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Random Tumblr. Home. Art. Short Films. Music. Cool Bits. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos Photosynth. Woody Norris invents amazing things. Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods)

Lennart Green does close-up card magic. Harald Haas: Wireless data from every light bulb. Dennis Hong: Making a car for blind drivers. Daniel Kraft: Medicine's future? There's an app for that. Explore more. Web pages, photos, and videos. - America's Only Humor & Video Site Since 1958. 6 Books Everyone (Including Your English Teacher) Got Wrong. #3.

6 Books Everyone (Including Your English Teacher) Got Wrong

The 5 Strangest Things Evolution Left in Your Body. If you don't believe in evolution, you have to spend a lot of time wondering about the useless shit the creator threw into our bodies.

The 5 Strangest Things Evolution Left in Your Body

Why don't our wisdom teeth fit in our heads? Why do we need an appendix? 8 Tiny Things That Stopped Suicides. A "Just Because" Phone Call Hulk Hogan is probably the last person you would imagine trying to kill himself, since he is basically a cartoon character.

8 Tiny Things That Stopped Suicides

It would be like finding out Bugs Bunny had depression. From Steven SalvatoreProbably after seeing the most recent attempts to "reboot" him. But after his son got into a terrible car accident while his marriage was falling apart, the Hulkster decided he had enough, and holed up in his home with pills, booze and a gun. 6 Scientific Reasons Your Girlfriend's Father Hates You.

The good news is that you've found a girl worth going through the trouble of meeting her parents.

6 Scientific Reasons Your Girlfriend's Father Hates You

The bad news is that no matter how hard you try, her dad would just as soon kick you in the throat than welcome you into his family. The other bad news is that there's nothing you can do about it, because the universe is working to make sure the old man hates you forever. 5 Pro-Marijuana Arguments That Aren't Helping. Alcohol and Tobacco are Worse, and They're Legal!

5 Pro-Marijuana Arguments That Aren't Helping

Yep, booze and cigarettes are pretty fucking bad for you. Deadly, even, if they're abused. 7 Species That Get High More Than We Do. Almost everyone loves drugs.

7 Species That Get High More Than We Do

Whether it's a cigarette break after a high-powered business meeting, a cold beer after a hot day on the job or a half-ounce of heroin injected directly into the scrotum to ease the stress of writing Internet comedy, people love their intoxicants. But that's not a human invention. Experts have found that animals also seek out a quick chemical high from plants, bugs and, well, wherever they can find it.

5 Reasons Pro Wrestlers are the Best Actors in the World. Keep Acting, Even After Being Fired!

5 Reasons Pro Wrestlers are the Best Actors in the World

Keeping up the kayfabe illusion with fans takes multiple layers of fiction and reality, Inception-style. So you get the practice known as a "worked shoot. " This is when it appears that the wrestler has broken out of the script and everyone acts like he's broken the sacred code of kayfabe, when in reality even that was scripted. So you wind up with some truly ridiculous, convoluted stories like this one: At the height of its popularity, there were several competing wrestling organizations. That's Pillman, and I will provide no context for that picture. In 1996, it was decided that they were going to stage a fake firing of his character. The story goes that Pillman suggested that the firing would be more believable to the public if they released an actual termination document. The next day, he was working for the competing ECW, and later the WWE.

The face of one cruel, ruthless, badass ... businessman? Someone Dies in the Ring? 5 Ways to Beat Old-School Games Using Math. A few years ago, the news came out that computers have ruined the game of checkers forever by coming up with a perfect strategy that can't be beaten.

5 Ways to Beat Old-School Games Using Math

This made us wonder if there were other ways to use math to completely ruin innocent games from our childhood. There are! #5. Rock Paper Scissors: Opponents Are Biased Toward Rock, Against Scissors 6 Mind-Blowing Discoveries Made Using Google Earth. Since Google Earth hit the Web in 2005, besides instantly turning all office desk globes into decorative accessories, it has opened the world up to global exploration at the click of a mouse. 20 Hilarious Movies That Take a Minute (Total) To Watch. A Letter to Parents About the Fake 'Teen Crazes' on the News. Dear 50-year-old Me, This may seem strange, but I'm writing to offer you a little perspective and wisdom. I know people generally wish they could write letters to their younger selves, imparting all the knowledge they've accrued through life, but here's the thing: I don't believe that knowledge only builds in one direction.

I suspect, in fact, that you may be an idiot. 5 Terrible Situations for the Socially Awkward Man. You probably know how to function in society.

5 Terrible Situations for the Socially Awkward Man

You know how to talk to new people, how to order food in restaurants, and you know exactly what time you're supposed to show up at parties. I'm here to let you know that there's an entirely separate class of people that doesn't know all of those things. They show up too early to things, they disappointingly eat full meals they never ordered because they're too afraid to tell the waiter to send it back, and they have no idea how to shake hands with black people.

They are socially awkward, they are everywhere, and these are their nightmares. Massages are probably really great. Getting a massage means being mostly naked while getting intensely rubbed by a complete stranger while something shitty, probably Enya, plays in the background. 6 Socially Conscious Actions That Only Look Like They Help. There are those who want to improve the world around us and who do so in intelligent, well-thought-out ways.

6 Socially Conscious Actions That Only Look Like They Help

Then there are those of us whose desire to help the environment is mostly based on being bored or shallow or wanting to fit in after we get lost in Whole Foods. Unfortunately, most of humanity is made up of the latter type. Also unfortunately, a lot of the half-assed stuff we do not only doesn't help but actually ends up making things worse for everyone.

Rescuing Oil-Covered Birds The Idea Imagine an oil spill, and chances are the first thing you'll think of is an oil-covered bird helplessly flapping its wings. "Hold on, rocks.