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Distribution Partners Website operators that license our ad serving technology pass information to us so that we may serve advertisements to you. We also collect information through our web server applications. Cardboard Petal Picture Frame. Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (11) Posted by: Cathy on May 27, 2012 Tagged in: Untagged So you know the hole punch you used for the last idea?

The paint swatch chandelier? Well, you can use the same paper punch for this little project. This is really going to add some pazazz to your gifts. Watch their faces light up when you give them this. All you need is: ribbon large circle paper hole punch small hole punch colorful paper or card, even glossy magazines could be used wrapped gift 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

How simple is that? For tutorials on how to market yourself online, go here. Craftaholics Anonymous® Happy Monday, Crafters! Hope you had a nice weekend. I’ve been working on decorating my breakfast nook {yes, we’ve lived here for over a year and i still have TONS of bare walls!} I made this totally awesome Spoon Mirror for the little corner in my kitchen and I am kind of in love with it! The color, the texture, and the price is right….it cost me only a couple dollars to make! Love a cheap, easy craft! And most likely you have most of the supplies on hand to make this fun version of the starburst mirror! When I told Davis I was making this spoon flower, he thought I was crazy. How to Make a Spoon Wreath Supplies: cardboard, hot glue gun, 3″ round mirror, spray paint, scissor, 78-80 clear plastic spoons, small piece of ribbon Skill Level: Beginner Instructions: Cut a 12″ circle from a cardboard box.

Cut about a 4″ piece of ribbon, shape into a loop and hot glue to the back of the cardboard to use to hang it on the wall. Seriously, such a fun craft! Happy crafting, Linda Share and Enjoy Hi! Coolest Earth Day Craft Ideas - Crafts Made from Recycled Materials & Cans & Crafts With & Kids Crafts & Activities. Earth Day will be here in just a couple of weeks.

In honor of Earth Day I thought I would scour the internet looking for cool ideas for Earth Day crafts. All of the crafts that I found and have listed here are made from recycled materials. Earth Day is a special day to celebrate the Earth and to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. And, I think making crafts from recycled materials such as the ones found here is a great way to teach children about recycling and the importance of doing that to help save our Earth. . (1) Newspaper Roses Look how beautiful these Roses are? (2) Serving Tray I love, love, love this idea!! (3) Can-Do Robots Made from tin cans these robots are so freakin cute. . (4) Cardboard Ottoman or Side Table What a clever and creative idea!! (5) Smashed Soda Can Animals Ok, this cow is really cute, isn’t he?! (6) Milk Jug Shade Now, this recycled craft turns out beautiful, doesn’t it? (7) Recycled Picnic Basket (8) Newspaper Basket. Fabric Flower Hair Clip or Brooch Tutorial.

Makekind: a guest column by laura parke of a girl who makes. This week I’m sharing a simple, yet somewhat time intensive project. It’s a catch-all of sorts made from sheets of cardboard. I did this project in steps so it didn’t seem so daunting – it’s worth it because the end product is custom and so, so useful. Here’s how to make your own!

: MATERIALS // 25 pieces of cardboard measuring 10″ x 10″, straight edge ruler, a pencil, glue, utility knife with plenty of extra blades. STEPS // 01 MEASURE YOUR TEMPLATE Using the straight edge and a pencil, measure a 1″ border on one piece of cardboard. 02 // CREATE TEMPLATE Once you have everything measured out, use a utility knife to cut out each compartment to create a template. 03 // MAKE YOUR PIECES Using your template, you’ll cut out 20 sheets of cardboard, like this: 04 // GLUE PIECES TOGETHER First, glue 5 uncut pieces of cardboard together to create a bottom. 05 // KEEP GLUING Next, take the 10 pieces that have the two cutouts and glue them right on top of the stack of cardboard.

Creating colorful bookcovers with AstroBrights Paper! BySusan MyersonAugust 2, 2012 With school time just around the corner, I came up with a school craft project that incorporates brightly colored paper. After all, a long school day could certainly use some sunshine! I created fun book covers using the technique called Iris Folding! The plan was to revamp the old version of the book cover. You know, the one that is made from a grocery bag? I used to make them all the time for my kids when they were in school. For this project I used: Several sheets of different colors of bright colored cardstock A paper grocery bagGlue StickTacky GlueScissors Begin by cutting your paper bag open as shown, and then cut off the bottom flap, so that you have one large sheet of paper. With printed side of the grocery bag up, place the book on top and fold down the top and bottom edges of the paper to match the top and bottom of the book.

