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Monk: the Anti-Sedentary Buddy. Clip Table: Ready-to-Assemble Furniture That Requires No Tools or Hardware. The Clip Table utilizes a connection method that is simple, intuitive and easy to use.

Clip Table: Ready-to-Assemble Furniture That Requires No Tools or Hardware

Inspired by clamp lid and Weck canning jars from Crate and Barrel, the Clip Table is made of a system of parts that inform the user of how they should be assembled through their form language, with an emphasis on compression and tension. Made from hand-routed birch plywood, turned tapered ash legs, and bent sheet steel, the design of this ready-to-assemble table can lend itself to both assembly and disassembly with ease, without the need for tools or hardware. Luke Gordon, designer Lucas Vasilko, photographer. Humane Traps. The usual way to deal with vermin is to fight them with poison or traps, both usually fatal.

Humane Traps

LABA: A Speaker That Considers the Relationship Between Material and Sound. LABA is a innovative bluetooth speaker designed alongside its horn inserts collection.

LABA: A Speaker That Considers the Relationship Between Material and Sound

As sound travels through the medium projected from its source, the acoustics can be manipulated with a change of its medium textures/surfaces, resulting in the altered reception of the sound by the user. Taking inspiration from traditional gramophones, the design is named LABA (horn in chinese)— it is designed to be iconic yet representative, coupling its mechanical function with crisp digital sound to provide a precious desktop speaker audio experience. Customizable Furniture Assembled Without Tools, Like a Puzzle. Inspired by Japanese wood joinery, ButterPly desks are easy to assemble and require no screws or tools.

Customizable Furniture Assembled Without Tools, Like a Puzzle

The height of the frame can be adjusted thanks to the in-house developed smart joinery system. ButterPly desks' durable table tops are ergonomically crafted with various functions embedded. Community-Based Weather Camera Stations Aim to Encourage Crowd-Sourcing. Weather technology company, BloomSky, released its next generation wireless camera weather station featuring the SKY2 and the accessory STORM.

Community-Based Weather Camera Stations Aim to Encourage Crowd-Sourcing

The complete ecosystem is designed as a solution to the problem of inaccurate weather forecasts— it creates a next generation, crowd-sourcing community that shares accurate, hyper-local weather information and images from places all over the world. Captures pictures of the sky every 5 minutes, creating a time-lapse video at the end of the day. A Modular Shelving System That Relies on Threaded Wooden Rods. TS1 is a modular shelving system that relies on threaded wooden rods.

A Modular Shelving System That Relies on Threaded Wooden Rods

Andrius Sta - design, execution, photography. The shelves in between the rods are held firmly using bolted joints. The threading process involving a CNC router produces precisely matching connections, so glue and any metal fixtures are unnecessary. The piece ships in a flat packed box and can be easily assembled by hand. A Versatile Storage Module that Doubles as Seating. MAGGIE is a versatile piece of furniture, able to act as a stool, a bed side table, an auxiliary storage module or a magazine rack.

A Versatile Storage Module that Doubles as Seating

Its minimal, warm and easy language makes it ideal to a wide range of atmospheres—from domestic to hospitality—and its simple construction permits serial fabrication. Introducing Plants Into the Home Through Utility, Not Decoration. As we continue to convert more and more of the earth's resources into products for the human world, we need to consider that what we have already converted is not going anywhere: it will remain in its product form.

Introducing Plants Into the Home Through Utility, Not Decoration

This project is meant to bring materials with explicit circular life-cycles into our everyday lives and home use. Beth Esponnette Humans have made their living spaces beautiful and inviting with the decoration of houseplants for thousands of years. Using Spinach Leaves To Regrow Hearts. Biomimicry and bioengineering have lost some of their buzzword luster in design circles, but the IRL applications are still going strong.

Using Spinach Leaves To Regrow Hearts

To continue fighting the shortage of viable organ donations, researchers around the world are experimenting with lab grown options. But some tissues and muscles are harder to synthesize than others. Organs like the heart rely on a dense and extremely tiny network of blood vessels and capillaries to fuel the cells and control muscular contractions. Hearts really don't work well without blood and oxygen, and after heart attacks or other ailments the original cells are often too atrophied to do the job themselves.

Lámparas de agua salada para zonas sin electricidad. Agua, sal y nada más para conseguir horas y horas de luz, así es el proyecto de un equipo de ingenieros filipinos para zonas sin acceso a la electricidad.

Lámparas de agua salada para zonas sin electricidad

En Filipinas hay más de 7.000 islas y, por desgracia, muchas de ellas continúan hoy en día sin tener acceso a la red eléctrica y, por tanto, se hace realmente complicado realizar determinadas tareas cuando el Sol se esconde. Para tratar de minimizar el uso de lámparas de queroseno y otros métodos de iluminación, un equipo de ingenieros filipinos ha creado SALt. SALt es una lámpara LED que sólo necesita agua y sal para funcionar.

El invento se basa en un basa en una batería de células galvánicas que hace uso de una solución salina como electrolito para generar la energía suficiente para iluminar los LEDs. Puedes generar luz sin la necesidad de utilizar electricidad ¡Aprende aquí cómo hacerlo! La invención de la electricidad transformó las vidas de muchos. Pero en diversas zonas del mundo, las comodidades que son comunes para el mundo Occidental son todavía algo raro. Por ejemplo, 1 billón de personas viven en la actualidad bajo un nivel de pobreza energética, sin tener medio alguno para iluminar sus hogares durante el día o la noche. Sin embargo, algunas ingeniosas personas han descubierto que en realidad se puede generar luz de una forma muy sencilla y económica sin la necesidad de tener acceso a electricidad.

