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Jobaxy is Philippines 1st job portal with audio-video resume facilities.Find latest jobs in Philippines, Search for best suitable job vacancies in Philippines's top companies & apply for IT, MBA, finance, BPO, KPO & other jobs. All these absolutely FREE !!!

Inbound Contact Center. Job Vacancies in Philippines. Free Job Posting Site in Philippines. How to Search a Job during a Pandemic. Job search is a nerve-racking process and this pandemic has taken it to the next level.

How to Search a Job during a Pandemic

Owing to the current global crisis there are so many people worldwide who have suddenly become jobless; and hence the job search process can be even more intimidating. The job market is flooded with prospective candidates making it the case of ‘survival of the fittest’. Although we are currently amid an unfortunate global event, we cannot let it dictate our future.

Why you're not getting hired?? When your job search doesn’t yield result, you certainly are demoralized.

Why you're not getting hired??

Being qualified and capable but still getting rejected could be surely disheartening. However, this is not the time to be dejected; it is the time for some serious introspection. No doubt luck factor is an important card but still, you should be sure you are doing everything right. A small mistake could cost you the job. Here we have mentioned a few of the most common mistakes that usually create problems in getting hired. Find Best staff in Philippines on Jobaxy.

BestJobPortalinPhilippines — Email is one of the most widely used means... Join Medium. Looking for a job? Here's a complete job guide. Job search is an important but gruelling task for the first-timers as well as the experienced individuals.

Looking for a job? Here's a complete job guide

The experienced professionals undertake this process multiple times and because of the monotony associated with it, they may sometime miss out on some important aspects that might lead to minimizing their chances of getting the job. Employer - We help you for best Recruitment & Hiring. 5 Discussion Points to Avoid at the Office. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='5 Discussion Points to Avoid at the Office ' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_1662706'></script><p> From <a href=' For

5 Discussion Points to Avoid at the Office

Find Best Talent on Jobaxy Philippines. Video Resume : Advantages of Video Resumes. The latest buzz in the employment industry, which has caught the fancy of the job seekers and employers, is the video resume. A relatively new concept, it offers distinct advantages over the conventional paper resumes. The competitive nature of the job market these days requires that your resume should be as creative and unique as possible to catch the attention of your future potential employer. A conventional long three-page formal resume sometimes ends up being at the bottom of the pile unnoticed, while the creative ones get noticed. A video resume is a short video that gives information about your qualifications and skills. It lets you go beyond the traditional methods and increase your chances manifold of grabbing your dream job. Unique – Video resumes are unique. Find Right Remote Job for You: kylaaquino — LiveJournal.

Remote job, a most sought after affair these days, is considered as the best of both worlds.

Find Right Remote Job for You: kylaaquino — LiveJournal

One can enjoy the benefits that a full-time employee gets at the comfort of their home. No reporting time at the office, no traffic issues, no stress and yet the package as that of a full-time employee and insurance and vacation time and more. The remote jobs are the perfect amalgamation and hence are most wanted. Nowadays, many companies offer remote work. But the problem is how to find these jobs and most importantly land them. Free Job Posting Site in Philippines. "Not to being late" is good for your professional life. ‘Being on time is a sign of respect!’

"Not to being late" is good for your professional life

Punctuality or arriving on time for a meeting or an appointment is evidence of your self-discipline and self-respect and is a courteous compliment you pay to your associates. Now, take a moment and think about your last meeting, were you on time or were just a little late. It is a proven fact that almost 80% of meetings do not start at the scheduled time.

Tardiness is becoming a norm and this is not a good sign. Tardiness, sloppiness or being lethargic whatever you call it, it is not good for your professional life. It is Rude – Being late for meetings and appointments is considered as rude. Loss of Productivity – When you are late at work, there is an immediate loss of productivity. Job Vacancies in Philippines. Find the Latest 2019 job openings in Philippines. Find Best Jobs in Philippines. Block the Boss Job Seekers…..imagine a situation you are caught into…. You are on a job hunt, posting your resume on various job portals, your current employer sees your resume too, next day you are called in the Big Boss’ cabin and BOOM!!! So what is the escape plan?? Jobaxy has a coolest feature designed only for you.

When you post your resume in Jobaxy, you have an option to block your current company/employer from viewing it. Find the Latest 2019 job openings in Philippines. What Are The Common Job Hunting Mistakes You Should Avoid? Looking for jobs?

What Are The Common Job Hunting Mistakes You Should Avoid?

If your answer is a ‘yes’ then this one is for you. Job hunting is the decisive phase of your life. This phase is however associated with a lot of stress and negativity. Staying focused and positive is one of the success mantras of surviving this phase. You are competing with many other candidates who are as talented as you are.

Inappropriate Resume. Job Vacancies in Philippines - Jobaxy. What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? When appearing for the job interview you want everything to be perfect.

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Even a small mistake and your dreams of the dream job are shattered. Preparation is the key to guaranteed success. Technical knowledge is no doubt essential but to crack the interview you need to polish your soft skills too. One such common interview question is ‘what are your strengths and weakness’? A favourite with the interviewers that help them judge you on certain aspects of your personalities. Just listing your strength and weaknesses is not enough. Here, let us discuss how to identify your strengths and weaknesses, how to formulate them in convincing professional answers and what common mistakes are to be avoided. Now when it comes to ‘strength’ the focus should be on soft-skills. 10 Mistake Fresher’s Make On Their First Job.

A new chapter of life is waiting to unfold once you accept the offer letter.

10 Mistake Fresher’s Make On Their First Job

All your efforts are paid off when you have the appointment letter of your dream job in your hand. The stress associated with job search simply vanishes. However, for the initial days of the job you perhaps have some butterflies in your stomach as you are there to prove your worth and are scared of failure. The transition from the carefree college life to the professional set-up is huge and so is the pressure to make a good first impression. Owing to this pressure you tend to make some mistakes. We have listed here some common mistakes that fresh graduates tend to make on their first jobs and the solution to avoid them.

Being Late. The Most Effective Method to Start the Job Search. Where to Post Jobs Online for Free. Find Best Jobs in Philippines. How to Find a Remote Jobs –Valuable Tips. Today many job seekers are in search of remote jobs mainly to avoid the long traveling hours and increase productivity.

How to Find a Remote Jobs –Valuable Tips

If you are the one looking for the remote jobs, this is for you. The tips mentioned here can be used to find full-time remote jobs and also part-time remote jobs. Perfect Keywords – To begin with let us see what a remote job is. Looking For a New Job? Boost Your Chances with These 5 Tips. Are you looking for a new job, a new designation, a reputed company or a career switch?

Here is your chance to land that dream job. It is so obvious that your dream job will just not fall into your lap; you will have to be proactive, work hard and have a smart job search strategy. Don’t get bogged down. Essential Tips for Fresh Graduates Looking for a New Job. Job Vacancies in Philippines.