Fold one end of the paper and slide the front cover of the book into the open end until the edge of the cover meets your fold. Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (14) Posted by: Cathy on Jun 13, 2012 Tagged in: Untagged Why you should never throw out Jars It's astonishing the things you can do with a jar! Seriously, never throw them out again. This is a free item that can be used in so many different creative ways.

Once I started looking for different ideas, I was not disappointed as I think you'll agree. Source Seller BradensGrace on Etsy Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source I hope you're feeling inspired! For Tutorials on how to market yourself online, go here. 31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects. Birdcage Ornament. Hello Everyone! My name is Joy Kelley and I blog over at HowJoyful. I am a designer with a passion for things handmade, patterns, fabric and color. I love to blog and share the things I sew and craft.

Two years a go I moved from my home Country Chile to the southern California mountains, were I now live with my husband and fur-baby Curly =] I am super excited to be included in Craft Snob’s Handmade ornament parade, today I am sharing a tutorial for making DIY birdcage ornaments, the best part is that once the holidays are over you can use this little birdcage to hold pens in your office or just to decorate your favorite space =] 16 gauge galvanized wireSoldering toolFlux core solderRosin soldering fluxPliersPermanent markerRuler (a cutting mat is perfect to measure)A glass cup1 toothpickSpray paint or primer (if you want it in color)A little piece of paper or cardboard for the bottomOptional ribbon for top I love to work with wire, but there are some things you should know.

XO – Joy! Make Your Own Photo Puzzle With Craft Sticks&|&Crafts Unleashed. I have to say, I have the cutest nieces and nephews! My own kids are getting older–thank goodness my sisters keep me in babies. I got to borrow some photos from my sister for this project, I made the puzzles for my three year old niece. These are her pesky twin brothers: She has had a blast playing with the puzzles, and matching up the colors on the back of the pieces. Here is what you will need to make your own puzzles: Select the photos you would like to use for the project. For each photo, you will need 5 craft sticks of the same color. You will want to dig through the box of craft sticks to find the ones that are the straightest. Apply adhesive to the back of your photos.

Keep in mind, the entire 4″ side of your 4×6 photo will not be used. With this photo, I decided there was enough room for cropping above the heads of my nephews. Turn the photo over, and working with the end that you DO NOT want to crop, begin placing the craft sticks on the photo. Trim the ends of the photos as well: Make This - Stab Bound&Journal - Luxe DIY. Make a hand bound journal with elaborate side stitching for yourself or as a gift. The stitching is a lot easier than it looks and is so much nicer to hold than a spiral bound edge.

Supplies and Equipment – sharp utility knife and cutting surface BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE SHARP BLADE – rulers – drill with 1/16th inch bit OR a small paper punch BE VERY CAREFUL WITH POWER TOOLS – fancy cover paper – I used Cavallini Vintage Tickets Wrapping Paper – 20″ x 28″ – 1 sheet of 8.5×11 for endpapers (this can be fancy or the same paper as your pages) – 10 sheets of 8.5×11 paper for pages – 3 yards of embroidery floss – mat board – I used Crescent No. 33 White & Cream Smooth Mat Board – Yes Stikflat Glue or other archival glue that leaves paper flat – heavy object to use as a weight – waxed paper – cutting/hole punch template – click here to download – thin cotton or linen fabric (optional) – needle with an eye large enough to fit embroidery floss – brush for glue Stitch down through the next hole.

Penny Countertop. Last September we finished our butcher block countertops, but we didn’t do our bar area. I mentioned in that post that I was open to suggestions and got the great idea to cover it in pennies and epoxy. Well, EIGHT months later it is finally finished! I started in December when I got the supplies for Christmas… then it was one of my No Spend February goals…then it was one of my projects for the contest over at Every Creative Endeavor….then we finally finished it in April and I put off blogging about it because I didn’t want to write the post. And that brings us to now. This is one of those projects that if I was to do it again it would be super easy. However, if any of y’all want to make a penny countertop, then you are going to LOVE me for saving you a headache. First we de-laminated the contertop to make it easy to get to the nails to remove it… except that there was NO WAY that sucker was coming off.

