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Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary - parte prima - Speciale PS3 - Il 18 Dicembre 1987 nasceva Final Fantasy, un titolo destinato a spiccare tra i più famosi videogiochi di ruolo giapponesi. GameSurf ripercorre le tappe del mito a partire dagli episodi per console 8-Bit e 16-Bit. Uno speciale "ragionato" (le virgolette sono assolutamente obbligatorie), in tre puntate per guidarvi nelle meraviglie di una saga che ha saputo creare un vero e proprio genere ludico.Pronti? Iniziamo. PRAEFATIONel 1986 l'allora Squaresoft si trovò in gravi difficoltà finanziarie, tanto che si votò di realizzare un ultimo gioco per Nintendo Famicom (da noi Nintendo Entertainment System) prima di chiudere baracca e burattini. Lo sviluppo fu affidato a Hironobu Sakaguchi, il quale affidò la direzione artistica a Yoshitaka Amano e le musiche a Nobuo Uematsu.

Si sarebbe trattato di un JRPG a tinte Fantasy, così com'era in voga (e innovativo) in quel periodo, e dovendo essere l'ultimo, si decise di chiamarlo, un po' impersonalmente, Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy Final Fantasy II. Final Fantasy. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Final Fantasy rappresenta una serie di videogiochi di grande rilevanza storica per il mondo del divertimento interattivo. È soprattutto a Final Fantasy VII che si deve la svolta per la serie, portando quello che era un gioco diffuso specialmente in Giappone e Nord America a divenire popolare in tutto il mondo; ad oggi il settimo capitolo rimane il più venduto della storia della serie.

Al 7 giugno 2011, la serie ha venduto oltre 100 milioni di copie.[1] Alcuni capitoli della saga sono considerati dalla critica dei veri e propri capolavori.[2][3] La maggior parte delle colonne sonore dei titoli della serie è composta da Nobuo Uematsu, mentre il character design è affidato maggiormente a Yoshitaka Amano e Tetsuya Nomura. Significato del nome[modifica | modifica wikitesto] Caratteristiche[modifica | modifica wikitesto] Nonostante la trama sia sempre diversa da capitolo a capitolo, l'universo del gioco è sempre familiare grazie a degli elementi ricorrenti.

The Stanley Parable review: the soul of wit. The Stanley Parable is the most hilarious ten minutes I've spent with a game all year. I've actually spent more time than that — close to three hours — but each individual playthrough lasts no longer than 30 minutes. In its pursuit of that rare title of comedy game, The Stanley Parable joins Shakespeare's Polonius — the would-be jokester from Hamlet — in prizing brevity above all else. The short running time is a positive force; in fact, in this case it's essential.

Outside of the jokes, The Stanley Parable teaches players about the limits of linear game narratives by blowing up those limits. The Stanley Parable tells the story of, well, Stanley — an everyman office drone whose mundane existence is interrupted one day when he discovers that all of his coworkers have mysteriously disappeared. It was the first time I went opposite of the story that was being told to me, but it wouldn't be the last the end is never the end But comedy remains the point. Square Enix Details the Road to Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Reboot and to the PS3 Launch. Square Enix surprised everyone today by suddenly releasing a slew of information on the Future of Final Fantasy XIV. First of all the relatively bad news: the free to play period is coming to an end starting between late November and early December 2011.

The good news is that development will move at full speed through 2012 and towards the beginning of 2013 when the version 2.0 of Final Fantasy XIV will be launched both on PC and PS3. The transition towards 2.0 and the PS3 launch will involve a server shutdown of undisclosed duration between october and december 2012, and a closed beta on the PS3 around the same period.

With the relaunch and the opening of the new servers of the game that will support a fully new client, the PC version will become downloadable for free (even if it’ll still involve the monthly fee of course), and a new free trial period will be offered. Of course existing players will be able to retain their characters and data without losing their progress in the game: Why Final Fantasy 14 is secretly the best game in the series. Before I get started, and before you shoot me for not saying Final Fantasy 7 is the best, there are a few things you need to know about me. I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan. The kind of fan that has given up several pieces of furniture to an ever expanding collection of giant plushes and books. The kind of fan that probably won’t have many friends left if she keeps bringing the series up in casual conversation. I love every entry for very different reasons, and know the series inside and out.

