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2017. June Solstice – Cancer Ingress 2016. The Centre For Psychological Astrology - Foundation Course. A Three Term Online Introductory Certificate Course with John Green Ideal for those wanting to learn the basics of psychological astrology or those interested in a foundation for other school’s diploma courses such as the one run by MISPA.This course is run as real time online tutorials.

The Centre For Psychological Astrology - Foundation Course

You will be able to interact with the tutor and other students, ask questions and watch the recorded sessions if you miss them or wish to revisit them. Watch the video below for more information. Introduction to the CPA Foundation Course from John Green on Vimeo. Outline of topics covered in course Term 1 The Language of Astrology Dates: Wednesday evenings, 28 September - 30 November 2016, Time: 19.00 - 21.00 GMT/BST Introduction to Astrology The Planets: Understanding the planets.

Students completing this three term course will be eligible to receive the CPA's Certificate of Completion. Cost: £250 per term, payable to The Centre for Psychological Astrology Time Zones Requirements.

Early 2016

Greece. AW 2015. Click Me. Work It. You Bet. Knowledge, skills and rituals related to the annual renewal of the Q'eswachaka bridge. Watch the Global Citizen Festival Live on MSNBC. Bill Viola - Fire Woman (2005) Dr. Angela Voss. 16th April 2015 Why astrology and medicine are not enemies Human beings have two quite distinct ways of knowing, and always have had – except that during the last four hundred years or so, one particular way has become super-dominant, exercising an authority (especially in the West) which has come to determine our assumptions about how everything happens.

Dr. Angela Voss

I am talking here of course about the normative rationality that pervades our culture – a universal, cause-and-effect paradigm of reality – which has a strong tendency to critique, ridicule or even demonise that other, more intuitive or imaginative sense which has traditionally been expressed through sacred or symbolic narrative, ritual, prayer, or divinatory act. BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, The Music of the Spheres. THE GRIM-FOOL LETTERS - 01 – Possible Films. The following email correspondence between Henry Fool and Simon Grim was intercepted by the NSA throughout early 2013.

THE GRIM-FOOL LETTERS - 01 – Possible Films

Portions of the correspondence have been withheld due to the agency’s concern for the moral fiber of the nation at large. February 12, 2013 Simon, I’m only going to say this once, so please take your head out of the place where no head should go and listen to me: Your poetry was bad enough—I mean after the first book anyway which, in any event, I had a lot to do with wrestling into existence. The Works, Series 3, Cutting Up Rough. Here’s How to Download and Delete What Google Search Knows About You. Source: Yahoo Have you ever wondered what Google Search really knows about you?

Here’s How to Download and Delete What Google Search Knows About You

Well, now you can check, as Google has added a new feature that lets you view and download your entire search history. BBC iPlayer - Adam Curtis: Bitter Lake. AnOther Magazine & AnOther Man. Online. TO ORDER. TO DO.


Italy. Full Beginner Flow. Heart of a Mountain. A Message from Andrew Harvey. Dear Friends, A few weeks ago I wrote to you regarding my new project – Sacred Activism Kashmir.

A Message from Andrew Harvey

I want to let you know I am humbled by the outpouring of support from you all! In case you missed it: "While I was in Ladakh in September, I was aghast at the news of the terrible floods in nearby Kashmir, one of the worst natural disasters in recent years. Three weeks later I was sitting with dear Kashmir friends in South India who told me their house in Srinagar had been destroyed, along with thousands of others, and that their business and livelihood were threatened.

I was immediately moved to give everything I had earned on my Ladakh and Australia tours to them so that they could rebuild and save their business. Turning of the Wheel Podcast by Chris Flisher. In a New Book, Never-Before-Seen Photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. A little over 30 years ago, the Japanese photographer Kishin Shinoyama walked through Central Park with one of the most famous couples in the world.

In a New Book, Never-Before-Seen Photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono

It was sunset, autumn; they sat on a bench just in front of the pond, bordered by trees, a sliver of New York skyline visible in the distance, including the building where they lived. Medical Expenses - YouCaring. Hello friends, family, and fans of Jeff.

Medical Expenses - YouCaring

Though this is not the update we were all hoping for, please know that this is for the best. 3 days ago our dad was the most himself we've seen in weeks. Unaltered by the usual haze of painkillers, he had a long one-on-one with his doctor about the future of his treatment. After discussing the options, which are extremely limited and uncertain, dad decided that he is ready to start the transition out of his body. As his daughters, we did not want to accept that choice at first. Browse by Astrologer. Update credit card. Culture and the Arts - ArtsBeat Blog. MOVIE LOG. Check Online. Best Sup Actress 2014.


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