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Is Your Life in Balance? 6 Ways to Find Out Maintaining balance in your life enables you to be more fit, have better overall health and embrace a better attitude toward life. Balance helps us feel more peaceful and at home in just about any situation. We often forget to notice and give thanks when our body and soul are in balance. 10 Weather Words You Need To Know by Slideshow 10 Weather Words You Need To Know People talk about the weather all the time. 13 Ways to Break Up with Your Phone (and spend less time procrastinating) A study by the University of Derby found that 13% of people are addicted to their smartphones. You might be one of them. Have you ever felt your phone buzzing in your pocket to phantom notifications?

Apps & Demos Looking for first-hand experience before building a solution with MyScript? We’ve created a variety of applications and demonstrations that showcase the core functionality of MyScript’s handwriting recognition engines. We invite you to download these or try our online web demonstration, get familiar with our technology, and then visit our developer’s site for documentation, toolkits, and more. For further information please contact us. Web Demos See MyScript technology in action right in your browser with our collection of MyScript Web Demos.

6 FREE Fake News Generator To Prank Your Friends Are you thinking to surprise your friends by creating a fake newspaper? Isn’t this an awesome idea? This is definitely the best trick to cheat your friends by making a fake newspaper, that looks exactly like the real one. You can put a bold headline of the culprit name as your friend or take pride in naming yourself as the hot handsome of the town. A Social Media Detox: It Changed My Life By: Ellen Svardh on April 18, 2017. I wake up in the morning and immediately grab for my phone: not to turn off the alarm but to check my messages. I sit down for lunch and scroll through Instagram. I Snapchat while walking to class, then scroll through Instagram again.

FBI Released a Document Proving Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun fled to Argentina in a Submarine The website reveals the government knew Hitler was alive and well, and living in the Andes Mountains long after World War II had ended. The world has been told for the last 70 years that on April 30 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker. His body was discovered and identified by the Soviets before being taken back to Russia. Is it possible that the Soviets lied all this time, and that history was rewritten? With the release of these FBI documents, it certainly seems that the most notorious leader in history escaped Germany and lived a peaceful life in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in South America. (Click on the image to enlarge)

Top 10 Google Docs Add-ons for teachers – Blake Seufert – Medium One of the powerful aspects of G Suite is its 3rd party integrations that the community members can build to make Docs more powerful. With Addons for Google Docs, Sheets and Forms, we have more options than ever to improve our teaching and learning as well as make our lives so much easier! Lets take a look at the top 10 Addons for educators: Mapping Sheets Want to quickly and easily make detailed maps with data from a speadsheet? The Best Fitness Blogs of the Year We’ve carefully selected these blogs because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information. Want to nominate a blog? Email us at