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Easter Brunch Menu - What's Gaby Cooking.


TO TRY SOON. Frittata & Quiche. LOADED VEGGIE rye toast sandwich — Anett Velsberg. Plant based Sandwich with Parsley Tahini. Savoury waffles with blue cheese and bacon. August 22, 2014 I have a love/hate relationship with my waffle machine.

Savoury waffles with blue cheese and bacon

No, I take it back - I have only hate relationship with the waffle machine and a love one with waffles. There’s something seriously wrong with this piece of equipment. I think I’ll set up a new goal in my life - get rich, buy Kitchen Aid waffle maker and through mine out of the window. I can already see it in a slow motion… and I’m almost satisfied. These babies are not sweet waffles, but you can add a maple syrup and they could be. As these are savoury waffles, I served them with delicious organic cocktail tomatoes and lettuce. You will need (for 2 people): 1 cup flour1 egg1 cup buttermilk3 slices bacon, fried and cut into small pieces50g blue cheese, cut into small pieces1 tbsp brown sugar3 tbsp baking powderpinch of salt1 tsp black pepper30g butter, melted Mix all ingredients in a bowl and and mix so it will combine.

Breakfast lasagna with spinach and feta. July 29, 2012 I am currently in search for an apartment in Berlin and I have to admit that it is an experience I’ll never forget.

Breakfast lasagna with spinach and feta

Five years ago I was going through a similar process in Sydney. I was looking for something interesting online, going to the indicated address at the specified time, and there have already been 50 others, interested in the same place. Of course, there was usually a principle “first come first served”, so one person was waiting in a line to see an apartment and the other was waiting for a phone in front of the agency, ready to submit papers and to pay bond.

It was a real fight, no friendships were made. And for now, I use Nicole’s kitchen, furnished and with anoven. You will need: For crepes: 2 eggs2 cups flour3-4 cups of milk (of half on half with water)saltoil for frying Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix as long as the dough will be smooth. For stuffing: Melt the butter in a pot, fry the onion and add spinach. For béchamel sauce: Sweet Potato Skillet Hash. Rituals.

Sweet Potato Skillet Hash

With the holidays coming up, I can’t help but think about them, the role they play in all of our lives, and how grateful I am for them. Every month (or as often as our schedules allow) my little family and two others get together for brunch. It’s pretty much like a scene from Thirty Something (remember that show?!) , babies crawling around under the table, toddlers walking into walls and disintegrating into fits of hysteria, but somewhere in between diaper changes and breastfeeding, the grown-ups feast. We always do this potluck style, that way the couple who is hosting doesn’t have to sacrifice their entire week planning and cooking for Sunday, because that is laughably unrealistic.

The first time we got together, I made this dish. The dish opens with caramelized onions, so right off the bat, you know it’s gonna be good. Although it’s a fabulous thing to serve at a brunch, this hash also makes a pretty delicious weeknight dinner. But what the heck is this stuff? Directions: 1. Veggie & Egg Tower of Power. I know it sounds dorky and a tad cliché, but my mom is my best friend.

Veggie & Egg Tower of Power

As I’ve grown up into a real, ‘adult’ person, she’s become less my authority figure, and more my buddy. We like all the same things, save for my obsession with chlorella and her obsession with jube jubes (sorry mum, you know it’s true). She came all the way from Toronto last weekend to visit me in Copenhagen. PICNIC BREAKFAST BURRITOS — Sprouted Kitchen. I am lucky to live in a place where you really could eat outside most months of the year.


We have a special little spot, the grass hill above Salt Creek Beach, that has been our go-to picnic spot for a number of years. It's no secret, families and couples gather on that hill around 5 o'clock with coolers of mismatched tupperware, wine in plastic cups or take out of choice. It's a pretty mild incline, so while eating on a hill may sound bothersome, it's quickly excused when you figure the expansive view of the ocean everyone sees because of it. One of these days we'll post a picture for you, because it truly is one of my favorite spots on earth. While the people watching at dinner time is entertaining, we recently discovered the joy that is picnicking in the morning.