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Breathable Garden Pots Made from Fabric. Last summer, I noticed that the plastic pots I had purchased at the beginning of the season were all broken because I had forgotten to protect them for the winter.

Breathable Garden Pots Made from Fabric

I wanted to find a solution and design an outdoor pot that would be able to spend the summer and winter outside with minimum maintenance.My background is in graphic design and fashion design, so I decided to create a durable and permeable pot made from sturdy fabric. jardisac rethinks plant pots with its lightweight, breathable design. jardisac pots are durable and permeable, and they let water run through the soil, creating maximum air circulation to the roots.

All of these features ensure a healthy, happy plant. jardisac is low maintenance—it resists bad weather and tears, and it is treated against UV rays. All of our fabric pots are made in the province of Quebec.


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