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40 Movies about photography every photographer should watch

40 Movies about photography every photographer should watch
Film making and photography go hand-in-hand. In film making, the art of cinematography is lost with photography. The skill to present moving images in such postcard-like material is in itself a direct descendant of the art of still-photography. If a photographer truly wants to improve his or her craft, they need to study how filmmakers and cinematographers captures moving images on the screen. Just as important is for still photographers to watch films that depict he art of photography through Hollywood’s eye and also visit the stories of celebrated photographers through documentaries. Here are 40 notable movies about photography every photographer should watch… in no particular order. 40 Movies About Photography – 1. A dark thriller featuring an inspired Robin Williams playing a Walmart one-hour photo clerk who ended up stalking a family whose pictures he regularly takes and develops. 2. An independent art house film that is brooding, melancholy and beautifully shot. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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The Photography Show and Magnum Photos Present "30 under 30" Magnum Photos and The Photography Show are inviting IdeasTap members to enter an exciting competition to identify 30 of the best emerging documentary photographers aged 18-30 internationally. This competition will recognise and provide exposure for new photographic talent. The competition prizes will have an emphasis on career development, networking with industry contacts and maximizing on opportunities. Competition winners will participate in an exclusive 30 under 30 portfolio review event at The Photography Show, where they will receive critiques from top industry professionals from the editorial, publishing, museum, advertising, and gallery sectors. The 30 winning photographers’ work will be included in an exhibition featured at The Photography Show, alongside an official award ceremony hosted by Magnum Photos. In addition, the 30 winning photographers will automatically be nominated for three People’s Choice Awards, voted for on social media.

The 10 Best Michael Fassbender Movies You Need To Watch 6. 12 Years a Slave, dir. Steve McQueen (2013) With Fassbender and Steve McQueen’s third collaboration came nine Academy Award nominations, three of which resulting in a win. Edwin Epps, a plantation owner who is as brutal as he is religious, stands out as the epitome of evil in a film which is already surrounded by injustice and pain.

Photographer Uses Hundreds Of Film Negatives To Create A Single Work Like all great art, it all starts with an idea. Then comes the task of turning that idea into a tangible piece of art. For Thomas Kellner, that means research. 31 Photographs That Will Show You The Future of Photography How does a photographer get ahead in a world of images? More specifically, how do young photographers “make it” amid all the chaos? One way is through Foam, an important center of photography in Amsterdam that has been giving out annual awards for young talent over the past seven years. This year, from a pool of 1,473 candidates across 71 countries, 21 artists have been selected. For the winners, it’s an invaluable opportunity for professional growth. Their work is touring the world: first Amsterdam, then Paris; now, at the East Wing Gallery in Dubai, until January 10th.

50 movies you have to see in your lifetime There are movies, and then there are the movies that change your life. Some just have the power to do that. Whether they’re visually arresting thrillers, profoundly relatable indies, campy horror flicks that defined an era, high school comedies that spoke to our inner teenager or glorious dreamscapes we wanted to climb inside and nest in forever, movies are great, big, colorful feeling-monsters. Because we believe in the power of movies at Hello Giggles and we also believe in doing that annoying thing when someone hasn’t seen a particular movie we loved (“Wait, you’re telling me you’ve NEVER seen The Godfather?”), we decided it was high time we shut the front door and made up a definitive list of films we couldn’t live with out. 1.

The 10 Best Marion Cotillard Movies You Need To Watch Parisian actress Marion Cotillard was practically an unknown to American audiences when she won hearts, minds and a well-deserving Oscar for her performance as legendary French singer Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose. It’s been eight years since, and while she took plenty of wonderful roles in English-speaking films, her finest works still seems to come from when she’s back at her homeland. So much so that, when compiling her 10 best performances in my opinion, I ended up with five films spoken in her native tongue. A few of them are not as well-known as they should be, so there’s an opportunity here to find true gems from the very unique French cinema. Then again, Marion is always so damn good in everything that any of these films would be a wise choice if you haven’t watched them. Even when the movie’s not a masterpiece, her presence elevates it at least a little.

The Life Of An Introvert, Illustrated Introverts are often misunderstood by the more chipper and chatty members of society. Here to offer a corrective is illustrator Gemma Correll, a proud introvert, who has mapped out the heart of the introvert (likely while sitting in her Hermit’s Cave). The many-splendored regions of the introvert’s heart include the Land of Self-Checkout Lanes (a miraculous invention, probably dreamed up by an introvert who dreaded small talk with salespeople), to which introverts travel only when their shopping can’t be done in the Tower of Online Ordering.

The World’s Most Famous DJ’s in London Photography Exhibition Goldie The culmination of an incredible two-year photographic project, Jessica van der Weert presents Flipside showcasing some of the world’s biggest DJs and producers out from behind the decks and reveals them as you’ve never seen them before. Featuring subjects including Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, Goldie, Paul Oakenfold, Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, Judge Jules, Example, Orbital, Shy FX, Jaguar Skills, Boy George, DJ Fresh and many more, this unique body of work is the vision of renowned photographer Jessica van der Weert. Norman Cook 25 UNDERVIEWED BOLLYWOOD FILMS THAT YOU SHOULD WATCH - LifeStyler Every year we flock to multiplexes to especially during Eid, Diwali or Christmas to catch our favourite stars do the clichéd slapstick formula movies like Rowdy Rathore, Happy New Year, Kick and Jai Ho (Bhai’s list is endless), over and over again. They never disappoint the masses because they deliver exactly what they promise – scriptless masala movies! To be honest, there’s no dearth of quality movies in Bollywood, as every now and then, some directors make quality cinema in order to bring the sanity back in your life. It’s just that we don’t get to hear much about them because they can’t generally afford the marketing gimmicks which are adopted by mainstream commercial movies. Directed by Homi Adajania; a moody, intellectual thriller bearing heavy stylistic Hollywood influences and featuring one of Saif Ali Khan’s best performances: ahead of its time in most respects. This film is also known for its novel (albeit predictable) twist ending.

Visually Stunning Nature Footage Edit Set to “Hello Tomorrow” by Karen O Hey, Happy Earth Day! What better way to celebrate than watching remarkable footage of wildly random creepy crawly things in slow motion set to Hello Tomorrow by Karen O. You definitely need sound for this so turn up the volume for full effect.

The 15 Best Films to Watch on Australia Day I understand Australia Day isn't for everyone. I get that. Some people don't feel comfortable with all the patriotic flag wearing and chest thumping because, honestly, it's a bit weird. For a very long time, being Australian meant being a tiny bit embarrassed about where you were from. The Cultural Cringe is completely, 100%, fair dinkum, dinky di Aussie as!

Théo Gosselin - Croco Magazine Written by Carlos León You have probably already seen some of Théo’s work somewhere. You might even be one of his almost 110K Facebook followers. This guy has reached an incredible level of social popularity and media recognition within a very short amount of time, and he is definitely not Justin Bieber’s new clone. He is a twenty three year old photographer from France. We could say he is the closest to a Rock Star Photographer – all the young girls love him.

Here’s Volume 3 Of The Most Epic Mindfuck Movies In Cinema that You’ve Been Waiting For It's been a long, long time since we last gave you some indigestible movie fodder for your brain. Now, there's a good chance that part 1 and part 2 of our famed mindfuck movies lists were probably just not enough. Of course, in that case it was imperative we gave you another list of epic movies that you can't just watch once.