We’ve discussed which game is the best in the series at great length within the team before, and while the likes of FF6, 7 and 10 are indeed excellent, I’ve come to the conclusion that 14 is actually the best Final Fantasy game of them all. Yep, the online game that was a complete and utter shambles back in 2010 is now the best of an iconic series of grand adventures, memorable companions and gut-wrenching emotional twists. All of these things make for fantastic moments of nostalgia for any fan.

Girls Make Games Presents: The Hole Story! by LearnDistrict Inc. Featured on IGN | Polygon | Gamasutra | Joystiq | Gamespot The Hole Story gameplay that you see here was created as a demo during their time at Girls Make Games. This Kickstarter will let the girls continue to work on The Hole Story, hire professional artists, musicians, and programmers, and publish a very pretty and complete version of their vision. The Hole Story will be funded through this Kickstarter campaign, developed at LearnDistrict and published + featured on the Google Play store!

Note: After accounting for game development, publishing costs, and Kickstarter fullfillment, profit from game sales will go directly to the team. When an unsuspecting young girl finds herself transported to a mystical world, she must rely on her trusty shovel and quick wits to find her way home. After digging up a strange portal in her backyard, budding young archaeologist Wendy falls through time into a strange new land.

Karen Xu"I'm an incoming senior at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, CA. Holiday Gift Guide - Five Games to Play Alone - Holiday Gift Guide 2014 - GameSpot. Omega Quintet: Recensione - I Love Videogames. FFXIV Gardening: Seed Details. 4 of Tonight’s New iPhone and iPad Games You Should Know About. Taking some time off this December? Need something to play with on your Black Friday-acquired iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch? There are a few notable games coming to the App Store tonight. Here are the four we’re most excited about: Everything Telltale touches turns to gold, and you love Game of Thrones.

This is a no brainer. There was a time when people argued that platformers couldn’t work on a touch screen. After the success of the PC-to-portable port of Shadowrun Returns in 2013, developer Hairbrained Schemes brings the standalone campaign Dragonfall to the App Store. While it likely flew under your radar, the original Braveland was a real gem for fans of simple strategy role-playing. FEATURE: "Fantasy Life" Review. By Sarah Vaughn I have no idea why I heard almost nothing about Fantasy Life before it came out. A couple of my friends said they wanted to try it, but there just wasn’t a ton of info I could find online about what type of game it was or anything. I did know it was developed by Level-5, the makers of two of my all-time favorite games--Dragon Quest VIII and Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch--and was made for 3DS.

So obviously, it was going to be good... and it is. After playing the game for 60+ hours, I finally feel kind of qualified to give my two cents on a very complete JRPG/life sim, which really feels a lot like a single player MMORPG, if such a thing can exist. I have to start off by saying that this game is total easy-mode and knows it. In Fantasy Life, you play a silent protagonist, but it’s easy to forgot that you almost never say a word, since you’re paired up with an incredibly chatty butterfly, who does all the talking that could ever possibly need to be done.

Watch?v=qxM9pMEnJQ0&feature=youtu. Future Crisis: A Brief History of Graphics, Part Five. Voodoo Bloom: A Brief History of Graphics, Part Four. PlayStation 20th Anniversary Video. For The Players Since 1995. For The Players Since 1995: The Making Of... PS4 vs PS3 vs PS2 vs PS1 Graphics Comparison: The Road To PlayStation 4. PS4 vs PS3 vs PS2 vs PS1 GRAPHICS (HD 1080P)

Cut the Rope games, Om Nom and Nommies Official Website. Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Announcement. Official PlayStation 4 Perfect Day Commercial. The making of Monument Valley. Monument Valley was created by a team at ustwogames, led by Ken Wong. Inspired by the art of MC Escher, Japanese prints and minimalist 3D design, each level in the game is a hand-crafted combination of puzzle, graphic design and architecture. Players guide princess Ida through mysterious monuments, uncovering hidden paths, taking advantage of optical illusions and outsmarting the enigmatic Crow People. Here Ken Wong talks us through the game's creation. Every project I've worked on has been different, but I always try to make my work, or the work of my team, innovative and full of character. Work in progress Because Monument Valley doesn't fit easily into an existing genre, we couldn't rely on existing tropes and patterns.