Stoft recreates the stages of plant growth with Biophilia pots. Swedish design studio Stoft has created a range of organically shaped ceramic plant pots that can nestle inside one another (+ slideshow). MPGMB's homeware includes terracotta cacti pots. A set of stacked terracotta planters, colourful geometric hand-held mirrors and ombre-glazed vases are among the homeware products included in the debut collection by Canadian design duo MPGMB (+ slideshow). The ceramic, stoneware and wooden accessories were created by MPGMB, a Montréal design studio formed by industrial designers Marie-Pier Guilmain and Maud Beauchamp in 2013. The first in the series of new homeware products is the Arizona Stoneware Collection, a set of terracotta planters and vases specifically designed for succulents and cacti.

Projekt Praga transforms Polish brewery into minimal holiday apartments. Warsaw studio Projekt Praga has created a suite of pared-back and plant-filled holiday apartments inside a 19th century brewery in southeast Poland. Projekt Praga played a key role in the overall renovation of the historic Vetter Brewery complex located in the city of Lublin, within which they created the "aparthotel". The Perla Brewery apartments form the second phase of renovation, following the earlier addition of a beer house within the adjacent part of the building. The Warsaw-based studio wanted to preserve as much of the existing architecture as possible, while creating contemporary accommodation within. "The idea was to develop the brewery both in a commercial and public way, keeping all the historical buildings; to give back to the city this important place, making it more present in everyday life of their residents and tourists," architect Zofia Stachura told Dezeen.

Guerilla Gardeners: Waging a Green War, One Seed Bomb at a Time. Qué vegetales se pueden cultivar boca abajo y cómo. Aquellos que llevan adelante una huerta, tienen usualmente un problema común: “la falta de espacio”. Una vez que comenzamos a cultivar vegetales, parece que ya no podemos parar y cada vez queremos incorporar nuevos ejemplares a nuestra huerta, pero claro, salvo que vivas en una finca, el espacio suele ser limitado. 12 Beautiful Nature Inspired Product Designs – Design Swan. Nowadays living in harmony with nature becomes a popular trend. Nature is the source of inspiration in different branches of art. The designers often use some ideas from nature in their creations. In this post, we rounded up 12 Beautiful Nature Inspired Product Designs collected from internet. Thanks to those creative designers who bring nature to our life objects. 1.

Orgánicos de Colombia. Winners Award PRO 2013. TopFarmers AquaTerraPonik / Aquaponics. TetraPOT is a greener alternative to coastal defences. Biophotovoltaics. Árboles artificiales para purificar el aire – Nuevas tendencias en el diseño de producto. Los árboles absorben el CO2 que contamina nuestras ciudades y emiten oxígeno, además de embellecerlas. Su beneficio es enorme pero, como no podemos hacer un bosque de nuestras calles, la ciencia está buscando sustitutos artificiales más potentes, que ocupen menos espacio y oxigenen más. Y los denomina ‘árboles’. El primer purificador fue instalado en la ciudad de Lima (Perú) con el único propósito de ayudar a purificar su atmósfera.

Uno de los creadores de estos purificadores es el ingeniero Fernando Eguren, esta árbol purificador es llamado Pau-20. Designing for Food Production. An overview of Lafayette Greens in downtown Detroitimage: Beth Hagenbuch Farmers and landscape architects approach the landscape in fundamentally different ways, though they often share similar goals for the health of the environment and the communities where they work. Since discovering my green thumb as a college student, I’ve worked in both arenas, first as an intern on organic farms in California, later as a landscape designer and contractor specializing in edible gardens and, most recently, as an environmental planner focused on zoning regulations and other big picture concerns for urban agriculture.

Dan Barber. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. By now you have probably heard that composting helps make a garden green because it is an effective way to deliver nutrients to plants and reduce food waste. Previously we featured the Jarst planter, which makes composting food waste in your home easy with a side compartment that can distribute the compost directly to the plant soil.

Here, we see this idea transform into something to fit the city scale. With Envi, industrial designer Julien Bergignant, proposes a concept for a city trash can outfitted to collect and then process public food waste, all while adding some green texture to the city landscape. Reciclar, Reutilizar y Reducir : Aprovecha el espacio vertical con Pet-Tree. Pet-Tree es un sistema de cultivo vertical que tiene por objetivo reutilizar las botellas de PET y maximizar el uso de los recursos. Allestimenti. Marco Ferreri_progettarepensieri è una mostra monografica organizzata dalla Triennale di Milano dal 10 ottobre 2010 al 5 gennaio 2011 sul lavoro di Marco Ferreri a cura di Silvana Annicchiarico.

15 Incredible Vertical Garden Designs - Biophilic design and architecture - 10 of the best biophilic buildings. 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design. Studio of Architecture I Milan. Giardino di vetro. Cubiertas Verdes, Jardines Verticales y Granjas Verticales evolucionan en Arquitectura Viva para la ciudad. - Helecho Ecotelhado.