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MEAL PREP SAUCES. Thanks to those of you who commented and asked for the sauce ideas. I hear you! Let's make dinner better.In this season of life, our meals are riffs on the same sort of thing, all made special by the rotation of a few sauces. As a girlfriend mentioned to me, "I can chop things for a salad or roast some vegetables, I just need to know how to make the sauces" - so hopefully this is helpful.

The vinaigrette works on any sort of green salad, the mexi bowl sauce is what we put on tacos, stuffed peppers or burrito bowls, which happen weekly here. I lean towards sauces being on the more acidic, zingy side. Too spicy? // back pocket vinaigrette // I put everything here in a jar with a lid and shake it up to mix. 2 Tbsp. minced shallot or red onion2 tsp. dijon mustard1 tsp. honey1/2 tsp. sea saltfresh ground pepper1/3 cup apple cider vinegar1 Tbsp. grated parmesan2 Tbsp. chopped parsley (1/2 tsp. dried oregano as a sub)1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil // mexi bowl sauce //

Heavenly Healthy Nutella - Heavenlynn Healthy. Nutella is probably my favorite food on a cheat day. I love it on bread, crêpes, pretzels, on everything. Even though my family has always led a healthy life, Nutella was always part of our breakfast. We all love it. No hazelnut spread can compete with it, nothing tastes like it, there is simply nothing like Nutella. It is so creamy and sweet, nutty and chocolaty, and it even convinced the most sceptical Nutella lovers in my family. Heavenly Healthy Nutella Author: Lynn Serves: 1 jar Ingredients 2 cups (270g) hazelnuts ½ cup (120ml) maple syrup ½ cup (120ml) hazelnut or almond milk 3 tbsp raw cacao the insides of a vanilla pod Instructions Start by preheating the oven to 180°C (360°F).

Enjoy! Spiced Almond Butter with Honey & Sea Salt | Gather & Feast. Homemade pesto. May 30, 2012 The contents of my kitchen is buried in boxes, matting, carefully described and I’m not going to unpack it, unless it’s in Berlin ( it took me three days to hide the apartment into boxes). The only things left were blender, a plate and a knife. We had to eat something, so Ive started to think about something easy and fun, and I reminded myself about a recipe for pesto from Agata’s blog, which does not require too many dishes and equipments. Anne, who helped us to sort clothes, mostly by laughing at them (so far I had no heart to get rid of my jacket purchased 3 years ago in China or shirt from Bolivia), accepted we’ve started the preparations. Ok, it sounds like a big cooking. The whole truth is that one was standing in front of the blender, and the other was watching the first one.

Pesto came out great, in fact it has recommended in such a wonderful way by Agata, that it could not be other wise. Our pesto was full of feelings. You will need: Enjoy, Marta Source: Agata ma nosa. Vegan Basil Pesto. Have you been growing basil this summer? It’s our #1 favorite herb to grow and use in the summer, from caprese salads to pasta to popsicles. As the weather starts to grow cooler, not only do I mourn the loss of summer, I grieve our basil plant going end of life. The one saving grace–pesto. Each year to use the last of our basil plants, we make huge batches of pesto. It’s a perfect way to preserve the taste of summer for the cooler months ahead, to use on pizza, sandwiches, pasta, and dips. Since we have a great classic pesto recipe, this year we tried a vegan pesto for dairy-free and vegan / plant-based diet. Why to make it: To use up your end of season basil; a delicious sauce for pasta, pizza, sandwichesWhen to make it: SummerCaveats: Gotta find nutritional yeast, but it’s worth the purchase to have on hand More Recipes with PestoPesto Portabello BurgersPesto PizzaPesto White Bean Dip (use basil pesto)Ricotta Dumplings with Pesto (use basil pesto) Vegan Basil Pesto Peel 3 garlic cloves.

Basil & Walnut Pesto. © 2009 Green Kitchen Stories Luise and I met in Rome in Italy. Each date we had i took her to a new restaurant, constantly trying to impress her. It turned out that no matter how expensive the restaurants were, all she wanted was the oh-so-simple Pasta Pesto. A couple of months later we moved to Sweden and we haven’t (strangely enough) been eating very much pesto since then. Maybe because no one makes it like the Italians. But when our supermarket practically gave away flavory, organic Basil we began dreaming about the good-old-pesto-days again.

Walnut Pesto 2 large handfuls of fresh basil 100 g walnuts 50 g parmesan ½ clove garlic 60 ml / 1/4 cup olive oil (or more if you’re Italian …) salt and pepper Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them until it becomes smooth. The Best Tomato Sauce. Is there anything better than a beautiful bowl of pasta with the perfect tomato sauce? For me there really isn’t: I’ve always adored the amazing simplicity of the dish and it’s wonderfully warming, comforting nature.

On a cold day this really is just the best dinner ever. It’s healthy, simple eating at it’s best. Getting the sauce right, however, is the tricky part and there are of course hundreds of variations – both home made and store bought. I know most people opt for a jar of ready-made sauce, as it’s seems to be the easier option, but trust me this recipe is really just as easy and it’s a trillion times healthier as you really are taking in such an awesome and varied amount of fresh veggie goodness. This sauce will also keep for a while in the fridge, so you can make a big batch to last you the week – I eat it with everything, mixed in with a bowl of veggie quinoa, poured onto veggie stir-fry’s, as the tomato layer in a spinach and aubergine bake – really everything! - 1 red pepper.