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50 Free Photoshop Brush Sets for Modern Design

50 Free Photoshop Brush Sets for Modern Design
By Jacob Gube Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross were right when they sang, “the best things in life are free”. There are many talented designers out there who choose to help the community by providing free and useful Photoshop brush sets that you can download and use on your artwork. In this collection, you’ll find over 50 free Photoshop brush sets for current design trends and styles such as vintage, retro, grunge, hand-drawn, swirls, and nature-inspired. Note: It’s important to read the fine-print – some designers require attribution or have special requirements for commercial use. Even if they don’t require any credit, it’s always highly-appreciated to give them some anyways. Vintage and Retro Darger-esque Download (Volume 1) | Download (Volume 2) (downloads no longer working). Girls in Trouble & Rebel Teens Download Transportation Part 1 Download Vintage Stamps Download Old Photo Frame Brushes Download Vienna Brushes Download Alex Dukal Photoshop Stamp Brushes Download Newspaper Ads From The 60’s

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The Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Actions Saving repetitive tasks as Photoshop actions can save you a lot of time, allowing you to automate your work and improve workflow efficiency. A Photoshop action is a recording of a sequence of commands and operations that you can save and access later on. We’ve searched for the best downloadable Photoshop actions that can help you improve your workflow and perform complex techniques with the push of a button. In this collection, you’ll find more than 350 free hand-picked Photoshop actions that you can use to speed up your graphics creation. Quick Introduction to Photoshop Actions Link Amazing Watercolor Effect in Pixelmator In this tutorial I will show you how to create a really cool effect using some watercolor brushes mixed with photos. The image we will create is inspired by the works of Bruno Fujii, Margot Mace, Raphaël of My Dead Pony, and Stina Person. This tutorial was originally published at Pixelmator Learn site, you can see more tutorial I wrote for them at

25 Photoshop Tutorials for Web Designers Adobe Photoshop is the tool of choice for most web designers. From creating a website template to objects and components such as content boxes and buttons, Photoshop doesn’t fail to deliver. In this collection, you’ll find 25 excellent Photoshop tutorials geared towards web designers. You’ll find a variety of tutorials that include creating full web page templates, navigation menus, headers, and content boxes. If you know of a good Photoshop tutorial for web designers – why don’t you share it with all of us in the comments.

35 Beautiful Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials - Smashing Magazine Advertisement By Jacob Gube With the recent post on retro and vintage in modern web design1, it’s time to put the theory into practice. We’ve scoured the Web to find some impressive Photoshop tutorials that can help you achieve an "old-fashioned" look-and-feel in your designs. In this post, we go back to the 1900’s all theway to the 1980’s to showcase a variety of vintage- and retro-inspired designs that involve poster art, collages and graphical elements.

Ultimate Roundup With Thousands Of Cool Photoshop Brushes Brush Tool is probably one of the most used tools in Photoshop. There are some default brushes coming along with Photoshop, but usually you are looking for something more. Custom brushes can make your projects much easier and the effect is usually better too. But don’t make the common beginner mistake – learn how to use Photoshop first, learn how to create the effect you want to achieve with brush and only then download all the brushes you need. A good designer does not really need a lot of brushes, he needs a few, but good ones. I think you will be able to find the good ones for you in this massive, over 400 set, collection of Photoshop brushes.

Tilt-Shift Photography Tutorial This tutorial will walk you through how to create a tilt-shift image in Photoshop. It has been produced using Photoshop CS2 on a PC. Once you finish your tilt-shift image, make sure you upload your image for everyone to see. You should also check our our gear page to find all of the latest gear you need to create tilt-shift images. Gear PageSubmit Your Images Step 1: Photo Selection 10 Unique and Eye-catching Photoshop Typography Tutorials Share Photoshop is not only a great tool for creating beautiful photo effect, but also a fantastic software to produce unique and eye-catching text effects. If you have been following for a while ago, you will notice I periodically publish text effect Photoshop tutorials here and share the fun I had with creating those typography. In the mean time, there are many awesome typography tutorials on the web created by some great designers. In this post, I will share 10 Unique and Eye-catching Photoshop Typography Tutorials I have in my browser bookmarks.

30 Beautiful Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials There are thousands of Photoshop tutorials out there, but few that are top-notch in terms of instructions, presentation – and of course – outcome. In this post, you’ll find 30 beautiful, high-quality Adobe Photoshop tutorials from top tutorial sites and designers like PSDTUTS, PSHERO, and Abduzeedo. 1. Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect Use the Pen Tool and a lot of patience to create this excellent grass effect. Vintage and Retro Typography Showcase - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Typography talks the talk, to go along with the overall work’s walk, speaking volumes for the artist. This important design element surrounds people daily as they move through their routines, rarely taking notice. It’s literally everywhere. In advertising, product packaging, printed publications, graphic designs, and more. Accentuating and centralizing the overall theme of the design that it inhabits, communicating the message to the masses through creative inclusions in the work.