Next we had to figure out how we wanted our pennies. So whats the best way? Map It: DIY It | The Row House Nest. Map coasters. Do it. Spotted here. Maps are one HOT TAMALE right now… Notice that? Here, there and everywhere – maps are popping up all over the net (that makes me feel so 1990′s). No matter how you look at it, maps are a fun addition to a home – especially for those that like a good vintage map (soft spot for moi), like travelling (for real, who doesn’t like travelling?!?)

Or have sentimental love for a particular part of the world. This might be the easier one: candles and vases wrapped with a little map paper. Don’t have any wrapping paper? Lovely garland – would make for cool decor in a kids room. Ok I lied before. Multiple maps. A sweet map monogram. Heart art. Love it – re-purpose a tray! Love this map idea – get that baby use to travelling! Map table. Heart eyes. A handmade map. Magnetic map board.

Map pinwheels. Maps in embroidery hoops. DIY corkboard map. Very cool idea…. Original source unknown. Who occupies this nest? Straight From The Curls: Paper Inspired. I'm always in awe of creative thinkers and innovators. People who take simple, everyday things and make them beautiful. Case and point -- these artists, who have taken their love for words, letters, script, and literature to a whole new level. Spectacular! Who would have thunk it? So true. Brilliant idea. I wouldn't even open this gift if it came my way. Love! Xo SimiImages courtesy of Birthday Boy Pop Box Set. Today is the hubby’s birthday. He turned 29. He would probably die if he knew I was posting about him, but I don’t care – I just want to gush about how stinkin’ awesome he is. Not only is he a great father and hubby, but he’s my biggest fan, my favorite person, AND he’s my best friend in the whole world!

I feel so lucky to have him FOREVER!!! Plus, he’s pretty hot, still flirts with me, and I LOVE spending time with him more than anyone! I wanted to think of something fun to make him from me and the kids and decided to make him a Birthday Pop Box Set. I made one for Christmas and another for Valentine’s but realized I needed to make a Birthday Boy Pop Box Set too.

I made it so that it can be for DAD, BOYFRIEND/SPOUSE or SON – all the boys in your life!! Here is what you’ll need if you would like to make one too: -IBC Cream Soda Pop Bottle Set -Paint/Spray Paint -Washi Tape/Scrapbook Paper -Scissors -Jute/Twine -Hot Glue Gun -Treats/Snacks -Pop Bottle Tags 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. And CUTE. Painting on ceramics. I found this beauty at the thrift store a while back. although the coloring on this really isn't bad, i wanted to have a different color than brown. you will need rubbing alcohol a paint brush a lot of patience and this paint: americana gloss enamels by decoart so this is very simple. step one: clean the ceramic with rubbing alcohol. no need to sand or anything! Just wet a cotton ball and wipe the surface clean! Step two: get to work. be patient. this takes years. (i never exaggerate.) after one coat: after a million coats: (i think i did four-but i let each dry so painted over a course of days) i thought i had a pic, but can't find it. you should have a thick enough paint load that no underlying ceramic paint shows at all. it looks so pretty at this point!

Step three: let the paint dry for 48 hours. step four: preheat oven to 325 degrees fahrenheit (i accidentally did mine at 350 and it worked fine) step five: load in the oven and bake for 30 minutes and you're done! Isn't that cool. DIY: Easy Buttons. Coasters for Christmas. DIY Pinhole Cards : The Proper Pinwheel. Folded-Shirt Card - Martha Stewart Card-Making Center. GoOrigami. How to Make Paper Pencils (tutorial)

Woven gift-wrap // pastel edition ^_^ Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls (17) DIY Elbow Patch - Honestly WTF. 5 Supplies or Less: Neon Notes - Yesterday On Tuesday. PAPER FLOWER CARD. CANT STOP MAKING THINGS: Tunnel Vision. DIY: Wine Bottle Art. Craft Courses - The site for craft courses across the UK. Ministry of Craft: Lino printing, repeat pattern, pattern printing, printing techniques. Photo Gallery - Your quote. Business services for UK small business. Fork art. 15 ways with wine corks. How long is a piece of string? 18 ways with coat hangers. 25 ways with bottle tops & plastic caps. 19 things to do with plastic cutlery. 18 things to do with straws. 26 ways with empty toilet rolls.

29 ways to use pegs/clothespins. Book Page Corner Heart Origami Bookmark. Most favorited all-time.

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