Monument Valley was created using the Unity3D engine. However, leaving the game levels in this state would have resulted in a slow or choppy experience once on an iPhone or iPad. We set up our art pipeline so that we could make tweaks easily. Conclusion Words: Ken Wong. Ori and the Blind Forest looks great, but plays even better. One look at the trailer for Microsoft's upcoming Metroidvania adventure Ori and the Blind Forest and it's easy to be blown away by its Studio Ghibli inspired visuals.

It's also just as easy to be a little dubious, thinking it's a knee-jerk reaction to the Redmond giant's less than stellar reputation with indie developers after Sony made such a fuss about them last year. "We can do pretty, quirky indie games too! " it seemed to say. It may surprise you to learn that Ori has actually been in development for four years at Moon Studios, while Microsoft picked it up three years ago. Ori's glorious aesthetic is certainly striking, but it's not the reason Microsoft Studios signed it back in the day. In fact, the graphics were nothing but bare-bones placeholder art at the time.

So what sold it to the Redmond-based giant, you ask? At a private media briefing at E3 this year, publishing producer at Microsoft Dan Smith raves about Ori's level of precision when it comes to its movements. Benefits of Gaming: What Research Shows. Multiplayerit : Nel caso volesse cambiare ... Kickstarter Corner: Young Women Dig into The Hole Story | RETRO. The Man Who Turned Paper into Pixels: How Mathematician and Black Jack Wizard Claude Shannon Ignited the Information Age. Tales of Xillia 2 - PS3 - Alvin Character Focus. Tales of Xillia 2 - PS3 - Elize Character Focus. What's the scariest thing in the world? Ask your teenage daughter. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - Opening Movie. Ruzzle Adventure on the App Store. Transistor review: a girl and her sword. Transistor is not afraid to step out of the shadow of its famous sibling. The latest from developer Supergiant Games, Transistor shares plenty of DNA with its predecessor, the popular indie game Bastion.

Both are isometric action games, set in colorful, stylized worlds. Both emphasize combat. But Transistor's world and story feel unique. And its combat is fine-tuned, deep and dynamic. Transistor put me in the shoes of Red, a gifted and popular musician living in the cyberpunk-fantasy city of Cloudbank. The game begins dramatically, with Red pulling a giant sword — the Transistor — from the body of a man on a rooftop. The storytelling is fragmentary but effective, escalating the stakes with every twist. When I wasn't exploring abandoned corners of the city, I was fighting Process — robotic foes hell-bent on destroying Cloudbank. Enemies always arrived in combinations, compelling me to deal with every encounter differently. I had the freedom to decide how I wanted to treat each battle. Writing Subversive Games: Pitfalls and Potentials. One rainy evening somewhere at the early end of 1997, I found myself hepped up on adrenaline while zigzagging through a dungeon.

Even though I was being hunted through mazelike hallways by grappling-hook-flinging assailants, I still somehow managed to maintain my grasp on a large red flag and ebony nail gun. …and thus was my introduction to “Capture the Flag” (CTF), a multiplayer game mod – or modification – of a tremendously popular video game called Quake. Although now considered outdated by contemporary First Person Shooter (FPS) standards, in its day Quake was considered highly influential, especially in relation to the concept of emergent gameplay. Emergent gameplay occurs where players employ various workarounds – which are not necessarily scripted by the game’s creators – in order to further game progression. One such instance of emergent gameplay popularised by Quake players (but originating in Quake’s FPS precursor Doom) was the rocket jump. What video games can teach us about global economies. A Board Game That Has You Guess Ridiculous Internet Search Predictions.

