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KS1 Numeracy. A visual open ended activity to help with basic calculation and number bonds.

KS1 Numeracy

Create number piles, Drag and drop the number bars to help explain a variety of concepts. A visual excersice to help with basic subtraction. Drag and drop the number bars to help with the calculation. © A KS 1 money application where teachers and pupils can drag coins into a money box and then calculate the money box total. Open ended resource for teachers to ask their pupils questions as part of a whole class starter activity on money in maths. A KS 1 money application where teachers and pupils can choose items to buy and then pay for them by dragging coins onto a hand Uses coins 1p to 20p to a maximum total of £2.00 Drag and drop the toys onto the scales. The number cards can be used in a variety of ways in maths lessons. Try this progressive range of mental maths activities to sharpen recall of key number facts. Drag and drop the names of the two digit numbers on to the picture.

January 2010 Front. Math and Children's Literature. Videos - How to add with negative integer chips. Videos - Abbot_and_Costello_Maths_Problem. Think Math! CMP Interactive Chip Model. Professional Development: Teaching Elementary Math with The Geom.

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About this book See insideSee inside maths “Perfectly pitched for Key Stage 2, a mix of facts, humour and novelty flaps...This series is proof that the right non-fiction still sells.”The Bookseller Help with links Problem with a link? Missing link? Considering Sketchpad - The Geometer's Sketchpad Resource Center. NLVM Pre-K - 2 - Number & Operations Manipulatives. Activities - The Geometer's Sketchpad Resource Center. Back to the Introduction On this page you can read about activities, download individual sketches, or download the entire collection of sketches, handouts and Teacher Notes. You are free to photocopy these activities for use in your own classroom. You are also free to make changes to the sketches themselves to suit your own needs; but please be sure to save them under different filenames so you don't confuse them with the original sketches.

The activities' notes and sketches are Copyright 2003 KCP Technologies. All other rights reserved. These sketches require Sketchpad 4.0 or later.