico e la collaborazione degli Osservatori del Politecnico di Milano. Uno studio approfondito che tenta di far emergere i player di un mondo, quello delle startup italiane, in parte ancora sconosciuto al grande pubblico. Il dato che emerge più chiaramente dal report sull’ecosistema delle startup italiane è la crescita esponenziale delle startup innovative che, in un anno, ha registrato un incremento del 120%, arrivando alla cifra record di 2.716 nuove imprese*. Per quanto riguarda gli incubatori e gli acceleratori presenti in Italia, sebbene non sia cambiato di molto il numero totale nell’ultimo anno (100 nel 2014, 97 nel 2013), si registra una discrepanza più marcata tra nord, centro e sud rispetto al 2013.

Wellness e fitness un mercato in forma - Stili di vita. Nutrition_services.pdf. The Ultimate SendOwl Ecommerce Review 2015 - Ecommerce Platforms. While the common perception that in today’s digitally connected world, anything and everything is just a click away is generally true to some extent, there are certain things that are easier said than done in this context. One of such things that is not ‘just one click away’ is the ability to sell things. Well, yes, there are plenty of ecommerce platforms out there that let you create online storefronts to sell goods and services in a relatively easy manner, it still takes a good amount of time, effort, planning and execution to put everything together before you can actually throw the doors of your estore open. In view of this, if you have a few, simple things that you wish to sell online, going the traditional ecommerce platform way would probably be an overkill. And this is where SendOwl comes in to the picture.

Here is my full review of SendOwl: Who is it for: SendOwl is suitable for you if you wish to sell any of the following types of products Secure Storage and Distribution: Pricing: The Ultimate SendOwl Ecommerce Review 2015 - Ecommerce Platforms. The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Design. Adobe’s Kickbox: The Kit To Launch Your Next Big Idea. There’s a great scene in Family Guy. Peter Griffin has just won a boat. But upon redemption, he’s offered something else: A mystery box. He explains to Lois, "A boat's a boat, but a mystery box could be anything. It could even be a boat! " It’s too enticing to resist, so Peter takes the mystery box. I can’t help but to think about this scene as I open the sample Adobe Kickbox that I’ve been sent—a mystery box for Adobe employees’ next big ideas.

Oh, and one more thing: A $1,000 prepaid Citi card that employees can spend however they like without ever justifying a purchase to a manager or filing an expense report. Giving Away Money The philosophy behind Kickbox is simple: The most creative people lurking inside Adobe might not want to deal with the bureaucracy of pitching what could become the company’s next hit product. "When you trust people, they’ll live up to your expectations," says Adobe’s Chief Strategist and Vice President of Creativity Mark Randall.

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