The Last Tinker: City of Colors - World Overview. Jonathan Blow: Game design: the medium is the message. The Engagement Circle: How Game Designers Create Engaging Experiences (I) The 12 Key Stages of Engagement in Games: Exploring how games make us lose track of time (Part 1) Did you ever wonder how game designers create engaging experiences? Why do online games. -and MMORPGs in special-, have way higher engagement ratios than any other game genres? Can we find any common design patterns in those games? And, can we apply all of that to Gamification Design to make this type of experiences way more engaging? This is a serie of 4 posts where we're going to explore the key 12 stages of engagement in online games to discover how to create, define and design better gameful experiences.

Learning from the best: Online Games Good games are all about engagement and we could even say (without being wrong) that nowadays, games are the kings of engagement. From all of those facts, it's quite clear that there's something "magical" in the way that successful online games (and MMORPGs in special) are designed that makes them so engaging. The Engagement Circle Stage 1: An Epic Journey. Game Boy. Pixel Press review: this is what it’s like to draw a video game. 121inShare Jump To Close When I was a kid, video games didn't end the moment I turned off the NES. If I wasn’t holding a controller, I had a pencil in my hand, furiously scribbling out maps of Hyrule or alien caves for Samus to explore in Metroid. But since I didn't know how to code and wasn't much of an artist, those ideas stayed in my notebook, and I never got to explore them on my television.

For kids growing up today, though, that could be different. Today Pixel Press is launching its first app on iPad (with iPhone and Android versions to follow). The first thing you'll notice is that Floors requires precision. It feels a bit like magic Everything you can create, from a simple platform to a fireball-spewing lava pit, is represented by a specific symbol. My first problem was my printer, which cut off an edge of the graph paper. I haven't yet had a flawless experience — there's always something the app misses when scanning, especially with more complex levels. Bravely Default - Recensione - 3DS - 126058. Il portatile Nintendo colpisce ancora con una vera e propria quintessenza del gioco di ruolo giapponese Christian La Via Colli Quando abbiamo giocato Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, circa tre anni fa, siamo rimasti decisamente insoddisfatti.

Il goffo tentativo di proporre un jRPG dal sapore vintage, etichettandolo come spin-off del rinomato brand Square Enix, non ci aveva convinto del tutto, e i suoi pregi erano annegati in un mare di pessime idee. Bravely Default è un vero e proprio seguito spirituale di quell'esperimento discutibile: condivide con The 4 Heroes of Light alcuni nomi importanti, è strutturato praticamente allo stesso modo e si rifa ai medesimi tòpoi narrativi. Ci sono quattro eroi, altrettanti cristalli da salvare, un impero da sconfiggere, tante classi da padroneggiare. Il lungo viaggio della vestale La classe non è acqua Microtransazioni? Potremmo quasi chiamarle "in-app purchase", come nei giochi mobile: facoltative, ma presenti. La miglior difesa è il coraggio Pro. Rubrica - Punto Doc - 26109 -

Hand-drawn video game maps are physical memories, so let's see yours. Pong Was Never Intended For Public Release. Gizmodo : Pong was never supposed to ... Osmo. Play Beyond the Screen. POKEMON RED AND BLUE W/ Smosh (Honest Game Trailers) Hands on: Project Morpheus review | Gaming Reviews | TechRadar. Theverge. PlayStation's legacy is a sense of style. Oculus Rift: Step Into the Game by Oculus. VR Films Are Going to Be All Over Sundance in 2015. Valentina Bertani sur Twitter : "Star Ocean: First Departure. Twine, the Video-Game Technology for All. Star Ocean: First Departure. Perchè Plants vs Zombies 2 è il miglior videogioco degli ultimi anni - Players.


Valentina Bertani sur Twitter : "Star Ocean: una panoramica e un po' di storia. Star Ocean: una panoramica e un po’ di storia.