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Articles. VectionVR. Microsoft HoloLens First Impressions. In the Citrix Redmond office, we’ve had a chance to take an early look at a development edition or Microsoft HoloLens, the augmented reality visor (or ‘mixed reality’ as Microsoft prefers to call it) that allows you enhance the real world with digital content.

Microsoft HoloLens First Impressions

Other than getting the obvious out of the way—that this is really cool tech to play around with—what are some of our initial thoughts on how the HoloLens and augmented reality can add value to businesses and, more to the point, to Citrix? The HoloLens Experience To answer that question, let’s first take a look at the HoloLens and describe the experimentation we have done with it. The HoloLens itself is worn as a visor, with the computing power required to augment the reality you view existing within the visor itself. Nick Hirning, Citrix Intern, demonstrating the HoloLens. The Laws of Mixed Reality — without the rose-colored glasses. (credit: Matrix Revolutions/Warner Bros.)

The Laws of Mixed Reality — without the rose-colored glasses

By John Rousseau The future of human consciousness will be a hybrid affair. We will live and work in a ubiquitous computing environment, where physical reality and a pervasive digital layer mix seamlessly according to the logic of software and the richness of highly contextual data. This is mixed reality (MR) — and it will soon simply be reality: projected onto our mind’s eye, always on, always connected, and deeply personalized. It will be delivered first through a head-mounted display, and ultimately embedded in our perception via subtler inputs.

Visionary VR Preview - Storytelling in Virtual Reality. Old.