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How to Make Steampunk Goggles: 15 Steps. Edit Article Community Q&A No steampunk costume would be complete without a pair of steampunk aviator goggles.

How to Make Steampunk Goggles: 15 Steps

You can usually buy a pair of steampunk goggles online, but if you are good with crafts, it might be cheaper to make your own. Making your own goggles also allows you the opportunity to customize them to your liking. Ad Steps <img alt="Image titled Make Steampunk Goggles Step 1" src=" width="728" height="485" class="whcdn" onload="WH.performance.clearMarks('image1_rendered'); WH.performance.mark('image1_rendered');">1Prepare the area. Community Q&A Add New Question Can I use goggles other than welding goggles? Ask a Question Can you answer these readers' questions? Can an HP 88xl cartridge be unclogged with hot water? How do I calculate meter readings in order to find the charge? Tips To get a better idea of how steampunk goggles should look, find a few pictures of steampunk goggles you like and save them for reference photos. Article Info. How To Make Steampunk Goggles.

Steampunk goggles: the perfect gift for any occasion — birthdays, anniversaries, whatever.

How To Make Steampunk Goggles

A simple present that says, I care enough to want to protect your eyes from gas explosions, zombie claws, and wayward automatons. Or maybe you simply want a pair for your steampunk costume–that’s certainly why I set out to make mine (seen in the photo right). The best part of these “brass goggles” is that making them is cheap (<$20 if you spend wisely) and easy (unless you’re clumsy like me–then it just takes a little extra care). 1. First off, you need a pair of welding goggles. 2. Steampunk Wings - All. Steampunk Wings. A Quintet of Steampunk Wings Tutorials! So, apparently it ends up I only use this blog for special articles and announcements.

A Quintet of Steampunk Wings Tutorials!

So far :) Anyway, this one is special because Pinterest and Facebook just wouldn't cover it well enough. This morning 5 different "steampunk wings" tutorials popped up on Pinterest, and I thought it would be nice to have them all in one place as a resource! So, here you are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Have fun, and send us pictures of what you make! Steampunk auto-folding wings - 5. Steampunk Wings Tutorial by Yazzzle on DeviantArt. Articulated Wings Diagram by Dead-ShdwWolf on DeviantArt. Articulating Wings. Steampunk wings backpack test #2. Steampunk Gauntlet - Punished Props. Every year my gang of costumers and I go to SteamCon here in Seattle.

Steampunk Gauntlet - Punished Props

This year’s theme was “Wild Whacky West”, so I decided to make my own steampunk sherrif costume. The first bit that I made was a steam gauge gauntlet. This project was completely from scratch using leather and plastic PVC Foam. Both pieces were cut out from a design that I came up with. The plastic was bent to the contour that would go over my forearm. I added round platforms on the plastic base for the eventual location of the gauges. Steampunk Goggles - shaded by vanbangerburger on DeviantArt. Steampunk Goggles: A Tutorial by FenrisDesigns on DeviantArt. Leather Gauntlet by vanbangerburger on DeviantArt. Cosplay Tutorial - The Costuming Resource. Do it Yourself: Costume Helmet (Big Barda) I have always loved Big Barda’s design.

Do it Yourself: Costume Helmet (Big Barda)

Over the years it has changed significantly, but her samurai-inspired helmet has remained a trademark of her look. I decided early on that I wanted to go with a more real-world design for the helmet, but make sure that it was still clearly recognizable. Who am I to improve on Jack Kirby’s work? Despite the sleek design of the helmet, this was easily one of the most complicated cosplay projects that I have tackled. I.chzbgr. Steampunk batman poison ivy costumes. Boston comic con 2013 steampunk batman cosplay 3 by iron river d6p346y. Batman Gauntlets Build Tutorial – The Foam Cave. This tutorial will walk you through the construction of the Batman gauntlets.

Batman Gauntlets Build Tutorial – The Foam Cave

You can download a free copy of the Batman gauntlets template here: If this is your first build, check out the Introduction Page first,as well as the Supply Page for links to the foam, glue, and necessary tools. Print out the template onto thick printer paper (ideally a poster board paper) to make it easier to trace. Tape together the two halves of the template base – hold it up to light or place the printouts on a sun-facing window to see through the paper and correctly align both halves. Cut out all the pieces and trace them onto your foam sheets. Cut out the shapes using a regular pair of office scissors Align the top and bottom gauntlet layers as best as possible. Flip the two layers over and apply glue down the middle of the underside of the top layer. If you are satisfied with the finish of the edges of the gauntlet, you can move onto the adding straps step.

Flip the gauntlets over. Tutorials – The Foam Cave. Template for Batman Gauntlets.